Swarovski Crystal Worlds, or Swarovski Kristallwelten, is a stunning attraction dedicated to shimmering crystals that are based on one of Austria's most well-known exports. The crystal gallery, built by multimedia designer Andre Heller, combines artwork, music, dance, and literary works into a single stunning spectacle.

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds casts a spell around every tourist: a water-spouting colossus that mysteriously entices the observer into a secret realm, where Chambers of Magic spark the curiosity. The visage has become a global symbol, and the site has welcomed over 12 million tourists.


Enter The Realm Of The Giant

The design of the Giant was Heller's theme centerpiece for Swarovski Crystal Worlds. He also created a narrative about a Giant who went out to discover the world, its riches, and delights.

The Giant's realm is home to a vast assortment of valuable things held in 17 Chambers of Wonder. Tourists can believe in magic for a brief period in this world of imagination influenced and built by some of the world's finest designers.

Let's explore some of the chambers in The Giant.

The Blue Hall

The Giant's underground world starts in the Blue Hall. Its sloped ceilings, painted with the painter Yves Klein's color "International Klein Blue," resemble the interior of a cave.

The Blue Hall provides an introduction to the fixation with crystal, with works by Niki de Saint Phalle, Salvador Dal, and Andy Warhol. The Centenar, the black horse "Chetak," and the Crystal Wall are also part of the Blue Hall.

The Art Of Performance

Swarovski's long-standing engagement with Hollywood's finest artists and creators is honored in The Art of Performance.

This Chamber of Wonder is an interactive showcase of Swarovski's long history in the entertainment industry, featuring legendary ensembles from the screen and stage set against a sparkling backdrop showcasing Swarovski Crystals' brightness.

A chronology of the historic past is traced in this monumental exhibition, organized by renowned clothing designer Michael Schmidt.

Into Lattice Sun

South Korean painter Lee Bul used the modern building as her inspiration for "Into Lattice Sun", transforming it into a cosmopolitan, dynamic, and utopian scene for the Chamber of Wonder. The Chamber's numerous crystals and mirrors create the appearance of ever-increasing grandeur and profundity, encouraging visitors to reflect on themselves and their location within the area.

The visitor can explore all the aspects of the constantly changing iridescent mirror scene from different angles thanks to this carefully choreographed interaction.

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A crystal Garden Which Captures Imagination

The Giant's Garden is a location with contemporary art, rich heritage, and unusual delights. Visitors will find a place to enjoy beauty, creativity, vitality, care, aesthetics, and folklore.

The dazzling Crystal Cloud will enchant visitors, who may wander along with the Mirror Pool and engage and climb with all of their senses in the numerous levels of the play towers.

Jaime Hayon, a Spanish architect, created a dramatic black-and-white carnival to contrast with the lush vegetation of Kristallwelten's Garden. The modern design reinterprets the classic carousel while keeping its nostalgic charm.

The monotone pattern, spanning 12 ceiling tiles and 16 wallboards, is lighted with soft lighting to produce a magical ambiance that sparkles with 15 million Swarovski crystals. Hayon was driven by mythology and fairy tales to design the mythical figurines for the seats.

The top and adjoining fence are adorned with whimsical characters that convey the thrill, wonder, and happiness that experiencing a carousel offers.

The Crystal Cloud And The Mirror Pool

The Crystal Cloud, designed by Xavier Perrot and Andy Cao, is the centerpiece of the new garden. This colossal sculpture floats above the black Mirror Pool, beckoning visitors to take a breath and be impressed.

This ethereal masterpiece is the world's biggest creation of its sort, with a surface area of roughly 1,400 square meters. Approximately 800,000 Swarovski crystals are hand-mounted in the Crystal Cloud.

Visitors are drawn to the Mirror Pool by a descending slope, where the light of the crystals is reflected like stars glittering in the night sky. Countless fireflies generate magical light, flitting and dancing in the air as though in an enchanting fairytale landscape and accompanying guests across the footbridge.

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A Designated Children's Space

The year-round special attractions, from the playground to the play tower, not only provide entertainment for children; but also invite parents to come, sit, and unwind themselves.

The attractions are open to visitors of all ages.

The Playtower With Four Levels of Play Area

The play tower supports the largest range of fun activities on four different levels stacked on one another. An innovative vertical net connects the tiers, which can be scaled to an elevation of over 14 meters. It has activities including crawling, rocking, swinging, sliding, and what appears to be floating.

The Playground, An Open-air Landscape

This space, suitable for children and adults alike, is accompanied by a spectacular playground environment set in the open air. A free-form steel and wood landscape provides children with an unlimited variety of opportunities to play.

Kids have the option to participate in well-known games, and they also have the chance to try new games and styles of exercise.

A stunning 25-meter long mounting route and winding ball runs provide plenty of excitement on the playground. In addition, the water fun area offers a family-friendly experience.

The Labyrinth Is A Beautiful Maze

The verdant labyrinth in the shape of a palm by André Heller welcomes visitors to experience and enjoy hide-and-seek, which is among the most stunning elements of the park scenery.

Entry Fee Of Swarovski Kristallwelten

  • Adults - $21
  • Children (6-17 years) - $6
  • Children (0-5 years) - Free

Swarovski Kristallwelten is a magical location to visit for both children and adults. While there are various play areas for children to enjoy, there is also enough to see and do for adults. A destination that should be on everyone's wishlist.

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