England is a beautiful and magical place. Every year many people travel to England to explore all the rich wonders this fantastic country has to offer. One of these amazing sites is the Gothic Ruins Of England’s Whitby Abbey. This is one of the most perfect places to visit for a day trip experience!

Making the Most of Your Day Trip to Whitby abbey

Whitby Abbey has been an inspiring location for visitors for nearly 1500 years - now it’s your turn! Many artists, writers, and religious leaders have been motivated by this beautiful destination spot. Come explore the stunning gothic ruins and find yourself motivated and inspired by the stunning sea views.


When you visit the site you can uncover centuries of history with the new interactive guide, and visit the revamped museum to find out more about how the Abbey inspired Caedmon, the first-named poet in England, and Bram Stoker, the author of ‘Dracula’. The location is the inspiration and description base for the ruined castle of Dracula. If you’re a fan of the classic horror story, this is a must-see visiting location.

Stoker is not the only famous person with ties to Whitby. The famous Captain James Cook did his apprenticeship in Whitby. He created many intricate maps of Newfoundland and achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands.

Check out the Captain Cook dedicated attractions including Captain Cook Memorial, Captain Cook Museum, and the Captain Cook Tour experience.

It’s also rumored to be a spot of Robin Hood. Visit Robin Hood’s Bay, a small fishing village down by the coast. This was once the home of the famous robber. In these miniature streets, you’ll find things like delicious gin, tea, rum, and brandy that were all smuggled into England.

The 199 steps, known as the Church Stairs, lead from the Old Town up to St. Mary’s. No one truly knows how long the steps have been in place but they were first discovered in 1340. Some historians believe that St. Hilda would use the steps as a test to confirm the faith of her followers, but there are no confirming records about this. These famous steps were originally made out of wood but have since been updated with Sneaton Stone.

This amazing spot does require tickets but no reservations. You can buy tickets at the door but you’ll always get the best price and guaranteed entry by booking online ahead of your visit.

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Whitby Abbey was a 7th Century Christian Monastery and then later turned into a Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey church is overlooking the North Sea on the East Cliff above Whitby in North Yorkshire, England. This is the center of the medieval Northumbrian Kingdom. This site was confiscated by the crown under Henry VIII and taken away from the church during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. From there this location has been used for many different interesting things. There are many areas and forms of information about the place around to learn more about history!

What is there to see and do around Whitby abbey?

  • Look out over the town from the top of St. Mary’s Church (this will offer spectacular views and perfect Instagram photos!)
  • Take a Dracula Tour
  • Come During Halloween and Hang out with Horror Fans! (Whitby is the place to spend Halloween! The streets are overrun with vampire fans, and people dressed up in dark, gothic costumes, on their way to the Vampire’s Ball. There are also activities going on all through the churchyard)
  • Fishing Spots off the side
  • Take time to walk through the ruins
  • Relax at Whitby Beach
  • Take a classic photo under the Whalebone Arch
  • Cross the Swing Bridge
  • Visit Bram Stoker’s house

This magnificent landscape of the Whitby headland is central to English history. IT has never been an ideal place to live and yet there’s something incredibly special about the clifftops that have attracted people to settle there for centuries.

Over the time of its human occupation, huge tracts of land have fallen into the sea as a result of erosion. But this amazing site with its stunning views is still seen as a spiritual place and a place of power.

Though this hasn’t been a living space for humans since the 1500s, it’s never stopped attracting human attention and drawing people to its magical and spectacular sites.

Getting around Whitby is generally very easy. Whitby is such a small town, that it can be comfortable enough to walk through. If that’s not comfortable for you, however, there are bikes around to rent and taxis. There are also open-top bus tours around the city to help you find the most information and highlighted spots in the area!

Come visit England and one of the most famous/infamous spots in English history. This spot will be amazing and inspire you with all the beautiful sites and mesmerizing history. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or taking a family trip, this is guaranteed to be one of the top highlights of your England adventure!

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