A journey to Hell may sound like a phrase that belongs in a rock lyric, something out of the Divine Comedy, or from Dracula’s dialogue but in truth, it's more like a fun tourist trap on the northwestern point of the Grand Cayman. Though, the aesthetic does fit the name.

Here, a prehistoric fossilized choral formation creates a dramatic area of land. The black and jagged choral really does look like it could be the threshold to Hell itself. The formation is called “Ironshore” with its black spiky and sponge-like texture.


As part of any trip to Grand Cayman, make a day out of visiting the wonder that is Hell. A fun touristy destination with a punny little shop nearby where the operators will make every little cheap “Hell” pun in the book, but it's fun, and that’s the point.

What is Hell, Grand Cayman?

Hell is located in West Bay, Grand Cayman. It is a jagged limestone formation that is made up of fossilized coral from millions of years ago. It has a rather sinister and dangerous look which is reflected in its name. The area itself is about half the size of a football field. You are not allowed to walk on it. Despite its imposing look, we pose more of a danger to it than it does to us. However, there are viewing platforms provided.

Hell’s landscape can also be called Phytokarst. This is a landform caused by a type of biological erosion. Filamentous algae bored its way into the limestone which caused it to become black-coated with jagged points. They are marked by vulnerable and lacy dissection that shows no regard for gravity. All together the site is actually quite delicate, so please follow the rules.

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What Else To Do Near This Natural Grand Cayman Feature

The obvious suggestion is to take out your phone or photography equipment and snap some photos. This scenic destination has been around before people lived on Grand Cayman, but it is still a delicate formation. So, snap some photos to help immortalize it. The gift shop is also another fun choice. Even if you don’t make any significant purchases, the staff is funny and will be making Hell puns with just about every greeting.

There is a small local post office nearby that also plays into the hellish theme. At the post office, you can send your “Greetings from Hell” to anyone around the globe on an adorable Hell-themed postcard. This is a fun activity, especially for children who may want to send an entertaining postcard to someone unable to make the trip with them.

Make it a Day-Trip

There are a few different ways to make a day trip out of a journey to Hell. One is to turn it into a bike trip. This will take five to six hours if you start up in Georgetown. It’s a scenic trip with a nice rest in the middle as you travel to Hell and back.

There are also several tours that you can sign up for that will take you on a pleasant and guided journey to the edge of Hell. These are nice as they are preplanned and will already have activities, food, and transportation line up

  • West Bay Sightseeing Tour Plus Seven Mile Beach Visit - $40
  • West Island Tour - $261.77
  • All Island Tour - $387.93

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Close-by Attractions

If you have finished up at Hell and perhaps would like a bit more of a righteous activity to fill the rest of your day with, here are some fun adventures that are a mile or less away.

How about lunch? Chances are you will be a little hungry around mid-day so here are a few places in the area worth checking out.

Macabuca Bar & Grill

This is a tiki bar and grill by the beach with some great views and delicious food. They make a mean drink so be careful to not turn it up too much too early.

  • Address - North West Point Road 857 North West Point Road, West Bay Grand Cayman
  • Contact - (345)945-5217
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Macabuca Punch

The Cracked Conch by the Sea

Located on a little jut of land, you can enjoy your lunch here on their patio as you are served your meal and even palate cleansers between dishes.

  • Address - North West Point Rd. 857 North West Point Road, West Bay, West Bay Grand Cayman
  • Contact - (345)945-5217
  • Cost - $$$$
  • Must-Try - Cracked Conch Appetizer

Alfresco Restaurant

This little eatery by the sea offers a mix of standard seafood options, along with some other more creative ones. The pies are also worth trying.

  • Address - 53 Town Hall Road West Bay Grand Cayman
  • Contact - 19472525
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Seafood Pizza

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