One of the last places anyone would expect to hear about an alien encounter, especially outside of the US, is in Croatia. The beaches on the island of Pag are known for their nightlife and an atmosphere that's similar to that of Ibiza but just inland sits a mystery that has yet to be deciphered by experts or scientists.

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The Pag triangle was discovered in 1999 making the discovery fairly recent in terms of extraterrestrial findings - supposedly, anyway. The triangle itself appears to be imprinted into the ground and throughout the years, it has never once become less apparent or diminished in its borders. For lack of a better explanation, many who have seen the triangle for themselves claim it looks as though an invisible hand simply pressed it into the ground. The mystery deepened when scientists researched the rocks that were pressed into this formation, only adding to the suspicion that this irregular shape may have indeed been left by forces unknown to man.


Theories About The Triangle

The strange thing about the isosceles triangle imprint is that it's a nearly perfect shape, measuring 32x32x22 meters. While it's not uncommon for nature to be laid out in perfect symmetry, it is unusual that such a random mark would be made on the ground, in such a manner, measuring the exact length needed to prove a perfect shape. That is unless it wasn't left there by accident, which is a theory that many people believe, and many more people end up believing after visiting this destination. What's even more disconcerting about the triangle is that rather than having a theory being proven right, there have been no theories that have been proven wrong, including those regarding extraterrestrial life.

On May 9th, 1999, a surveyor from Zadar, named Zdenko Grbavac, found the triangle and upon scratching his head over what could have accounted for such an imprint, alerted local media. Since that time, it's estimated that roughly 150,000 have visited Zadar just to see the triangle for themselves. Among these visitors were many experts including paleontologists and geologists, neither of which could identify or provide any type of explanation for the giant triangular shape. When ufologists began visiting, however, the explanation seemed simple: it was a landing area for a spacecraft that shared the exact same dimensions. While the theory sounds a bit out of the box, it still has yet to be disproven.

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While some might not give in to the belief that a UFO is responsible for creating such a ground impression, many ears perked up to know that the actual geology of the location differed from the surrounding area. Studies were done on the rocks within the triangle and, surprisingly, the results could potentially back up a spacecraft landing. Inside of the triangle's boundaries lines, the rocks have unique properties that could only be explained in one way: superheating. It was determined that the composition of the rocks and their geological history implied that at some point, they would have needed to withstand a tremendous heat source in order to hold the properties found when they were examined. Considering the color of the triangle and its rock formation is a completely different color - a much lighter shade - then the area around it, more and more curiosity is drawn around the fact that whatever left this impression may actually be otherworldly.

As of now, there's no other explanation as to why the Pag triangle holds the properties it does or how it got there in the first place. Despite urologists and UFO enthusiasts coming forward on various internet forums with their own opinions and theories, no one has ever set out to debunk them or determine whether or not this could possibly be the case. The land around the triangle only adds intrigue to the mystery that is this region, as the landscape represents what one might expect on the moon as opposed to on planet Earth. With barren, desert-like terrain and a feeling of remote isolation, it's a popular spot for hikers and those looking to get away from the more crowded parts of the island. And now, it's also a big hotspot for UFO enthusiasts and all those who have heard rumors about the strange triangle that's imprinted into the landscape of this unusual terrain. Whatever the mystery might be surrounding this unusual triangle, it's clear that the answer might never be discovered and it will continue to be a point of interest for many years to come, as long as people continue to believe in the supernatural.

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