Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie, just posted a selfie of her and Hailey Bieber. Pattie wanted to let the public know that she considers Justin's new wife a "gift". Justin's whirlwind engagement and subsequent courthouse wedding have electrified the public. While Justin's never really been out of the spotlight, he's under intense media scrutiny lately. His relationship is the biggest focus these days, but he's also known for his big spending.

Some of his purchases might be considered wasteful, but others are definitely for a good cause.

Justin lives a jet-set lifestyle. He's been photographed living it up (and sometimes looking unhappy) all over the world, from London to Los Angeles to Panama to Hawaii and beyond. With an estimated net worth of $305 million, according to TheRichest, Justin is able to live an enviable lifestyle. He generally travels with an entourage. In his A-list world, it's all about luxury vacations, high-end sports cars, hypebeast clothes and chartered planes. Justin lives large, but also uses some of his wealth to help others.

Anyone who is curious about the spending habits of this pop superstar, who rose to fame after gathering a huge audience on YouTube, should check out every single entry on this list.

25 Wasteful: Rented Luxury cars

It's fun to buy luxury cars, even if it's conspicuous consumption, and it's also fun to rent them, just to enjoy a little variety. Justin travels a lot and needs his supercar fix while he's away from his own stable of world-class vehicles. He doesn't mind wasting money on luxury auto rentals. He's got money to burn, although his earning power isn't what it once was.

A report from Imaginelifestyles.com indicated that Justin was pulled over by legal authorities in Miami, because law enforcement thought that a young child was driving a Rolls-Royce. Justin did look very young at the time!

24 He Gives His Dad a Generous Allowance (For A Good Cause)

Justin bought his father a house valued at close to a million bucks and also gives his Dad a generous allowance. That is extremely nice of him. Dailymail reported that Justin gives his father, Jeremy, $50,000 a month. That's quite a chunk of change. Some fans feel that Jeremy isn't an amazing influence on his son, but Justin is clearly devoted to his father.

Jeremy likes to live large, just like his famous son, and Justin makes it possible for his dad to live a rich person's life, even though Jeremy doesn't have a job.

23 Wasteful: Renting The Staples Center For Just One Night

Imagine renting out The Staples Center in Los Angeles just to watch a movie with your love interest! That's a huge indulgence that definitely falls into the wasteful category. MTV.com reported that Justin made a grandiose romantic gesture to Selena Gomez, by renting the arena and then wining and dining her there. They ate steak and then enjoyed a film. So, what did they watch? Well, it was Titanic.

Justin must have felt like the king of the world while he treated his girlfriend to dinner for two in a huge and empty arena. This kind of money-wasting is epic.

22 Wasteful: Hypebeast Clothes and Shoes

If you were loaded like Justin, would you waste big bucks on the latest hypebeast clothes, sneakers and accessories? Buying fashionable clothes is a guilty pleasure for many of us and Justin is able to get the latest gear whenever he wants to.

According to Billboard.com, Justin Bieber is a huge fan of some expensive and coveted hypebeast brands, including Supreme, Anonymous Talent and Off White.

Like Jonah Hill and Pete Davidson, Bieber embraces a style known as "Scumbro". It's streetwear-inspired, casual, ironic, messy and pricey. Justin's style is being copied by many others. When he's photographed in Gucci print shirts or Adidas slides, sales of these trendy items go way up.

21 He Bought a Pricey Engagement Ring (For a Good Cause)

Justin went all out to give Hailey Baldwin the perfect ring. According to Harpersbazaar.com, he spent a cool half million on the engagement ring, which was custom-made. This dazzling ring features a huge, six-carat solitaire diamond with a graceful oval shape. The ring was made to order by a Big Apple jeweler called Solow & Co. It was designed to complement Hailey's elegant hands.

While some fans will always long for the days of Justin and Selena, Bieber has moved on with actor Stephen Baldwin's half-Brazilian daughter. He's married now and he spared no expense to give Hailey a dream ring.

20 Wasteful: He Bought a Grill Covered in Pink Gemstones

When Justin wanted to freshen up his look, he didn't hesitate to drop fifteen grand on a garish grill made from sparkling pink sapphires, according to TMZ.com. A Los Angeles jeweler called Gold Teeth God hooked Justin up with the grill, which is completely encrusted in precious gemstones. It took the jeweler five days to put this grill together. It was made with six carats of gemstones. Justin isn't afraid to spend big at jewelers. It's one of the ways that he entertains himself. Fine jewelry costs a bundle and bold fine jewelry always gets a reaction. Bling is really noticeable.

19 Wasteful: He Splashes Out Cash At Nightclubs

Justin doesn't just go for bottle service while enjoying a little bit of nightlife. He'll also do quirky things with his money, like buying up a bunch of roses and presenting them to his fans. This happened outside of a London, England nightclub called Tape, according to InStyle.com. He thrilled his fans with red, white and pink roses, while taking a little break from his Purpose tour in 2016.

Justin can get creative with his spending because the money never seems to run out. Will he always be this rich? Only time will tell. Johnny Depp seemed like someone who would always be loaded, and he's had problems due to overspending.

18 Wasteful: Massive Mansions

Justin recently dropped five million bucks on a mansion in Ontario, based on information from Smalljoys.com. You probably already know that Justin was born in Canada. He's chosen to put down roots in the same Canadian province that he was born in on the 1st of March, 1994. This estate is so fancy, it has its own horse track. It's also got a wine room that's temperature-controlled, as well as private access to a lake.

The mansion features nine thousand square feet of living space, a trio of fireplaces, a movie theater and four bedrooms. It's a lot of house for a 24-year old.

17 He Helps His Mom With Her Rent (For a Good Cause)

Rent on Pattie's glamorous Los Angeles home is a whopping eight grand per month, and TMZ.com reports that Justin pays it himself. At least, he did back in 2014. Pattie and Justin have had their ups and downs. There have been times when Justin and his mother weren't close at all, but they have tried to improve their relationship. Justin feels closer to his father and bought his Dad a house.

When child stars out-earn their parents by a wide margin, and remain wealthy into adulthood, money almost always plays a role in their relationships with their mothers and fathers.

16 Wasteful: Luxurious Hotels

Justin treats himself to stints at posh hotels and you'd probably do the same if you could. In November of 2017, he was spotted hanging out at The Montage in Beverly Hills, according to X17online.com. Selena Gomez was with him. Justin and Selena's on-again, off-again relationship really hit the wall when Justin announced his engagement to Hailey Bieber.

Back in 2013, Justin was staying at Paris hotel, Le Meurice, when a bunch of fans appeared, because they wanted to see him in person. Justin was 19 at the time. The fans got rowdy and Justin egged them on. Hotel management was not happy.

15 He Promised To Donate His Ferrari To A Charity (For a Good Cause)

Justin was kind enough to promise to donate a very costly Ferrari to a worthy charity, according to Hollywoodlife.com. The Ferrari was auctioned over for over 434,000 bucks and the pop star vowed to give the proceeds to one of the charities that he loves the most, or to divvy up the proceeds between a few great charities.

His fave charities include City of Hope, the Children's Miracle Network and Pencils of Promise. The sports car that was auctioned off via Barrett-Jackson was a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia.

Justin has donated to a lot of charities in the past and also gave money to a Detroit school that was badly in need of his help.

14 Wasteful: Chartered Flights

Justin tried to pass off a chartered jet as his own private plane, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Apparently, even the richest celebs need to tweak their public images now and then, by pretending to own things that they are actually renting. After he implied on social media that was jet was all his, he lost his private jet club membership. The plane was a G4. It's the choice of billionaires. Justin had chartered it to travel from Canada to New York City. The plane has twenty-two seats and it's as nice as you would expect. Its value is sixty million bucks.

13 He Invests In His Fashion Line (For A Good Cause)

These days, pop stars and hip-hop icons just don't seem to feel fulfilled unless they have their very own fashion lines. Justin gets entrepreneurial by pouring some of his money into his own fashion brand.

According to TheBlast.com, Justin dropped some of his money to trademark a range of words and phrases associated with his brand. "Drew" and "La Maison Drew" were trademarked, along with "The House of Drew."  The fashion collection is still in the launch phase and it's called, "House of Drew".

Justin's been spotted wearing hoodies and "cheap hotel slippers" from his own collection. The slippers retail for under five bucks, but they're currently sold out.

12 He Took Hailey to London, England (For A Good Cause)

Traveling with a partner is great and it's not hard to understand why Justin makes the decision to spend his money on fun trips with Hailey Baldwin. The world is an amazing place, filled with exciting attractions and things to do. Experiencing all of it is incredible. Justin took Hailey to London, England, according to Hollywoodlife.com, and he did some busking while he was there. Justin and Hailey were in London during September of 2017. Hailey was modeling in an Adidas fashion show in the city, so there was a work-related reason why they were there. The couple were photographed getting romantic in London parks.

11 Wasteful: His Entourage Travels With Him

Entourages are so easy to mock, but celebrities do need at least some backup when they go out in public. First, they need security, especially at the Justin Bieber level of fame. They also want moral support from friends, because being that famous can be hard sometimes. The paparazzi are everywhere and fans (or critics) are all over them. Being with a posse of loyal supporters is the key to feeling protected and special, whether celebs are on the streets, in stores or out at night.

Entourages are usually pretty expensive, as many posse members are getting paychecks. According to Inquisitr.com, Justin drops millions on his posse.

10 He’s Planning A Lavish Wedding (For A Good Cause)

Justin and Hailey are already legally married, although Hailey denied that they'd gotten hitched at first. Her official IG account features her new married name, Hailey Bieber. Pagesix.com reports that a church wedding is being planned, which will be much fancier than their simple courthouse ceremony.

If you're going to spend a lot of money and you're really rich, spending it on a wedding probably isn't such a wasteful thing. It's romantic. The wedding is scheduled for the 28th of February, based on an insider report. If they get married on that date, they'll be able to celebrate Justin's birthday the next day.

9 Wasteful: He Has to Pay Lawyers In Canada and the USA

Justin has to pay lawyers and the types of lawyers that he hires are not in the budget price bracket. Why does he need lawyers? Well, sometimes, he gets into a little trouble and needs help getting out it as quickly as possible. Serious legal firepower really comes in handy sometimes.

Justin went through a very immature phase and probably wouldn't have needed to waste as much money on lawyers if he'd cooled it on the antics, according to Inquisitr.com. He grew up right in front of us and his wealth and fame meant that the whole world was watching when he made bad choices. Justin needs to spend a million a month on all of his expenses, included legal bills.

8 He Gave His Own Shoes To A Child in Guatemala (For A Good Cause)

Justin does do stuff to help others. His good deeds aren't usually what the media focuses on. Once in a while, he does get credit for being kind and using his wealth to make other people's lives better.

According to the Huffingtonpost.com website, he gave away his own shoes to a child in Guatemala. Justin was in the country to assist with the construction of a school for needy kids. He was working with a charity called, Pencils of Promise. This non-profit has spearheaded the construction of over a hundred schools over the past eleven years. He gave his shoes and he gives money and time, too.

7 Wasteful: He Spends Big On Partying

We all know that partying gets expensive. Justin can definitely afford it. Expecting a guy his age to abstain from sampling nightlife all over the world is probably expecting way too much, so let's not be too judgmental. Partying can lead to problems and Justin has learned this, too. Things can get out of hand sometimes.

Whether he's spending a week partying with Drake in Canada (he did this, according to Ca.hellomagazine.com) or prowling Las Vegas or whatever, he is going to clubs where luxury service costs big money. Sometimes, Justin's dad comes along to make the scene.

6 He Donated To The ACLU in Southern California (For A Good Cause)

Justin donated to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in Southern California. According to Looktothestars.org, that's just one of many organizations that he's supported. He's given to twenty-seven charities, including Autism Movement Therapy, Comic Relief, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and so many others. The tabloids like to focus on misdeeds or just the usual gossip, but there is another side to Justin. Many of his fans do know how much he does for other people.

Sure, he indulges himself, but he also gives a lot of money away. He's worked hard to earn the money he has. Touring is very hard. Recording is tough. Public appearances can be grueling. It's nice that he gives back.