The Balearic Islands are pretty remarkable from top to bottom, and even if that isn't the type of holiday you enjoy, you have to appreciate the beauty of it all.

One of our favorite parts of islands is Majorca, well known for being a popular tourist spot for family holidays, quick getaways and foreigners heading overseas for a new place to live.

It's the kind of dream spot that needs to be seen in order to be believed, but because we can't fly all of you there in the blink of an eye, we're going to try and paint the perfect - or imperfect - picture instead.

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10 GREAT - Amazing Beaches

Courtesy of being its own island, there are many remarkable beaches strung up and down the Majorcan coastline. Some are bigger than others but with something as fun as a beach, size doesn’t really matter.

All you need to do is walk a few hundred yards in some resorts and you’re already situated at another dream destination.

Whether it be a sunbed, a cold beer at the bar or a jet ski that floats your boat, there will be something for all the family to enjoy at one point or another.

9 STAY AWAY - Mosquitos

Anyone out there who feels the need to play down the effect of mosquitos should seriously think about doing some research on the matter because while they may be small, they can be deadly in their own right.

If you happen to find an infestation of them at your resort, hotel or villa, which is actually pretty common, then ensure that a report is filed before too long.

Otherwise, you’ll be left with dozens upon dozens of bites and if they aren’t properly treated, infection are a very serious possibility.

8 GREAT - Lots Of Variety

There are some islands that are renowned for being party destinations whereas others are known for housing elder folks that just want to settle down. In Majorca, there’s no one given stereotype.

If you fancy a few drinks, Magaluf might be your cup of tea. If you want a low key, calm getaway, Cala d’Or is probably going to be further up your alley.

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There are water parks, nice restaurants, home comforts – you name it and they’ve probably got it.

In truth, that’s one of the reasons why it’s still so popular to this day.

7 STAY AWAY - Pickpockets

There’s a good chance that pickpockets will be located on the majority of holidays out there regardless of where you may be heading, but Spain, and the Spanish islands, in particular, seem to be more prone to this sort of thing.

We aren’t suggesting that it’s definitely going to happen but keeping an eye out for it would be wise. A very minimal percentage of the population will take it upon themselves to try and fool you with this kind of act, but rest assured that as long as you are vigilant, all will be fine.

6 GREAT - Pleasant Locals

This somewhat entertaining entry serves as a pretty substantial contradiction to the last, but hey, such is life.

Many of the locals are always willing to lend a helping hand over in Majorca, which is nice, because they probably have to deal with tourists 365 days a year in one way or another, even after the season is over.

Some would argue they’re simply doing it for money, but either way, you’ve got to be grateful for the help, especially if you aren’t overly familiar with the place you’re staying in.

5 STAY AWAY - Not On The Mainland

Spain is Spain to a lot of travelers and we can completely understand that. However, there is often a state of confusion that befalls many when they book the trip and realize they aren’t actually going to be on the Spanish mainlands.

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It sounds silly but it happens more than you’d think, and that’s probably because Majorca, alongside many of the other local islands, are billed as being Spanish (which they are).

It’s just a case of knowing that driving over to Barcelona isn’t really a feasible idea, that’s all.

4 GREAT - Always Hot

Even in the depths of the autumn and winter months, you’re going to be looking at temperatures that reach 75 degrees and above, which is unheard of in plenty of destinations in both the West and the East.

Embracing the cold is all well and good when you’re getting ready for Christmas time, but not everyone is as eager to throw on a fluffy jacket and sip some mulled wine.

So, it’s always worth remembering that an escape from reality and over to paradise is never all too far away.

3 STAY AWAY - Tough Communication

A lot of destinations that you visit overseas won’t speak the same language that you do, and that’s just something you have to deal with.

In a lot of Spanish destinations you’d expect them to know at least a slither of English, though (if that’s your specified language), but in Majorca, it’s a bit trickier.

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We should all learn some Spanish as a bit of a bucket list item in our lives so that isn’t much of an issue, but just know that the language barrier is pretty difficult to overcome at times.

2 GREAT - Relatively Cheap

If you happen to ask for a large beer and are told that the price is €3.50, then there’s a good chance you’re in Majorca.

The prices of food, alcohol and general luxuries tend to be on the cheaper side over there than in comparison to many other resorts and holiday destinations around the world.

Our advice would be to stay away from the imported products as much as possible due to the higher prices, but when it comes to sampling the local offerings, dive right in and never look back.

1 STAY AWAY - Poor Medical Facilities

When someone calls you with an emergency issue, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, because the sense of urgency and the magnitude of the situation should be more than enough to cause any ambulance driver to do their job with the utmost efficiency.

Alas, Majorcan medical officers don’t always tend to abide by the standard rules of Western medicine that we’ve all come to know.

Be careful out there, and whatever you do, always go with what your gut tells you as opposed to what a perceived professional is suggesting.

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