WalletHub Ranks US Cities By Fun Factor - Las Vegas Is Number One, And Pearl City, Hawaii Is Last Place

If you're looking for a fun adventure in the US and want to know where is best to go, then we have everything you need to know to plan your trip right here.

Different people go on holiday for different reasons. To relax, to go on adventures, or simply to get away from it all. Due to the fact that we're all jetting off to new places for a variety of different reasons if somewhere is ranked as being the best holiday destination or has good reviews on TripAdvisor, you still can't be sure that it's going to suit you.

There is one thing that all of us want our holidays to be though, fun. Whether we're trekking up a mountain, visiting a theme park, or taking a city break, we're doing it because we enjoy doing those things. That's where we have you covered, courtesy of WalletHub, if you're planning a trip within the United States any time soon.


That's because WalletHub has ranked 182 US cities by how fun they are, and the site has taken an awful lot of things into account. 65 key metrics to be exact, including most restaurants, lowest beer prices, and even tennis courts per capita. All 182 cities have been given an overall rank, an entertainment and recreation rank, a nightlife and parties rank, and also a costs rank.

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The top three probably won't surprise you much. Las Vegas came in as the most fun city in the US, followed by Orlando what with all the theme parks, and New York in third. Unsurprisingly, none of those three did too well in the cost section. Springfield, Missouri topped that chart, however, it came in 65th in overall rankings. Also, sorry to anyone reading this who lives in Pearl City, Hawaii, as the town was deemed the least fun of 182 included.

The likes of Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago are also all near the top of the US fun charts, however, if you want to have fun then apparently Oxnard, Juneau, and Yonkers are cities to avoid. As detailed at the beginning of this article though, it depends on preference. It will come as no surprise to most that Vegas is officially the most fun city in the US, but what's on offer there will not suit everybody.


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