When it comes to draw, many movies have been filmed in Washington including Twilight but what steals the show is this charming modest town with many things to do in Washington. The attractive Bavarian Village of Leavenworth is set in the foothills of the Cascades, on the warm side of Washington State. It's a modest mountain hamlet with streets lined with historic lamp posts that illuminate structures modeled after German farmhouses. Signs are written in the Fraktur font to identify the wooden constructions. A polka band plays classic Bavarian folk music in the town plaza as people sip beer in the Biergarten next porch. Leavenworth, a Bavarian-themed town, has a lot of kitschy appeals. It's also a fantastic location for trekking, skiing, and boating.


Conventional architecture, magical beauty, a diverse assortment of unique stores with German-inspired gems, and eating joints that serve global cuisine distinguish the hamlet. It's easy to lose track of time in this Bavarian village, so let's see how we can fill it.

Explore and Enjoy

Some Festive Delight

The several events that take place in the Bavarian architecture are a major draw to the town. Monthly, from the Christmas Lights Celebration in December to the Bavarian Icefest in January, a new municipal event takes place.

Festivals span from Bavarian cultures to seasonally-themed events. Maifest is a must-see festival that takes place during Mother's Day weekend and features dance, music, and a procession.

Many community events revolve around Leavenworth's unique food scene. Taste Leavenworth! takes place in April and is among the best opportunities to get a taste of the local cuisine. Oktoberfest, one of Leavenworth's most popular events, takes place on weekends through October and features live German musical and dancing performances.

Some Show It Is

Over the last 25 years, the Leavenworth Summer Theater has grown to be among the biggest shows from Seattle to Spokane. Summer shows are popular because of a blend of outdoor beauty and competent cast members.

The Sound of Music has been a perennial favorite, with at least three different productions each year. Shows are usually held in July and August.

The theater troupe performs over two different outdoor platforms. The weather in Leavenworth throughout the summer is often stunning. Even yet, attendees to this outdoor event should wear a rain jacket if it rains.

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Taste The Beer

Those interested in learning more about the brewing process should take a trip to Icicle Brewing Co. in Leavenworth, where they can sample some excellent local beers while learning how they are brewed. Dean Priebe, the brewery's mastermind, has combined the pristine, fresh springs of the Icicle River with natural, hand-picked ingredients to create delectable and unique lagers and ales. Visitors can witness the magic happening from their light, pleasant outside patio, or the rustic taproom.

Let's Use Some Energy

Head To Icicle Creek

Icicle Creek starts high in the Cascades and flows into the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. Icicle Creek Road traverses a section of this canal from town. The road also serves as a portal to the city's spectacular alpine settings.

Visitors can take a trip down this 20-mile primitive road if they ever find themselves weary in Leavenworth. The entire road is lined with breathtaking mountain landscapes and vistas. It also has hiking routes, beautiful pullouts, and camping areas.

An Enchanting Forest

The Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Reserve encircles Leavenworth on all sides. A lifetime of excitement awaits visitors in this stunning stretch of peaks, streams, and glacier relics. However, travelers just need to travel 15 miles from downtown to reach the trailhead for the forest's most breathtakingly stunning part.

The Enchantments, located within Alpine Lake Wilderness, are considerably more beautiful than they appear. This high-alpine wonderland is overflowing with rugged summits and wild mountain goats, with highlights including Perfection Lakes and Asgard Pass. Most hikers begin their adventure at the Stuart Lake Trail.

Some Snow Adventure

Leavenworth is especially beautiful in the winter. The charming Bavarian village is a hot place for snowy excursions this season of the year, in addition to the beautiful city decor. Leavenworth Ski Mountain or adjacent Stevens Pass, downhill skiers get a kick. Cross-country skiing enthusiasts and snowshoers have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the tranquility of winter travel. The Leavenworth Ski Mountain and its associated Leavenworth Snow Sports Club operate nearly 26 kilometers of groomed routes.

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How About A Water Activity

White water rafting is popular in Leavenworth. Several local outfitters offer exciting trips on the Wenatchee River, which runs directly through town. The Wenatchee is among Washington's finest rivers for whitewater rafting, with raging exhilaration in the peak season during May and June and softer waves in the middle of the summer.

Full-day adventures are available from businesses including Orion River Rafting, Osprey Rafting, and Blue Sky Outfitters. These tours begin around Leavenworth, and several firms also provide express services for people in a hurry. Visitors can anticipate continuous Class III thrills and at least 10 miles of whitewater rafting throughout the high-water season.

Tired After All The Excursions? Now Relax

On a Leavenworth holiday, a spa session plays a significant role. The exfoliating benefits are aided by the pure mountain air.

Icicle Village Resort's Alpine Spa is a top pick for both guests and stand-alone bookings. Mud wraps, masks, and hot stone therapies are performed in a serene studio environment with plenty of natural light. Swedish massage is another specialty of Alpine Spa.

Leavenworth seems to have it all, whether travelers are seeking spas, hiking, outdoor play, and wine tastings. Though pretty round the year, visitors should definitely consider visiting Leavenworth for a Christmas destination.