Even to novices or people unfamiliar with them, casinos are hidden temptation. Brightly lit rooms with colorful slot machines, shows and music, and all the adrenaline that comes with gambling can make for an exciting experience.

Obviously, gambling can become addictive, so it's important that you play responsibly and smartly. No one wants to go out one night and lose an entire paycheck (or more!) But many hotels and resorts have casinos incorporated in them in order to attract guests.


March Break is upon us so everyone is looking for a place to escape to! If you have the Caribbean on your mind and you're looking to delve into the casino world, we have some of the best casinos in the Caribbean, according to reviews.

Nothing Below Five Stars: Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana

If you're spending some time in the Dominican Republic, then be sure to check out the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana. The Hard Rock Cafe franchise has gotten international notoriety over the years, and their casino is no different.

The Hard Rock Casino is a whopping 45,000 square feet, and boasts 40 tables and 450 slot machines! Their Poker Room is cited as having "international flavor" and you're guaranteed thrills every step of the way. For those wanting to splurge a little more, the casino also has a VIP area that hosts many popular games such as American Roulette, Black Jack and more!

Traveler reviews have consistently rated this casino with 5 stars. One reviewer was impressed by the advice that a casino worker gave her and her husband and that it positively impacted their experience.

Another person commented that one of the bartenders was "an especially thoughtful and generous personality" and that the vibe was "really terrific".

World's Best Beaches: La Cabana Beach Resort And Casino

During your holidays, pop down to Aruba and check out La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino. There's nothing better than enjoying some fun in the sun while getting your adrenaline levels up.

Travelers were very satisfied with the resort, particularly the cleanliness aspect and the friendly staff. According to multiple guests, the beaches are to die for and the resort isn't far from the restaurants and nightlife.

And they were just as impressed with the casino. One reviewer called the casino the "best in Aruba", praising how you could "actually win", as well as the quality of the drinks.

Another reviewer explained how they had visited other casinos in Aruba and that this one was by far their favorite. In comparison to the others, La Cabana's casino was always well-staffed, even if demand for the table fluctuated. Many guests were impressed with the casino's staff and their attentiveness.

Service Gives You A Bang For Your Buck: Ritz Carlton Casino (Eagle Beach)

As the name states, the Ritz Carlton is the epitome of high class, no matter the location. And its resort in Eagle Beach has just the casino to write home about. It even has the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence!

This casino is open 24/7 with 15, 000 square feet of traditional games and slot machines. If you want to treat yourself, you can get VIP membership that offers rewards and benefits at the casino and the resorts. There's even live entertainment every night at the Divi Bar and Lounge next door. And you'll get more than your fair share of complimentary drinks throughout the evening.

Reviewers have praised the decor and the atmosphere, as well as the casino workers. One guest stated that they loved the live band and that the entertainment was great! Although the casino is not smoke-free, guests appreciated the efficient ventilation system that kept the air clear.

Variety So You'll Never Be Bored: Hyatt Regency Aruba Casino

The Hyatt is another internationally renowned hotel chain that has had a reputation for luxury and comfort. And their Aruba location has the casinos to match!

The resort itself will gift you ocean views and lovely designed rooms. The hotel is not far from a bevy of boutique shops and restaurants, as well as the ZoiA Spa. So relaxation is on the menu if you decide to come here.

Guests considered the casino a great addition to the resort. One couple visited the casino for their wedding anniversary and "felt like we were on our honeymoon!" That speaks volumes about the atmosphere.

Another guest describes the casino as "really lively" and that the blackjack tables were so full that it was "near impossible to get a seat". Sounds popular to us!