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Spooky Halloween destinations can be found across the US, but where will travelers have the most fun enjoying the holiday? Perhaps they should seek out a town ripe with intrigue and history. With more than a few mysterious happenings to expand its haunted lore.

Taos, New Mexico, would be the town travelers are looking for. This quiet little destination tucked into the mountains of New Mexico is home to a thousand years of history, is the rumored burial site of witches, and is the location of a bizarre murder.


Taos, New Mexico, And What Makes It So Spooky

With its aesthetic location tucked into the Sangre de Cristo Mountain is the quiet but must-visit town of Taos. This is especially true during Halloween! With a history dating back a thousand years and an abundance of local legends and ghost stories to spook even the most iron-hearted traveler. Travelers looking for a fun way to add something new to their Halloween experience should check out Taos and what makes it such an ideal Halloween location.

Exploring Taos

Taos is located in a ski valley in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which is where the Rocky Mountains get their start. Taos offers its visitors incredible scenery and consistent weather that makes the region quite hospitable. It is no wonder why so many artsy, independent, curious, and talented individuals have made permanent residences in this town, creating a vibrant and interesting community. So, despite being a little off-the-track, Taos and its residents love to show enthusiasm for the spooky holiday, adding to the fun during this time of year.

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Kit Carson Cemetery

Perhaps the most Halloween of Halloween destination in Taos, the Kit Carson Cemetery sure is a spooky sight. One of the town’s legends tells of three witches that are buried here in unmarked graves. Travelers are invited to walk the cemetery, especially close to twilight hours, to catch unexplained phenomena such as strange buzzing and sightings!


Visiting Taos doesn't have to be all about the spooks. Taos also provides incredible access to rafting the Rio Grande in the Rio Grande Gorge, which is one of the most stunning and impressive canyons in the American Southwest, and there is a lot of competition in this region. Travels should link up with one of the various companies that offer excursions into the rapids. There are usually half-day and full-day options available, with easier and more extreme options available as well.


Taos offers two extremes in terrain. To its south and west is a great plain of sagebrush and conifers. There is a river by a giant chasm that spreads as far as a person can see. The north and east of the town is a stunning collection of mountain peaks rising from the mesa. Their dense forests and high mountain peaks are a massive draw for many hikers. Regardless of the challenge that hikers wish to face, they will find it at Taos.

  • Divisadero Peak (Moderate) - Length: 9.0 km, Elevation gain: 407 m, Route type: Loop, Duration: 3 hrs, Trail Map
  • Rio Grande Gorge West Rim Trail (Easy) - Length: 6.0 km, Elevation gain: 72 m. Route type, Out & back, Duration: 1 hr 18 minutes, Trail Map
  • Trader’s Trail (Moderate) - Length: 5.3 km, Elevation gain: 103 m, Route type: Out & back. Duration 1 hr 18 minutes, Trail Map

Alley Cantina

Travelers looking to grab a drink and perhaps chat it up with ghosts should check out Alley Cantina. This is the oldest building in Taos, and it is full of its own rumors of ghosts, hauntings, and plenty of spooky tales.

  • Address - 121 Teresina Ln, Taos, NM 87571-5921
  • Contact - +1 (505)758-2121
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Chile Rellenos
  • Menu

Doc Martin’s Restaurant

Perhaps the most truly southwestern restaurant in Taos and also part of the Historic Taos Inn, Doc Martin’s is a celebration of what it is to be from New Mexico. They offer authentic dishes handmade using local ingredients and served alongside award-winning wines.

  • Address - 125 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM 87571
  • Contact - +1 (575)758-1977
  • Cost - $$-$$$
  • Must-Try - Grilled Stuffed Peppers
  • Menu

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Where To Stay And How To Get To Taos

Travelers looking to experience Halloween in Taos should check out the following, so they can properly plan their spooky adventure at Taos, New Mexico.

Historic Taos Inn

Travelers looking for fantastic accommodations paired with a bit of dark and scary history should check out the Historic Taos Inn. It was here that man was found beheaded under bizarre circumstances nearly a hundred years ago.

  • Address - 125 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM 87571
  • Contact - +1(855)963-2180
  • Customer Rating - 4.5 out of 5
  • Per Night - $200 (estimated)
  • Book Now

Getting To Taos, New Mexico

There are generally two ways to get to Taos, New Mexico, by air and by land. For those arriving by air, they should look up Taos Air, as they offer hassle-free travel directly to the Taos Regional Airport from Austin, Dallas, San Diego, or Los Angeles. Booking with Taos air also comes with a complimentary shuttle service to Taos, so it is absolutely worth taking advantage of.

For those wishing to drive into Taos, that is quite doable, too, especially for those already located in the southwestern US. Here is a look at some surrounding cities and their distance from Taos.

  • Albuquerque - 152 miles, 2.75 hours
  • Amarillo - 322 miles, 5.25 hours
  • Austin - 895 miles, 14.25 hours
  • Colorado - Springs 224 miles, 3.75 hours
  • Dallas - 694 miles, 11.25 hours
  • Denver - 312 miles, 5.25 hours
  • Durango - 230 miles, 3.75 hours
  • El Paso - 422 miles, 6.75 hours
  • Houston - 1058 miles, 16.75 hours
  • Oklahoma City - 579 miles, 8.5 hours
  • Phoenix - 586 miles, 9 hours
  • Santa Fe - 92 miles, 1.5 hours
  • Tulsa - 740 miles, 11.5 hours