Located in New Zealand is the small village of Waitomo. The Waitomo village is popular for its in-depth underground cave system. The beautiful lighting of the caves is a result of the presence of thousands of glow worms. The Waitomo cave network is comprised of about 3 major caves. Each cave is unique in its own way. Taking a trip to the Waitomo caves could be described as a trip across our world. We will be discussing when to go, what to see, and how best to explore the Waitomo caves.


When To Visit

Naturally, whenever you're planning on embarking on a trip most people consider the season or time in which they make that trip. Some seasons may do more harm than good to the overall experience of that planned trip. That being said, the best time to make your visit to the Waitomo Caves is during winter through early spring, precisely between November through April. This is due to the fact that the caves get extremely cold throughout the rest of the year. Visitors will enjoy their trips substantially more during this time due to the caves potential the potential to be warm and humid.

What To See And Do

With any trip, there are specific places and sights that visitors want to see. There is a lot to be seen in the Waitomo Caves and a visit without seeing what's mentioned below would mean that you missed these brilliant sights.

The Glowworm Caves

The Waitomo Caves are synonymous with Glowworms as though one can't exist without the other. This is one of the best things to see in the Waitomo Caves. The limestone walls of the cave are lit up beautifully by the glow worms. This gives visitors the ability to see New Zealand's underground caves in a different way. There is availability for a tour of these caves for a complete experience. This tour features an in-depth commentary in regards to the history and culture of the underground cave.

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The Ruakuri Cave

The Ruakuri cave features the longest underground tour throughout New Zealand at an average of two hours. The Ruakuri cave tour will leave any visitor speechless due to its natural beauty. The Ruakuri cave features a rather impressive underground cave system. The Ruakuri caves also feature beautiful natural waterfalls as well as formations.

Aranui Cave

The Aranui Cave is part of the beautiful underground system of the Waitomo caves with an enormous amount of Wetas. The Aranui caves trails back to the ancient Maori myths and various legends. The Aranui caves are a must-see if you happen to find yourself in close proximity to the Waitomo caves.

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Troll Cave Tour

The Waitomo caves do not leave the children out of mind with the Troll cave tour being special among kids. In this tour, kids get to explore the cave in all its wonders in a family-friendly environment. The Troll Cave tour helps kid use their survival instincts as they search for the near-extinct or endangered cave trolls. Once the kids are through exploring Tom the Troll underground layer, they then have to solve certain riddles which, if solved correctly, will see visitors out of the cave. If the riddles are not solved correctly, visitors get stuck and end up as a meal for Tom. A great way to keep kids entertained while the adults relax after an exciting trip through the caves.

The Best Ways To Explore The Waitomo Caves

Exploring the Waitomo caves is more than just walking through it. You can take it up a notch. Below are the best and most exciting ways to explore these caves.


As humans, we always have dreams of the ability to fly on our own like what’s depicted in popular movies. You may not be able to fly around the Waitomo caves with superpowers but you can soar through them on zip lines. Zipline through the Waitomo caves in their beauty as though you were flying through the stars. A truly enchanting experience.


Awaken your inner child with the tubing system while exploring the Waitomo caves. The tube system allows visitors to grab a tube and let the current of the water lead you through the mesmerizing underground experience. Visitors are to wear a swimsuit due to the amount of water that gets splashed as the tube glides along the water. However, visitors can't just tube their way throughout the cave as it involves swimming, walking, and climbing.


It is understandable if you want a nice gentle experience of the Waitomo, not everyone wants that rush. If so, this experience is for you. Enjoy a blissful boat ride under the lit cave ceilings in a breathtaking experience. This is one of the best ways to explore the Waitomo caves in New Zealand.

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