Bienvenue en France! This beautiful country is a wonderful destination spot for any traveler. When booking a trip to France, many people think of only Paris and all the great city has to offer but there is so much else to see in this great country! When traveling to France the small city of Lozère is an absolute must-see!

What You can see & do in lozère, France's smallest city

Lozère is a small, cozy landlocked region of Occitanie in France located near the Massif Central, just north of Paris. Lozère is a rural area with mostly fantastically beautiful natural spaces to view and experience including:

  • Castelbouc
  • Gorges de la Jonte
  • Gorges du Tarn
  • Les loups du Gevaudan
  • Saint-Chely-du-Tarn

There are beautiful castles and churches here to visit and see the wonderful architecture of historical France. Check out the Mende Cathedral or Chateau de Castelbouc. Both are free to visit and have interesting experiences about the history of France.

If you’re really into the historical sightings then La Filature Des Calquieres should also be on your list while you’re in Lozère. This wonderful place will transport you back to a time of carders, spinners, weavers, dyers, and draper sheets. This is the oldest spinning mill in France with quite a history. Sign up for the tour and learn all you ever wanted to know about historical France!

This beautiful spot is also filled with amazing places to camp and hike to truly get a full experience of all French nature has to offer. Allons-y!

Check out the rocky mountain range of Cévennes. Here you can hike up the mountains and view amazing sites of the open French countryside. There are also small areas for picnics and camping. Enjoy a wonderful day of hiking before relaxing with a campfire and sleeping under the stars of France! Or check out one of these top ten hiking spots in Lozère:

  1. Aumont-Aubrac to Nasbinals
  2. Arcs de Saint Pierre
  3. Baousso del Biel - Le Cinglegros
  4. Panoramic Trail of the Crowns
  5. Lac de Villefort Loop
  6. Runes Waterfall
  7. Gourdouze - Rochers de Trenze
  8. Charpal Lake Tour
  9. Ispagnac Two Bridges Trail
  10. Le Pont-de-Montvert to Florac

In addition to these hiking trails, most of them also have hidden caves along the journey. Special, secret places to explore and create your own traveling/hiking adventure. Some of them lead through the mountains and others lead down into the dark crevices. Heighten your sense of adventure and find as many caves as you can on your hiking experiences!

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Delicious Foods That are a Must-Try in Lozère, France!

Of course, one of the best things to do in France is eat! France is known for its amazing and delicious foods all over the country and Lozère is no exception. Sit down outside one of the many cafes and drink a delicious coffee with an exceptional croissant de chocolat. You have never truly tasted a chocolate croissant until you’ve had one in France!

After a full day of traveling, hiking, and exploring all the beautiful open scenery that Lozère has to offer check out one of their signature restaurants and try some traditional and amazing french foods! Warm yourself up with a delicious bowl of Soupe à l’oignon. If you’re more of a meat and potatoes person try one of these three famous french dishes: Coq au vin, Cassoulet, or Bœuf bourguignon. You might remember that last one from a famous cookbook by Julia Child. After your delicious meal, finish it off with some coffee and Chocolate soufflé! Delicious chocolate that’ll melt in your mouth. The perfect after-dinner experience! Bon appétit!

If you’re headed to France on a romantic journey, experience riding a canoe down the lively spa waters from places like La Chaldette, on the Aubrac plateau. This beautiful location is simple to access and free.

Or take your time going for a walk on foot in the gentle crests and valleys across from the sparkling rivers in La Chaldette. Walking or boat riding, bring a picnic and some wine to truly make a memorable experience.

France has some amazing and delicious wineries throughout the country and there are some that can be found in Lozère, France. Enhance your experience by taking an amazing wine tour through some of the more special and unique wineries through Lozère!

Most of these wineries offer packages and deals for amazing multiday trips to the wineries in Lozère.

If wine isn’t so much your thing, Lozère also has an amazing brewery: Les Brasseurs de la Jonte. This amazing family-run brewery is offering some of the finest beers in France. They have very unique flavors and are constantly brewing up new and exciting tastes for all their visitors!

If you’ve always wanted go to go France but Paris never seemed quite your speed check out Lozère and experience the best of what French country life has to offer! Allons-y!

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