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Legoland is a theme park in Central Florida designed for kids just like the Legos themselves. How does adulting deter one from enjoying the multiple products Legos has to offer? From Lego-oriented video games to Lego movies, there is a lot to enjoy in this park than just the toys.

With the multiple activities taking place in Legoland, a single-day vacation may never be enough. From the several rides available to water park activities, adventurers are advised to spend at least two days exploring as much as possible.


Legoland’s Multiple Rides

Riding is a common activity in Legoland that no vacationer should miss. From the young to the old, Legoland has over 50 rides suited for all vacationers. Among the most common rides here is the Dragon Roller Coaster. It is a green brick machine designed for a family-oriented ride. The Dragon Roller is ideally the most thrilling ride in the entire park. Riders are treated to breathtaking views of Legoland’s castle life. The wild side of this ride comes when vacationers have swept up a 38-foot hill on the outside. Vacationers who dare this dragon are treated to a whopping 2,000 feet of the ride at a maximum speed of 29 miles per hour.

Besides the automated steel rack rides common in the park, Legoland also offers some special driving classes for the kids. Under the jargon driving schools, the classes are subdivided into two depending on the age of the kids. Those aged three to five are trained separately from those between six and thirteen. As much as it is a fun day, it is also the best time to teach them while young. Watching kids go through the perceived classes and rightfully earning their licenses before being allowed to drive around is part of the magical experiences that make the Legoland experience worthwhile.

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Interaction With Familiar Lego Characters

As happens in all other movies, the animated Lego films have characters behind them. Kids have so much attachment to these characters that meeting them in person would be a dream come true. Adults would be eager to know the characters that have kept them entertained from their early childhood. Adventures who tour Legoland for a single day risk missing out on some of those characters. Depending on which movies or animations one has watched, all characters on display are familiar. After all, the characters are unique, especially for Lego enthusiasts.

Meeting specific Lego characters create a lasting memory among vacationers. Although it is a theme park, adventurers are advised to bring their cameras with them to capture those wonderful moments with various characters. Kids will appreciate these kinds of interactions even more.

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Legoland’s Floating Waterpark

Another way to experience Legoland that only befits a 2-day adventure is by visiting its floating water park. Located literally in the center of the park, this waterpark offers much-needed relief from the region’s unrelenting heat. The East Coast is famous for its notoriously scorchy sun, and the Legoland theme park isn’t spared either.

The cool waters of the park allow adventurers to calm their bodies while having fun at the same time. A swim across this park feels therapeutic, thanks to the effects of the unrelenting heat. Those who don’t dare to swim can just dip their feet in the water and let the cooling effect diffuse through the rest of the body.

Besides swimming, there are other activities to take part in this park. With Legoland being a luxury-themed park, other attractions have been incorporated to facilitate diving and rafting. Sliding into the water with a custom-made raft is something no Legoland vacationers should miss. Even watching all these activities from a distance is enough to trigger an exciting experience among vacationers.

Miniland USA Tour

Miniland USA tour also forms a crucial part of the Legoland experience every vacationer needs to go through. As the name suggests, it is a creation of thousands of Legos where most parts of America are reconstructed. The Miniland experience provides the best way for people to ascertain how well they know their cities. From New York and Washington to the iconic Las Vegas, the Miniland hasn’t come to Legoland to mess around. It is meant to impact the ordinary vacationer and for sure, it lives to its billing.

Kids, too, have a lot to learn from the Miniland. They are first introduced to America’s key cities. Depending on the number of people frequenting the Miniland, some are privileged to have the chance to create something of their own. Children who get the chance to participate in the recreation find it hard to leave those Lego bricks behind. Unfortunately, they are the property of the park and cannot be carried home no matter how hard adventurers insist.

When Legoland was introduced as a theme park 10 years ago, there were doubts about how it would fare in an area already dominated by the Disney World site. Going Lego has however proved to be the best decision Central Florida ever made. With the multiple activities at stake, one day is not and will never be enough. But two days will do the trick.