There’s a fascinating island in the Pacific that many don’t know about. New Caledonia, a French-speaking territory, is the perfect destination for tropical vacation lovers. With countless attractions and a handful of exciting activities, this island feels like heaven, especially for water lovers. A gorgeous piece of land, it offers its visitors marvelous palm-lined beaches, some of the most exquisite seafood, and fresh, crispy croissants, which are authentic and similar to those eaten in French bakeries. The climate in New Caledonia Is very pleasant, not freezing cold during winter and mild in summer.


Moreover, the island has many unmissable spots and provides opportunities to experience many memorable moments. From walking in the Port Moselle Market and visiting the Coconut Square to touring the Morand Chocolate Factory or getting the perfect tan at the Anse Vata Beach, one will experience the most magical moments when visiting New Caledonia. Gastronomy is also an essential part of the island’s culture, where people can indulge in some of the most delicious seafood dishes offered at New Caledonia’s iconic restaurants. However, there’s a hidden gem in New Caledonia that anyone on the island must visit.

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Here’s What To Know About The Magnificent Isle Of Pines

There’s a hidden gem in the South Pacific, known as one of the most marvelous spots in New Caledonia. That is the Isle of Pines, which boasts magical pristine beaches pinned by splendid pine trees. The warm turquoise waters invite sea-lovers for long swims and chill sessions on the gorgeous white sands of this small island. However, accommodations on the Isle of Pines are expensive, and people are left with very limited choices when searching for a place to stay. For instance, there is only one luxury resort and a few mid-range hotels. There are several camping sites available.

  • Recommended: The camping sites at the Isle of Pines offer very limited eating options, and all restaurants are relatively expensive. This is why people are recommended to always bring snacks and foods to avoid unnecessary expenditures.
  • What to eat: The local delicacy “Escargot de líle des Pins” is a must-try. The dish is made of freshly caught snails or lobsters marinated with butter. But that’s not a rule; the delicacy can be presented with several twists.

Other than tasting local specialties, there are many things to do on the island. Biking while exploring the island is one of the most fascinating activities to disconnect from the daily routine and the dullness of everyday life. Short walks on the beach while enjoying the sun can also help one relax and chill.

Where To Grab A Quick Bite, Enjoy Local Specialties, And Some Refreshing Drinks

Snack Kohu is a great place to visit on the Isle of Pines for a relatively reasonably priced light lunch or for grabbing a snack. This place offers toasted sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, and Croque monsieur.

  • Recommended: People must bear in mind that Snack Kohu closes at night and operates only from 9:30 am till 3:30 pm.

People can find other restaurants at the island’s hotels. For example, Kuberka Resort has a family-run restaurant reputable for its delicious seafood. The Meridien Hotel provides distinctive French cuisine, but in principle, its restaurant serves only its guests. Still, based on availability, they may accept outsiders. Kou-Bungy Hotel accepts both in-house guests and outsiders, but booking ahead of time is always a better idea. The casual restaurant at the hotel is the perfect destination for an appetizing lunch, early dinner, or even some tea and desserts in the afternoon.

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Amazing Places To Visit When In Isle of Pines

Vao is the main settlement, a relatively small village located south of the Isle of Pines. It takes some time to get there by walking, so visiting the village by bike or car is advised. The town is home to the Mission Church, where one can witness rocky hills from behind. Climbing those hills offers the most pristine and breathtaking views. On the other hand, water lovers can always enjoy a quick swim at the picturesque bay of St. Maurice.

Kuto Bay is another beach that offers a great swimming experience. It boasts sparkling turquoise waters and soft white sands. This bay is the perfect place to lay on the sand, relax, and catch the flamboyant sunsets. Kanumera Bay, which is next to Kutto bay, is even more unique than its neighbor. At its center lies “La Rocher,” dubbed by many locals a ‘sacred rock .’However, people are not allowed to climb the rock but only canoe around. This bay, in particular, is quite attractive for tourists who find it convenient to spend amazing staycations.

An amazing trek to climb is the 262-meter Pic N’ga, which leads to the peak of the tallest mountain on the Isle of Pines. It offers the most panoramic and mesmerizing views of the ocean and island. The trek starts near Kuto Beach, and it takes an average of one hour to reach the summit.

  • Recommended: Very comfortable and sturdy footwear are needed as the trek is rocky and steep.

Another unmissable place to visit on the Isle of Pines is Oro Bay. The latter is a UNESCO-protected lagoon located in the North of the island. It is loaded with colorful life and is surely one precious gem.

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