The state of South Carolina has served as a tourist hotspot for decades. Every year, South Carolina welcomes more than 7 million visitors to its largest city, Charleston. The state boasts a rich culture, iconic beaches, major entertainment events, high-quality golf championships, and magnificent water parks. Tourists enjoy exploring the beautiful streets of Charleston aboard a carriage ride and touring some of the most magical plantation houses in the south. The Charleston Harbor is where the Civil War erupted, and people can visit the place to learn about its history.


Moreover, visitors enjoy reveling in the mesmerizing views of Caesars Head State Park. A very unique attraction and one of the most popular marvels in South Carolina is Myrtle Beach. With the pristine sands lining the beach’s coast and the various seaside pleasures available next to Myrtle, the latter became a famous destination for a handful of reasons.


More Questions About Myrtle Beach Safari Answered

This article was updated to answer more questions that people want to be answered about Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. This includes the duration of the Wild Encounters Tour in the reservation and the possibility of taking pictures of the Myrtle Beach Safari at TIGERS.

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Top Attractions At The Iconic Myrtle Beach

Apart from enjoying a summer retreat while relaxing along the coast of Myrtle Beach and swimming in its crystal clear waters, visitors enjoy musical shows in The Carolina Opry and take 10-minute rides above the beach and boardwalk with the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. Moreover, the area is home to Broadway At The Beach, the largest entertainment and shopping venue in South Carolina, where people can enjoy rides, mini-golf, specialty shops, movies, dining, and the iconic Ripley’s Aquarium.

Additionally, visitors enjoy other attractions around Lake Broadway, a pedestrian-only area next to Myrtle Beach. The site is home to many water parks and major hotels suitable for families with children where the latter can enjoy the splash rides, swimming pools, and water rides. Myrtle Beach caters to all people, and accommodations are available in a variety, from high-end luxury villas to very affordable budget hotels.

  • Recommended for a luxury stay: Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grand Dunes or Ocean 22 by Hilton Grand Vacations.
  • Recommended for a mid-range budget: Anderson Ocean Club and Spa, Oceana Resorts.
  • Recommended for people on a budget: The beachfront Vancouver Motel or Sea Hawk Motel Myrtle Beach.

The Once-In-A-Lifetime experience: Myrtle Beach Safari

Although Myrtle Beach is packed with countless attractions that one will not have the time to experience in a small number of days, there’s one unique and fantastic adventure to take in the area, and it’s the Myrtle Beach Safari. The attraction is located 7.9 miles away from the beach, a 12-minutes drive by car, and is operated by The Institute For Greatly Endangered And Rare Species, TIGERS. The preserve consists of a 50-acre tropical garden that allows people to see magnificent and rare animals and wildlife species. All the creatures found in the preserve have been rescued and rehabilitated by TIGERS.

When on the Myrtle Beach Safari Tour, visitors will have the chance to meet Ramses, a cheetah that loves running every morning at a fast pace of 60 mph. Bubbles, another animal at TIGERS, is an African Elephant weighing 9000 pounds. Other family members include an African fish eagle and Hercules, a liger that reaches 11 feet tall when stretching its hind legs. Ligers are giant cats that look both like a lion father and a tiger mother. They are scarce, and it’s tough to witness a liger living in a place resembling its natural habitat like people get the chance to see at the Myrtle Beach Safari. Visitors will also interact with newborn baby tigers and baby wolves while they roll and play and have fun. Moreover, the endangered species of ape, the gibbon, and the TIGERS chimps are also present at the preserve.

  • Recommended: Getting a photo op with the rarest tiger breed, the Golden Tabby tiger.

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The Myrtle Beach Safari: A Much More Important Cause Than Having Fun

Visitors at the Myrtle Beach Safari will have every moment of their adventure in getting up close and personal with the fascinating animals, recorded, photographed, and videotaped. This way, they will not be missing any glorious moment of their unique adventure and will be taking incredible memories home.

The proceeds generated from the Preservation Station and the Myrtle Beach Safari Tour are all used to support providing sanctuary and protecting the endangered species and marvelous animals from further decline and extinction. Thus, undertaking the Myrtle Beach Safari tour at TIGERS is not only about enjoying a unique experience but is also about supporting a significant and pressing cause and saving animals’ lives.

  • Cost: A Wild Encounters Day and Night Safari tour cost begin at $339 per person, with rates considerably increasing during summer months, holidays, and peak demand dates.
  • Rules: One must be at least 6 years old to have the right to attend the Myrtle Beach Safari tour at TIGERS. However, children under 6 can check with their parents the TIGERS preservation station at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Myrtle Beach Safari Tour?

People will have the chance to explore the 50-acre reservation and meet all the animals at the Myrtle Beach Safari by taking the Wild Encounters Tour, which lasts for 3 hours. Moreover, the tour takes place during the daytime and starts at 10:00 AM.

However, visitors are required to reach the site at 9:00 AM. They expect to leave the place at around 1:30 PM.

Are Visitors Allowed To Take Pictures At The Myrtle Beach Safari?

While visitors to Myrtle Beach Safari are allowed to get up close and personal with the animals and pet them by themselves with the help of the caregivers in the reservation, they will not be permitted to use cell phones or cameras there. Thus, taking pictures is not allowed at the Myrtle Beach Safari. Additionally, Children under six years of age cannot access the Myrtle Beach Safari.

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