Venice will always be one of Europe’s most magnificent destinations. But with so many tourists flooding in and out of the city every day, it’s not for everyone. Luckily, there are plenty of Italian destinations that are equally charming but not yet spoiled by mass tourism.

Witness The Beauty Of Siena, Tuscany

Check Out The Historic Village Of Matera, Basilicata

Feel Like You’re In The Greek Islands In Alberobello, Puglia

Visit Bologna, The Foodie Capital Of Italy

We will never understand why Bologna is not the most popular town in Italy. Home to the oldest university in Europe, Bologna is often full of students which gives it a completely different vibe from your average tourist hot spot. Besides the cool architecture, the real reason to come to Bologna is it’s been hailed as the foodie capital of Italy.


Every city in Italy has its own culinary specialties and combined these make the country itself one of the world’s ultimate destinations for food-lovers. But Bologna is praised by gastronomy experts because it’s home to delicacies such as fresh tortellini, lasagne, and tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce.

One of the most iconic cold meats in Bologna is mortadella, something that looks similar to the bologna that many Americans grew up eating. The perfect snack to keep you going as you explore the streets of Bologna is mortadella in a crusty panino.

See The Most Romantic Balcony In The World In Verona

Just because Venice is completely swamped with crowds doesn’t mean you have to bypass the entire Veneto region. Situated in Italy’s north and sharing a border with Austria, Veneto is home to several other wondrous towns and cities, including Padua and Verona .The most enticing thing about Verona is that it’s home to the famous Casa di Giulietta  or Juliet’s House. Of course, we’re talking about that Juliet. The one appearing in William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy.At Juliet’s House, you’ll see the famous balcony where Romeo is said to have serenaded his love. There is also a statue of Juliet in the grounds, and rubbing it is said to bring good luck in love.NEXT: 10 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Italy