Washington D.C. is filled with fun and exciting things to do, but it is also a great place for any history buff to scratch their persistent itch. There are several museums located in this area that share little known facts about our nation's past, as well as the past of other entities as well. They seek to educate the public on these matters so they become more knowledgeable about these topics.

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We have listed the museums you should make sure to visit during your trip to our nation's capital. Your mind will explode from the number of facts you try to remember, as well as find yourself in awe of the advancement of generations of people. Keep reading to learn about ten museums in Washington D.C. every history buff should visit!

10 10. National Geographic Museum

This museum features people and ideas that helped shape the world in the fields of science and exploration. The exhibits here are constantly changing so you will always find something new to learn about with every visit.

After making a few changes, the National Geographic Museum just reopened on October 21st, and only costs $15 for adults to gain entry. You can basically smell the history and facts contained within this museum's walls and you will leave with more information than you know what to do with.

9 9. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Holocaust is a dark stain on humanity's history that we should remember to prevent history from repeating itself. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum contains a somber atmosphere that brings some visitors to tears as they learn about the horrors that these people went through.

You will see piles of their shoes and learn about the lives of the children who suffered in these places. The personal stories and different perspectives shared will give you a better understanding of the historical significance that accompanies this part of the past and there is no fee to gain entry.

This gallery was created by Andrew Mellon in 1937 when he offered up his own personal collection and finances to Franklin D. Roosevelt to build this place. There are two different buildings and a sculpture garden filled with some of the world's most treasured pieces of art that donors have given to the museum over the years.

It is free to enter and any history buff with an appreciation for creative thinking will jump at the opportunity to visit. Some may not see it as necessary on their itinerary, but any true scholar knows what great impact art has had on generational thinking.

7 7. National Museum of American History

If our nation's past is what interests you, then a stop at the National Museum of American History is a must on your travel plans. It covers everything from the development of democracy, American enterprise, and even a hall of the first ladies' dresses.

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Three are also audio tours available if you are interested in discovering even more than what is written on the plaques near the exhibits, and it offers plenty of opportunities to eat and shop for the perfect souvenir. Admission is always free, so you can educate yourself without having to pay a thing.

6 6. Newseum

This museum made it onto our list because it is a bit different than anything found almost anywhere else. It discusses different media outlets, important stories, and educates you on the history behind this industry's advancement through time.

The Newseum leaves no stone unturned as photographs, video feeds, and written information is given to visitors as they learn about the world's past from a new perspective. At $25 a person, tickets are a bit expensive compared to other museums but the experience makes it totally worth it.

5 5. National Postal Museum

The postal service began in 1775 in America and was one of the first things they established during the Second Continental Congress. The National Postal Museum has been around since the early '90s and will give any history buff a new appreciation for the service.

There is a stamp gallery, a ton of different transportation vehicles on display, and some old equipment that the postal workers used to help them on their routes. It is exceptionally laid out in a way that excites anyone who walks through the front doors.

4 4. National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is the perfect place for anyone who loves learning more about the natural world and its history. The most notable exhibit is the Butterfly Pavilion, where you can walk through and be surrounded by butterflies that provide an array of colors.

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You can also see fossils, gemstones, and some of the beasts that reside in deep ocean waters. The majority of the museum is free to enter, but the Butterfly Pavilion costs $7.50 for adults to enter.

3 3. International Spy Museum

If you have an unhealthy obsession with James Bond or other spy movies, then you have probably already heard of this museum. It submerges you into the world of an international spy, even giving visitors the opportunity to participate in an undercover mission.

The exhibits cover things like code-cracking, spy inventions, and some covert spy missions that happened in the world and how they impacted our history. It is a dream come true for any history buff who was looking for something a little different to add to their itinerary this year.

2 2. National Museum of the American Indian

Native Americans were here first and have a long history that extends beyond the scope of our imagination. The National Museum of the American Indian seeks to bring that information to light through the numerous exhibits that showcase different aspects of their culture.

You can learn about the different tribes, the different treaties that were formed, and how Native Americans have been a part of the American identity for as long as we can remember. The admission is free because there should be no cost to learn the history behind the Native Americans who walked these lands first.

1 1. National Air & Space Museum

The progression of our ability to send people up in objects into the air and space is something to be revered for all eternity. There are so many different planes on display, as well as pertinent objects relating to space travel and our journey to the moon.

It showcases technology from around the world in an effort to educate the public on the intellectual prowess of their creators. There are other experiences you can enjoy as well like special demonstrations, numerous tours, and a planetarium.

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