The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida is one of the most magical and most beloved vacation spots in the world, and for good reason too. Disney World caters to thousands of guests a day, sharing the magic with legions upon legions of fans. With so much going on, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

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Fear not, dear readers. We at TheTravel can offer you some trip saving tips for your next visit to the place where dreams come true. It's not easy tackling on all that magic and wonder, but we've got ten ways to take some trouble out of your trip.

10 Bring Your Sneakers

If you're planning on taking on this magical world, be like Cinderella and bring a good pair of shoes. One thing we should make transparently clear is this, you will be walking quite a lot. The property itself is roughly the same size as San Fransisco, so you better leave the flats and loafers at home.

Any trip to Disney will be a cardio workout, pure and simple. So be sure to bring some solid shoes to take on those long treks, and don't forget to sit down and rest if you can. We recommend taking at least 15-30 minutes to rest between your attractions. Your feet will thank you.

9 Get an Early Start

If you're as big of Disney fans as we are, you live by the golden rule: Early birds meet the mouse. It's never a bad idea to catch the first bus from your hotel or resort to the parks. The earlier you arrive, the less you'll have to wait for your favorite attractions.

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Not only are the wait times for some of the more popular attractions low, but you also have the opportunity to catch the welcoming ceremonies to certain parks like the Magic Kingdom. The sooner you start, the sooner you get in on that sweet, sweet, Disney action.

8 Wait Times Aren't Set In Stone

If you see a long wait for your favorite ride or attraction, don't panic. The wait times are an estimate at best and are subject to change. The sign might read 40-minutes, but you might only have to wait for 25. It's never 100% accurate 100% of the time.

That being said, it's always a smart idea to keep an eye on times with the My Disney Experience app. They can change in a snap and then be back up to ludicrous waits before you know it. If you really want to save wait time, consider boarding the single-rider aisle as well.

7 Start With the Good Stuff

If you've got a favorite ride at your favorite park, the best thing to do is to take that one on first. Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain, Soarin', whatever blows your Mickey Ears back, put that at the top of your list. Why? Chances are they will fill up fast.

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A good rule of thumb is to always do three main things you want to do first. After that, each additional ride you get in feels like a bonus. It's a good strategy to make sure you get your favorite rides done, no matter the length of your stay.

6 The Rain-Rain-Rain Comes Down-Down-Down

Here's the thing about Florida, it might be called the "Sunshine State" but that doesn't mean showers won't try to rain on your 3:00 parade. Want to know the best selling piece of Disney World merch? It's the ponchos. So if you're unsure about the weather when you visit, you might want to pack your umbrella.

Showers at the Disney Parks can be anything from a teaspoon to a monstrous monsoon that flushes out guests like you wouldn't believe. At least the aftermath results in significant changes in wait times. Bring a towel just in case.

5 One Day Out There

If your time is limited at Disney World, choose your parks carefully. While it's true that some parks can be knocked out in a day, like Epcot or the Animal Kingdom, some deserve more attention. For example, the Magic Kingdom is the largest park, so it needs the most attention, definitely plan for two days there.

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This is where a Park Hopper pass comes in handy. You won't be able to do absolutely everything in one day, so consider making additional trips. You definitely want to enjoy as much as you can.

4 Cast Members are Your Friends

If you ever find yourself lost, confused, or otherwise in a bind about anything during your visit to the Disney Parks, the cast members are there to help you out. It's their job to answer any questions, give directions, and make your trip all the more magical.

These wonderful Disney staff-members go above and beyond the call of duty to keep the magic alive, so treat them kindly. They do all within their power to keep crowds happy, and greatly appreciate recognition and encouragement. Be sure to get tips and information from them, and don't forget to say thanks.

3 Water, Water, Everywhere

If you're trekking through these massive and magical theme parks, you definitely need to keep yourself hydrated. Nothing ruins a day at Disney quicker than dehydration. If you didn't bring your own water bottle or buy one on park property, don't worry about it. Disney's got you covered.

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There are plenty of counter-service establishments in the parks that offer free cups of ice water to guests needing to hydrate and stay in the game. They even have spots to refill your water bottles in various spaces in the park. A hydrated guest is a happy guest.

2 Get Up and Grab Some Chow

Remember what we said about a trip to Disney requiring some cardio? Schlepping through Disney World burns calories like you wouldn't believe. So if you plan on tackling some major park time, don't forget to make time to grab something to eat.

Whether you have a meal plan or not, you're not going to enjoy your trip if you're constantly hangry. Even if its something as simple as a pretzel or a churro, you've got to put something in the tank to continue to press on. Be sure to set aside some cash to get yourself something to tide you over.

1 Sit Back and Enjoy

One of the biggest things Disney-Park-goers tend to forget to do is to stop, take a breather, and simply enjoy the moment. There's plenty to see and do in the parks and that's fine, but if you don't take time to slow down and smell the roses, you might miss out on something brilliant.

Make time to sit down and enjoy some ice cream, go see the wildlife in the Animal Kingdom, or get your picture taken with Mickey. The Disney artists and Imagineers put so much into these worlds, it'd be a total crime not to admire them.

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