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WonderWorks is one of the more entertaining and unusual attractions in the country. WonderWorks has set up locations in multiple places around the United States (so one does not need to go to Branson to see one). They are one of the top things to do while in Branson, Missouri - especially if one is visiting with a family. WonderWorks is a great way to keep the kids entertained while they learn about science in a fun and interesting way.

Branson is a resort town nestled on the Missouri side of the stunning Ozarks. The Ozarks are full of stunning outdoor attractions - like cave exploring, hiking, and camping. Branson combines the outdoor attractions of the Ozarks with a full range of door entertainment options and American-themed shows.


WonderWorks - America's Upside-Down "Edu-tainment" Attraction

WonderWorks is an "edu-tainment" attraction that combines education with entertainment. Its first location was opened in Orlando, Florida, in 1998, with locations opening in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Syracuse, New York, and most recently, Branson, Missouri.

  • Locations: Six Locations In The United States
  • Slogan: Let Your Imagination Run Wild"
  • Type: "Edu-tainment" Attraction

WonderWorks turns the world upside down (literally with the ceiling under one's feet). Visitors pass through the inversion tunnel to start their adventure. WonderWorks has over 100 hands-on exhibits designed to spark the imagination and challenge the mind.

Interactive exhibits range from space exploration to hurricanes. Most exhibits in different WonderWorks locations are the same, but there are some exclusive attractions to certain venues. They are designed to be a fun and educational family-friendly attraction.

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What To Expect At Branson WonderWorks

The Branson WonderWorks also exclusively has exhibits on American Innovation, Route 66, Branson/Ozark Area History & Geography, and even exhibits on the country's military.'' WonderWorks offers fun for all ages and is one of the top things to do in Branson.

The Branson WonderWorks building (like other WonderWorks locations) is designed to appear as if a building has been tossed by a severe storm and flipped on its roof. They offer 48,000 square feet of edu-tainment.

They have exhibits on the themes of space, physics, and mathematics. They offer laser tag and multi-story ropes courses. In Branson, the kids will learn about Route 66, the most famous fish in Branson, what Zero Gravity feels like, and more.

  • Opened: 2020 In Branson, Missouri'
  • Address: 2835 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO 65616

Examples of interactive meteorological exhibits include a challenge to see how long one can hold one's hand in 28°F water (the temperature of the water that the Titanic sand in) and experiencing category one hurricane-force winds of 75 mph.

Space-themed attractions include their 4-person gyroscope that spins and rotates around in random directions. Gyroscopes are what train astronauts for space by simulating the effects that outer space has on humans and the feeling of weightlessness.

Another fun activity for the kids is to put on a life-size replica of an EVA Astronaut Space Suit. The kids learn what it's like to be an astronaut with the reduced mobility of a space suit.

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Planning One's Visit To Branson WonderWorks

Branson WonderWorks is open every day of the year from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. It normally takes around 3 to 4 hours to tour all the attractions in a WonderWorks complex. Outside food is not allowed, but there are dining options within the building.

They also cater to guests throwing birthday parties and school field trips.

  • Days Open: 365 Days A Year
  • Hours: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm

WonderWorks Admission

WonderWorks has two admission ticket options - WonderWorks All Access and VIP Combo. The admission tickets are good for the whole day, and one can come and go as one pleases. These tickets provide standard access to the over 100 hands-on exhibits of WonderWorks.

WonderWorks All Access:

  • Adult: $31.99 (Aged 13 Plus)
  • Child: $22.99 (Aged 5 to 12)
  • Senior: $14.99 (Aged 60 Plus)

WonderWorks VIP Combo:

  • Adult: $38.99 (Aged 13 Plus)
  • Child: $29.99 (Aged 5 to 12)
  • Senior: $21.99 (Aged 60 Plus)

Next time in Branson, visit WonderWorks - one of the town's newest attractions. Branson is the ideal place to combine outdoor attractions with a breathtaking range of indoor attractions.