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Georgia is an amazing hot spot for state parks and immersing yourself in the great outdoors. With over 50 state parks to choose from, there’s a perfect and magical place for anyone who chooses to come to visit the great state of Georgia. There are many opportunities for hiking, looking at wildlife, birdwatching, and camping out with friends or family in the woods. If you're tired of everyday life and need a break, or you're just looking for an opportunity to get fresh air to choose one of these amazing parks to visit! This could be a wonderful trip for you alone to refresh or an exciting adventure for the family to enjoy together. There are many open fields for kids to play, in or lakes for them to swim in! Anyone of the amazing parks in Georgia is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all vocational experiences in your life!


Cloudland Canyon State Park

Tucked away in northwest Georgia, you’ll find Cloudland Canyon State Park, which overlooks the deep gorge on the western edge of Lookout Mountain. There are a wide range of hiking trails through the thick woods that span from easy to strenuous, with the most challenging taking you down a long winding staircase to two waterfalls cascading over layers of sandstone and shale into pools below.

Here you can find all the wonders of the great outdoors including: hiking, fishing and playing disc golf. There are also a wide range of camping grounds as well as fully equipped cottages and unconventional yurts.

Fort Mountain State Park

Fort Mountain State Park also has amazing hiking trails that lead to glorious scenic overlooks in the region. There’s also a wide range of black bears, but don’t let that scare you. Here you’ll find over 60 miles of hardwood forest and blueberry thickets with cross streams. This is a perfect ideal spot for amazing Instagram photos and amazing photos of you and loved ones. You’ll also find a 855-foot-long wall that is thought to have been built by early Indians.

George L. Smith State Park

Here in peaceful George L. Smith State Park in southeast Georgia, there will be amazing opportunities to canoe down the Black Water Lake scattered with Spanish moss-covered cypress trees. This is also an ideal spot for bird watching. With the proper binoculars and watchful eye you might be able to spot a blue heron, white ibis, and other wading birds.

Indian Spring State Park

One of the nation’s oldest state parks is famous for its mineral-rock spring water. This amazing spot is located in central Georgia just off the I-75. Enjoy wading the creek, the hot springs and exploring the nature trails.

Additionally, there is a small museum, open seasonally, that highlights the history of the Creek Indians in the area, the community’s history as a resort town and the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps’ work at the park during the Great Depression. There are also cottages and campsites that can be reserved for overnight stays.

Providence Canyon State Park

Step into another world at Providence Canyon State Park, also known as “Little Grand Canyon”. There are beautiful layers of bright orange, pink, purple and red combined in a colorful tableau along the stone walls. Stroll along the magnificent rim for a birds-eye view of the canyon or hike down into a few of its gullies.

There are also perfect, beautiful spots for backpackers to stay overnight along the backcountry trail, and it highlights certain portions of the canyon, winding through the forest. There’s also a nearby cottage set up in Florence Marina State Park. These are small efficiency units, and a modern campground.

Whether you’re into camping, hiking, exploring the wonders of nature, Georgia has the perfect parks for you. There are several places for amazing campsites or cottages for long weekend getaways. Take your time to unplug and step away from the hustle and bustle of high society life and get away from it all. The state parks of Georgia offer a wide range of beautiful experiences and wonderful memories to be savored with forever lasting Instagram posts.

To make sure you have the best time and promising experience, book your camping space online.

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Online Reservations

  • Reservations can be made up to 13 months in advance. Reservation days begin at 8am EST. Camping reservations can be booked up to 4pm on the day of arrival.
  • Same-date multiple park reservations unavailable online.
  • Some facilities may not appear due to renovations seasonal availability.

There are also opportunities for park memberships as well, allowing multiple opportunities to stay in different parks throughout the year. If you’re really into changing your life and spending time outdoors this is the perfect option for you! Get amazing discounts and special opportunities at a multitude of state parks for regular enjoyment.

With so much to do at all of Georgia’s state parks and historic sites, it can be hard to know where to begin! Check out this list of amazing activities to participate in:

  • Canyon Climbing
  • Mountain Biking on the trails
  • Camping under the stars
  • Canoe down the river and green alligators
  • Hiking the Little Grand Canyon
  • Experience a wild cave
  • Learn archery
  • Explore Colonial history
  • Bird watching
  • Kayak whitewater rapids

  • Experience the night stars
  • Climb up the 100-foot trees
  • Learn about Cherokee culture
  • Learn about the first nations Gold Rush
  • Enjoy and Idealistic picnic view

No matter what experience you’re hoping to find and what brings you pure joy and relaxation you’ll find it at one of the amazing state parks in Georgia. Make your plans to visit today!