For many Jane Austin fans out there the BBC's 1995 Price and Prejudice miniseries was infinitely better than the 2005 movie starring Keira Knightley (after all who could have starred a better Mister Darcy?). But that may be a minority view, so here we will discuss the eye-catching filming locations of the 2005 movie Price and Prejudice.

For fans of the Keira Knightley movie, these charming English estates may be instantly recognizable. If one would like to include a peek inside Netherfield or gaze across to Pemberly from across the lake, then these are the estates to pop on the list. One can discover all the locations in England shown in the movie (all the filming locations were real except for the dance scene where Lizzie first met Mr. Darcy - that's a stage set).


Basildon Park - Mr. Bingley's House

"An estate saved from almost certain demolition and lovingly revived"

National Trust

Basildon Park took a central role in the 2005 rendition of Jane Austin's timeless classic. It is the 18th-century Palladian mansion that starred as Mr. Bingley's house - Netherfield (not to be confused with Michael Jackson's Neverland).

  • Mr. Bingley: The Gentleman of Four or Five Thousand A Year

The country house is located in England's Berkshire and is now owned by the National Trust. It was first built between 1776 and 1783 by Sir Francis Sykes but was never fully completed.

It was left empty in 1910 and requisitioned in 1914 by the British Government as an army convalescent hospital. There was even a plan at one point to dismantle the house and relocate it to the United States (that in the end left it stripped bare but intact).

By the 1950s the building was left derelict and in danger of demolition but it was eventually taken over and saved by the National Trust. It is open to the public and open hours vary seasonally.


  • Adult: £15.00 ($19.00)
  • Child: £7.50 ($10.00)

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Stourhead Landscape Garden

Stourhead Landscape Garden is the scene of Mister Darcy's first and futile proposal to Lizzie. Here one will remember Lizzie being offended and making her way across the Palladian Bridge.

These gardens are stunning to wander through. It is a 1,072-hectare estate in the southwest English county of Wiltshire.

Take one's time to admire the Temple of Flora (dedicated to the Roman goddess of flowers and spring), the Grotto (popular in Italian Renaissance gardens), the Pantheon (inspired by the Pantheon in Rome), the Palladian Bridge (inspired by the work of 16th-century architect Palladio), the Bristo Cross (depicts medieval English kings and queens in intricate stonework) and the Temple of Apollo with its delightful views over the lake.

Groombridge Place - The Home of The Bennetts

Groombridge Place is a moated manor house in Kent, England. It is a popular tourist attraction and is known for its formal gardens and vineyards. There have been manor houses on this site for a very long period of time dating back to 1239.

  • Know For: Its Sculpted Formal Garden and Parkland

It is a remarkable and beautiful country estate on the edge of the historic village of Groombridge. Here one can enjoy formal sculpted gardens and 200 acres of parkland. It boasts everything one may expect from a traditional English country estate.

As of the time of writing the estate is closed for the season but plans to open up later on. The house itself is a private home and is generally not open to the public but the impressive gardens are.

For updates on when they will reopen and prices check the Groombridge Place website.

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Chatsworth House - Mr. Darcy's House

Mr. Darcy's House is Chatsworth House in the Derbyshire Dales of England. It is a stately home and is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire and has been in the Cavendish family since 1549 (it has been passed down for 16 generations).

It is famous for its idyllic setting and has inspired many and has been chosen several times as Britain's favorite country house. It holds major collections of paintings, furniture, books, and Old Master drawing.

  • Re-Opening: The House, Garden, Farmyard, and Playground Will Re-Open On 26 March 2022
  • Home: Chatsworth Is Home To The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire

The property is open seasonally, for updates see the Chatsworth House website. This winter it is closed for conservation and refurbishment.

To see a private home that is formally considered a palace in England and the setting of countless movies, visit the UNESCO-listed Blenheim Palace.

Notable Pride And Prejudice Locations of The 1995 BBC Production

  • Belton House: The House Of Lady Catherine De Bourgh In The 1995 BBC's Production
  • Lacock Village: Where The Bennet Girls (Whose Minds Were More Vacant Than Their Sisters) Shopped For Bonnets In The 1995 Production
  • Lyme Park: A Tudor House Transformed Into An Italianate Palace Starred As Pemberley In The BBC Miniseries

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