It's definitely no secret that a trip to one of the many Disney parks around the world can get seriously expensive. Between tickets to the park, transportation from your home, and the price of the hotel room, it can really add up. And that's not even thinking about how much you may end up spending on snacks and souvenirs.

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Luckily, it is possible to get some free things while at the Disney parks. One thing that guests can get for free is food and snacks if they look in the right places. While most of the free food that visitors can enjoy simply comes in the form of free samples, who would turn down free food?

To see everywhere you can get free food at Walt Disney World, keep reading!

8 Free Celebration Dessert

There are a lot of things that Disney does for visitors to try to make the experience super magical. If you're visiting for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other special occasion, you'll be given a special celebration button that says what you're at the Disney parks to celebrate.

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If you're given one of those for your Disney trip, make sure you wear it! The Disney cast members will notice it and try to make your trip extra special. One way they try to make your trip special is by giving you a free dessert with your meal.

7 Chocolate

Free chocolate? Yes, please! If your sweet tooth starts to cry out for something sugary and delicious while you're visiting the parks but you don't want to shell out the cash to get a churro or a Dole Whip, head to Disney Springs.

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If you go to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop in Walt Disney World's Disney Springs, you can pick up a free sample of Ghiradelli chocolate! Employees will greet you as you enter the store and give you a sample square of their rich, creamy chocolate.

6 Goofy's Glaciers Samples

There are a lot of ways to beat the heat at the Disney parks. One way that many Disney fans love is by sipping on their favorite flavor of Goofy's Glaciers. They come in a ton of different flavors and are a deliciously icy drink that is sure to help you cool down in the Florida heat.

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In a standard cup, they cost $4.79 and in the souvenir cup, they'll run you $8.99. But there's a way to get a little taste of these cool drinks for free! If you head to Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs, you can ask a cast member on staff for a sample of one of the flavors of Goofy's Glaciers and get a little one for free.

5 Caramel Corn Samples

Who doesn't love caramel corn? It's sweet, it's crunchy, and it's so delicious. At Karamell-Küche in Epcot, they have a super tasty caramel corn made with Werther's caramel. It's made fresh every day right there in Karamell-Küche and is a popular snack with many Disney guests.

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A bag will either set visitors back $2.95 or $5.95, depending on the size they get, but a visitor can also get some for free. Just ask one of the people working at Karamell-Küche for a sample of the caramel corn and they'll happily give you some to try. This fresh caramel corn is so delicious that it might even entice you to buy a bag!

4 Use Your Snack Credits!

Technically this one isn't free because the snack credits that you get to use at the Disney parks are part of the dining plan that you most likely paid for when you were planning your Walt Disney World vacation. But, these snack credits are included in your Disney Dining Plan and are something that many people forget about. That means that they're basically leaving money behind when they leave.

What a snack credit can be used on really varies and includes a ton of different things in the parks from sweet treats to savory snacks. As long as it has the Disney Dining Plan logo on it, odds are it qualifies and you can use a snack credit on it instead of paying with cash. If you're unsure, just ask a cast member! But make sure you use all the snack credits you have available before leaving.

3 Soda From Around The World

There are Disney parks all over the world and people visit Walt Disney World from all over the place. This is something that Walt Disney was really cautious of when he was opening the very first Disney park and he even trained the cast members to point in a special way to avoid offending anyone else's culture as they visit the parks.

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If you go to Epcot and visit Club Cool in Future World, you can experience some of the different cultures around the world totally for free. There's a fountain soda machine that has a variety of different Coca-Cola products from around the world there and visitors are free to try out the different drinks. From Greece's Fanta Pineapple to Peru's Inca Kola, there are so many refreshing and unique drinks to try.

2 Candy Samples

Main Street Confectionery is located in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and is a really popular place for any Disney visitor with a sweet tooth to go pick up something tasty and delicious. Main Street Confectionery sells a ton of different sweet treats like caramel apples, cake pops, cupcakes and brownies, cookies, and different types of candy. Of course, most of them are Disney-themed to make them extra special.

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But if you're craving something sweet and don't want to shell out any cash to pick something up at Main Street Confectionery, don't worry! There will likely be a cast member walking around the store with a tray full of samples of something they sell.

1 Ice Water

The Disney parks can get so hot and it's so important to stay hydrated, especially if you're going to be out in the beautiful Florida weather, walking all over the parks and going on different rides. But, there's one thing that visitors don't have to pay for in the parks and that's water! No, we're not suggesting that you go entirely without drinking water, that would be crazy!

But visitors should know that if they want a cup of ice cold water, all they have to do is ask a cast member for one and they'll be given one for free. If the weather gets particularly hot, quick service stations typically put water and cups out for guests to help themselves to.

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