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Imagine staying in an African national park nestled in a luxurious treehouse overlooking the park's herds and wild animals. In African game parks, one is really in between nature and the wild outdoors. The Hide is a lodge in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park (the largest in the country) and offers some very special accommodation for the romantically minded. One can see many wild African animals from one's lodging.

Zimbabwe is more than national parks and the incredible Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe is also home to one of the great "lost" cities of Southern Africa - the city of Great Zimbabwe. If one is planning to visit Africa for a safari, one should consider more just South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, as there are plenty of other excellent countries in Africa to choose from as well.


Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe's Largest National Park

Hwange National Park is one of the great national parks of Zimbabwe and is located in the stunning region of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conversation Area. This area has some of the best national parks in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

The park is located close to Victoria Falls (the largest falls in the world). The park was first founded in 1928 and is host to many of Africa's most iconic animals.

  • Size: 14,600 sq km
  • Established: 1928

Wildlife includes giraffes, zebra, lions, Cape wild dogs, wildebeest, elephants, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, and many more.

  • Mammals: Over 100 Species of Mammals
  • Birds: Over 400 Bird Species

It is the largest national park in Zimbabwe.

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Doves Nest - The Dreamy Safari Treehouse

The Hide offers a number of accommodation options in Hwange National Park, including their Private Hide, Tom's Little Hide, and The Dove's Nest. Of these, the Dove's Nest is the most eye-catching for being a romantic treehouse.

Staying in the Dove's Nest is something of a romantic African fairytale. There, guests sleep out in the vast openness of the wild and are immersed in the sounds and sights of the African bush.

At night, the stars and the Milky Way come out, and one gazes up while hearing the calls of the wild. The Dove's Nest is located 10 minutes away from the main lodge. The elevated space of the Dove's Nest is more than just romantic and dreamy - it also offers a perch from which one can gaze out over the lands where elephants and giraffes roam. It is a great vantage point to sit and observe the wildlife.

In the evening, have dinner at The Hide - the main lodge - and then a guide from the lodge takes guests out on a night drive to the Dove's Nest. The guide will run through the safety briefing and supply a radio for peace of mind.

  • Capacity: 2
  • Perfect: For Honeymooners
  • Views: 180-Degree Views
  • Where: 10 Minutes Drive From The Main Camp

The bedroom is accessed via a wooden stairway (with a closeable door) and has large canvas gauze windows. The guide will return in the morning to drive the guests back to the main camp for a hearty breakfast.

For availability and prices, contact The Hide for more information and a quote.

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Things To Do In Hwange National Park

Being in a national park in Africa is often all about seeing the iconic African animals. The Hide has its own private concession in the national park and provides a range of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Take a walk in the African bush with one's professional guide or go for a drive at night and experience the wild nocturnal activity of the park.

The main activity to enjoy during the day is the game drives. Hop into the special safari vehicle and set off in search of predators and prey. Enjoy a wild African safari with a cold drink in hand and discover the country's greatest national park.

  • Game Drive Times: Normally, Mornings and Evenings

The best time for game drives is in the mornings and evenings when the animals are the most active. It is normally best to do as the animals do - rest and recuperates during the heat of the day. At The Hide, there is also the opportunity to head out again after dinner for a night safari.

  • Waterhole: Draws Animals To The Camp

But one doesn't even need to leave the camp to see the animals. The camp has a waterhole that draws the park's thirsty residents at all hours of the day.