Residents of western Canada and the northwestern corner of the U.S. can capitalize on some bargain getaways available via Calgary-based airliner WestJet. The no-frills airline with a maverick attitude towards the hospitality industry is going absolutely bullish on a few all-inclusive incentives in the Caribbean.

If you're looking to be pampered next to an ocean backdrop, kick back to take in the sun, or even explore the surroundings of your choice of resort, the good news is that the four destinations profiled here have been marked down considerably. The bad news is that they're subject to change without notice.


It also so happens that these seven-night all-inclusive deals concern resorts in the Dominican Republic. These days, the nation is one of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean for a vacation, although other locations like Barbados, Grenada, Puerto Rico, and the Turks & Caicos Islands come close in terms of affordability.

Bear in mind that departure dates for these all-inclusive packages take place during the first week of March and all flights take off from either Calgary or Edmonton. A side benefit that doesn't include money in the equation is flying on WestJet, especially when your plan taxis to the gate after landing. That's when the flight attendants really earn their pay by getting onto the intercom to tell the corniest jokes you've ever heard.

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Bluebay Villa Doradas now rated 5 stars

Available for $676 US per person plus applicable taxes, this adults-only resort just outside Puerto Plata offers a picturesque view of the pristine Playa Doradas, a beach geared for couples to unwind in a tropical locale. The resort pushes its facilities as ideal for honeymoons and weddings, although older couples have also raved about the accommodations.

Since the suites are all at ground level, none of them come with a balcony or terrace, which isn't a big deal, since lounging areas by the pool are only steps away. All the rooms come with all the basics from flatscreen to Wi-Fi, but chances are you'll be too preoccupied with the oceanic scenery to even notice.

Flight for this package departs Monday, March 9 from Calgary and Edmonton. If you prefer to leave a day earlier or later, the price goes up by roughly $50.

Laze on a refurbished reef at Casa Marina

Here's a resort, also near Puerto Plata, that's bent on blending in with nature, especially with a deck featuring three hot tubs modeled strategically into a reef just a few feet from shore. That's Casa Marina's biggest selling point and one that will amuse the kids since this hotel is very family-friendly.

And since those youngsters will have the energy to burn, they can take advantage of all the swimming, snorkeling, introductory scuba lessons, and non-motorized water sports activities. There's more to be had next door at the Cassa Marina Reef hotel, since the two establishments also share facilities, providing even more bang to the buck.

Speak of bucks, prices start at $713 US, and chances are you'll be put up in a suite that has a unique view of the garden for some additional, natural eye candy. For this package, flights leave Calgary Tuesday, March 3 and Edmonton Monday, March 9.

Reconnect with the wild at Natura Park resort

Built with a focus on environmental friendliness and nestled nearby the beachfront of Cabeza de Toro, here's a resort that prides itself on being true to the land. There's very little that's artificial about the accommodations, with all building materials consisting of such local resources as coconut trees, sone, and reeds. Built to blend in with the surroundings, the hotel offers great views of the local wildlife with footpaths designed to keep visitors a safe distance away.

Inside the complex, tourists can take advantage of the spa features and wellness facilities that include a gym, Jacuzzi, massages, and a sauna. The suites also have the comforts of home and adjoining suites to accommodate the youngsters are available upon request. The price for this relaxation in an environmental paradise starts at $834 US per person with flights leaving Edmonton Friday, March 6 and Calgary Saturday, March 7.

It's grownups-only at Viva Wyndham V Samana

If you can afford to leave the kids at home, Viva Wyndham V Samana is one destination that's totally adult in mindset. The big draw here is the world-class international dining plus access to what the staff says is an unlimited choice of spirits, wines and beers to have with your award-winning meals. You even get a free cocktail the moment you check-in.

Also, take advantage of the outdoor pool, tennis court, spa and fitness facilities, or grab a snorkel and take to the ocean at your leisure. The beach is also prime for suntanning or just lazing away just enough to forget about what's going on at home. Or if you just want to shack up in your suite, enjoy the flatscreen and Wi-Fi instead.

Prices for this getaway are as low as $947 per adult plus tax, with departures taking place Friday, March 6 from Calgary and Edmonton.

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