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Seated about 2,000 miles from the U.S. mainland is a tantalizing island whose appeal continues to pull more tourists toward that side. Hawaii is famous for its vast coastline, stretching over 750 miles long. Along the coastline is a series of volcanoes, creating quite a scene in this part of the world.

Hawaii has never run short of impressive natural features. This time around, it is the Rainbow Waterfalls, interpreted as Wainuenue in the local language, which is a unique waterfall that offers spectacular sights.


Here is a detailed description of the Hawaiian Rainbow Falls.

Location Of The Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls isn’t just an ordinary fall. It is an 80 feet tall fall tumbling down the free-flowing Wailuku River. Hawaii is known to be home to multiple natural and seasonal rivers that depict the wild side of America. With Wailuku, vacationers have found a reliable water mass to base their entire vacation.

Hawaii, like any other state, has put in place measures to protect one of its most treasured assets. This fall is enclosed inside the Wailuku River State Park found in Hilo. Those interested in seeing the said rainbow must make their way to the park. After all, it is free to get to this park, meaning vacationers have no sound reason for missing out.

The fall is barely a five-minute drive away from the city. Willing vacationers may as well stroll their way down to the park. Adventure by foot is by far fronted as the best approach to enjoy Hawaii’s most guarded secrets.

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Best Time To Visit The Rainbow Falls

The Rainbow Falls doesn’t have a specific time of the year when it’s best to visit. It is an all-year-round experience that makes Hawaii among America’s leading tourist destinations. However, winter can be a bit hectic. However, there is still a lot to explore since the conditions are not as extreme as they are in most parts of America.

Besides the season of the year, the time of the day aspect also needs to be considered when touring this part of the world. As science dictates, rainbows form when there is an interaction between sun rays and water. The Wailuku River experience isn’t any different. It is also guided by the same science.

For vacationers to get the best out of this site, the best time to visit is between 10 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. During this time, the sun is shining, and the forming rainbow is easy to spot. Also, the traffic within that timeframe is relatively low, leaving vacationers with quite a big space to explore.

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Why Visit This Hawaiian Waterfall

Even with Hawaii’s vast beaches and volcanoes, the Rainbow Falls has stood out to be among the most visited sites. What is so unique about it that vacationers keep coming back?

Free Entry

The Wailuku River State Park is the place to be for Hawaii tourists vacationing on a tight budget. Good things shouldn’t always come at a price, and this park is a great testimony to demonstrate that.

With no charges attached, vacationers are free to tour this part of the world at any time of the year. However, the park can sometimes get so crowded, especially in the warmer months. During times of increased traffic, vacationers are advised to make time early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The congestion within that timeframe is negligible, and vacationers will have virtually the whole rainbow view to themselves.

All Inclusive

Inclusivity is a rare term, especially when issues of waterfalls are at stake, but not with Hawaii. All-inclusive waterfalls are rare to find, and that’s why the Rainbow Falls is so unique. Once in the park’s parking lot, there is an easy short trip to the viewpoint, where vacationers are treated to incredible views.

The all-inclusive aspect comes in where even the physically challenged can access the site from the comfort of their wheelchairs. Even without assistance, wheelchair-riding vacationers will have an easy time making it to the viewpoint and back.

Instaworthy Scenes

The Rainbow Falls is among the most photographed scenes in Hawaii for obvious reasons. Vacations are all about making lasting memories. The best way to keep a memory is to capture it on a Camera.

With today’s increased social media activity, vacationers cannot afford to miss this scene as part of their portfolio. Budding artists can as well capture quality portraits and line them up on the streets to attract potential buyers. After all, it is a great way to market Hawaii to the rest of the world while still cashing on it.

Incredible Hikes

The last and ideally the most significant reason why this waterfall sees a lot of traffic is the high number of hiking trails that can be accessed. To start with, vacationers can stroll to the upper part of the falls for a top-bottom view of the rainbow. For hiking junkies, there are multiple routes to explore upstream.

Hawaii’s Rainbow Falls is a great blend of culture and adventure. The falls have a whole mythology story surrounding them that vacationers will understand better with the help of locals. The all-inclusive trait of this natural wonder means there is no reason for anyone to miss out. After all, it is free of charge.