Let's be honest here, who in the world doesn’t love a good goat video?

Much like cat videos, clips of goats have that way of turning any bad day into a good one. Whether it’s through a video of them fainting when scared or screaming to Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” - goat videos are the pick-me-up that we need in life.

Which brings us to this recent goat video, one that centres around this cute animals at Oregon Zoo who have become the stars of their own web series involving them visiting some other animals at the Zoo. I mean, can it get any cuter than that?


The above video, titled “Tiny Goat Visits Seals”, is one of the many episodes of the Oregon Zoo’s new series. The second episode, “Tiny Goat Visits Porcupine,” is also available to watch on the YouTube channel, as well as “Tiny Goats Visit Elephants.”

In the video above, the goats are seen leaping about on rocks and stairs, while Zookeeper Brianne Zanella struggles to make them behave. Though the one who was enjoying their antics? That was the seal that they visited, who seemed more than interested in the vibrant leaping pair in front of their glass.

The two goats, Ruth and Sonia, were born on January 20 at a local farm and were then adopted by the zoo. The zookeepers were bottle-feeding them for a couple months, which they then directed them onto a vegetarian diet in order to prepare them for life with the adult goats.

The smaller of the two, Ruth, is a two-month-old Nigerian dwarf goat kid, while Sonia is a mini-Nubian goat kid.

"Ruth and Sonia are naturally very curious," said Brianne Zanella, the zookeeper who appeared in the above “Tiny Goat Visits Seals” video. "They enjoy new experiences, and so far, all of the animals we've met have been really interested in them too."

If you’d like to see more videos of Ruth and Sonia, you can visit their official Facebook page.