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Named ‘Best Beaches in NJ’ by USAToday, the Jersey Shore resort city of Wildwood in Cape May Country offers a sublime shoreline superb for summertime sensations, where its divine set of coastal spots of sun, sand, and sea have won numerous awards over the years, such as New Jersey's overall 'Best Beaches,' the state's 'Best Beach for Family Vacations,' 'Top 10 Beaches for Your Money,' and even 'Best Sports Beach.'


From boogie-boarding and surfing to swimming, Frisbee tossing, and beach volleyball, the five miles of white sandy shores that form North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest's wide-open beaches represent the best of what Jersey Shore, moreover, what the US has to offer - paradisiacal seaside settings that could rival the likes the Caribbean on a sunny day, with loads of yearly events and an overlooking boardwalk overflowing with rides, eateries, water parks, and shops all beckoning beach-goers for even more fun. What's more, these beaches - which are indeed the largest in the country - get even better. How? Easy; they're completely free to enjoy - no beach tags or any fees necessary to visit.

Activities At The Wildwoods Beaches

Free, expansive, and utterly beautiful, Wildwoods' dazzling beaches stretch the width of five football fields at their widest points, which means there's tons of space for everyone to fit in and take part in the memorable activities on offer - both those exciting and relaxing.

Even on a busy day in the height of summer when the crowds descend, the Wildwoods and their dog-friendly areas have ample room for swimming in the crystal clear sea and basking under the sun on silken ivory sands - but if that sounds a little too zen, the roster of pastimes for the adventurous beach-goers might do the trick. With boogie boarding, fishing, surfing, sailing, jet-skiing, power boating, kayaking, and even whale watching on the menu at the Wildwoods' free beaches, it'll take several visits to tick each one off the list.

When all the beach activities have been sampled, mere steps from the sands are three awesome water parks home to even more thrills, including cascading waterfalls, speed slides, raft rides, hydro chutes, lazy rivers, rope swings, and tube floats, while cabanas, spas, and beach bars all wait nearby to soothe the body and refresh the mind after spending the morning splashing in the sea, zooming down slides, and sunbathing on the sand.

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Once the beaches, the water parks, and their superb activities lists have been explored, the Wildwoods Boardwalk comes along to add even more entertainment to the day. Over 100 unique rides and attractions complete the beach day out, with favorites including energized roller coasters, midway games in classic carnival style, vibrant arcades, and no lack of shops and restaurants. It goes on like this for over two and a half miles right alongside the beach, where there's so much going on that it'll be hard to choose which ride, game, or store to venture to next.

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The Wildwoods Beach Festivals

Just when aspiring Wildwood beach-goers couldn't think this gravitational part of New Jersey's shores couldn't get any more eccentric and delightfully flamboyant, they hear about its amazing sports competitions, special events, and numerous festivals taking place all throughout the year. Unique festivities loved by locals and visitors alike include the Annual Wildwoods International Kite Festival - the biggest kite festival in North America, where hundreds upon hundreds of kites from all over the world fly high in the sky above the Wildwoods' beaches, creating an otherworldly scene worthy of a postcard - or rather, in the modern day, travelers' Instagram feeds.

Of course, these beaches' beloved kite festival isn't the only date to put on one's calendar; there's also the yearly National Marbles Tournament in which 'mobsters' from all the length and breadth of the USA compete against one another to win the marbles championship. Additionally, the soft sands also serve as the ideal playground for a huge diversity of sporting occasions in the summer months, such as the Barefoot soccer event in which over 10,000 youth soccer players participate, Ultimate Frisbee tournaments providing edge-of-the-seat excitement, and engaging volleyball competitions - plus, Morey's Piers is the place to catch one of the planet's only lacrosse tournaments taking place on the sand.

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Other incredible yet slightly more unusual festivities held at the Wildwoods Beaches from spring to fall include heart-pumping, hairpin-turning motocross races, professional and amateur ATV and dirt bike and ATV races, and, to top off the speeds, exhilarating monster truck races where truck favorites like Bigfoot and Grave Digger can be watched jumper over sand dunes - and get this: visitors can even enjoy action-packed monster truck rides on the beach during the summer.

Come winter; the fun continues for a good cause; the Wildwoods' Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics takes center stage every January, drawing in hundreds of do-gooders raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a meaningful charity.

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Wildwoods' Free Beaches?

Given all of Wildwood's beaches are free of charge to visit, the answer is this: anytime is a good time! And, since there are so many activities and events ongoing throughout the entire year, something fun will always be happening for visitors to enjoy, observe, or take part in. However, in the climate sensitivity, the warmer spring and summer months from May to September are undeniably the most idyllic, with pleasant temperatures making the crystalline sea more alluring to jump into.

In any case, whatever the time of year, a few things remain certain when making the best of these Jersey Shore sandy seaside gems: beach bunnies will need their swimsuit, some towels, at least a day to spare, and a camera to capture the memories of their visit. What they won't need, of course, is their wallet at the entrance! (Still, bring some dollars for snacks, food, drinks, fun at the water parks and boardwalk, and souvenirs).