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If one is enjoying one's summer vacation on the Virginia coast this summer, consider cooling off at the Ocean Breeze Waterpark. Ocean Breeze Waterpark started in 1974 and is now one of the most fun family summer activities one can enjoy out of Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is one of the greatest attractions in Virginia and is packed with family-friendly attractions for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Ocean Breeze is an outdoor waterpark, but when the weather is a little chilly, there are plenty of indoor great water waterparks to enjoy in America. Virginia can be very hot in the summer and can sap everyone's energy. One of the best ways to refresh and for everyone to get their energy back is to go for a splash-off in a waterpark.


Ocean Breeze Waterpark - Virginia Beach's Venue To Cool Off

When Ocean Breeze Waterpark first opened in 1974, the park was a shadow of what it is today. It humbly began with just three mat slides (but was still the only waterpark in Virginia Beach). Today it has grown to over 30 slides, rides, and attractions.

  • First Opened: 1974
  • Location: 2 Miles South Of Virginia Beach

Ocean Breeze Waterpark is one of the best family-friendly attractions in the region. It is even the only full-sized family park in the region. Among their many attractions is their Operation Splashdown with their six-story family raft ride. There is a full range of attractions - including some dedicated to kids.

  • Slides: Over 30 Slides And Attractions

Among their many attractions are the following:

  • One Million gallon Wave Pool
  • Quarter Mile Tubing River
  • The Pirate-Themed Water Playground
  • Operation Splashdown

Naturally, there are plenty of places to eat as well as drink. The park has four quick-service restaurants and two bars and grills. Plan the whole day out at this fun waterpark and make the most of the summer while it lasts.

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Ocean Breeze Waterpark Season Pass

It's not too late to purchase a 2022 Season Pass. The Season Pass provides discounts on unlimited visits so that one can enjoy all their attractions, like the all-new six-story family raft ride.

Benefits of the Season Pass include free parking, free inner tubes, free sunscreen, free movies (on the new wave pool big screen), as well as excluded extended hours and Bring a Friend chance on selected dates. Additionally, there are 10% discounts on food and beverages and various shops. One can even get a 15% discount on All-Day Admission for friends and family.

  • Discounts: 10% On Food And Many Purchases & Visits
  • Price: $89.99

There are plenty of other admission passes and options to choose from.

Restaurants & Online Meal Deal

One can save money on meals in the park by planning ahead with their Online Meal Deal. One can expect to have around 20% savings.

Restaurants At The Waterpark:

  • Palm Tree Grill
  • Paradise Pizza
  • River Runners GRILL
  • Shipwreck Subs
  • River Runners BAR

Not all the menu items are included on the Season Pass Mean Plan, but it does include a range of hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, salads, pulled pork BBQ, and much more. See their website for a full list.

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Planning One's Visit To Ocean Breeze Waterpark

If one is planning to visit, plan ahead and check their calendar. The opening hours are from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm / 9.00 pm. Some days the park is closed for private events, and other days it is closed for the day.

  • Opening Hours: 10.00 am to Between 4.00 pm or 9.00 pm

Admission tickets are valid for the whole day. One chooses to leave the park and return later on in the day to get the re-entry wristband at the front gate before leaving.

While the park is family-friendly, some of the attractions have height guidelines of 42" while others have a minimum height requirement of 48". Except for Hook's Lagoon, guests under 48" are required to wear lifejackets everywhere in the waterpark.

  • Lifejackets: Required For Children Under 48"

For those worried about the water or for their children, there are lifejackets available to everyone for no additional charge. Guests can also bring their own lifejackets.