Vino enthusiasts from around the world undoubtedly have a tour of Bordeaux wine country high atop their grape-fueled bucket list—and with good reason. Home to the largest fine-wine vineyards in the entire world, the Bordeaux vineyards are famed not only for their wines, but for their plethora of historic villages and medieval cities bustling with scenic beauty and heart-stopping architecture worthy of the scenic French countryside. And the best way to explore (and taste!) the best of this picturesque region is by embarking on a tour of the Bordeaux Wine Route—an epic adventure filled with tastings, tours, and historical attractions fit for even the most discerning oenophile.


But there’s more than one way to experience a palate pleasing tour through one of the most beautiful wine-producing regions in the world: and Wine Cab is one of the best. Perfect for those looking for a unique way to taste and tour the Bordeaux vineyards, Wine Cab is a private tasting room on wheels; a trip through the French countryside in one of the most unlikely vehicles imaginable—a vintage London cab.

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About Wine Cab

Offering luxe tours, immersive workshops, and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to taste the world’s best wine while cruising in a classic London taxi, Wine Cab has been serving up the vino in Bordeaux and the surrounding area since 2015. And visitors shouldn’t be fooled by the slightly unorthodox concept; as Wine Cab is so much more than just a shuttle that ferries visitors along the Wine Route. It’s an experience all its own: cozied up in the back of a spacious London cab/mini-tasting room on wheels, sipping some of the world’s best vino while enjoying the picturesque, world-renowned Bordeaux countryside in France—what could be better?

Wine Cab: The Details

Wine Cab offers a variety of tour options—from classic tours carefully curated to showcase the best of Bordeaux and the surrounding wine country, to custom, tailor made treks where visitors can choose every part of their trip from accommodations to attractions and everything in between. Whatever the tour, Wine Cab has something for everyone with a taste for wine—and adventure.

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Classic Tours Bring The Château To You

Wine Cabs’ Classic Tour options start at approximately $143/person and include a variety of stops, tastings, and visits along the way. Meant for two to four people, the four-hour tours are intimate treks through some of the most idyllic and famous vineyards in the world.

  • A tour along the legendary Route des Château awaits wine enthusiasts who book the La Vie De Château! Wine Cab Tour. With visits to world-famous vineyards (including a 19th century vintage château!) passengers will delight in the charm and splendor of this tour that’s oh-so Bordeaux
  • An ancestral vineyard awaits travelers on The Gateway of Bordeaux Tour. A tour of this authentic vineyard offers a well-balanced sampling of both reds and whites at Pessac Léognan in the Bordeaux region; perfect for those vino lovers who prefer the best of both worlds
  • More and more wine connoisseurs are thirsting for organic wines—and Wine Cab delivers with their Organic Wines Tour that delivers some of the best organic offerings from both Bordeaux and St. Emilion vineyards
  • An unforgettable visit to a UNESCO World Heritage village in the heart of one of the world’s most famous vineyards is on the menu with the Heritage and Tradition Tour, a great way to explore the historic side of Bordeaux wine country through both sipping and exploring

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So Much More Than A Cab Ride

Wine Cab’s tours are not the only thing that make this fantastic experience a bucket list wine country adventure—guests can also add-on immersive workshop experiences that take them and their taste buds to the heart of Bordeaux wine making.

  • Travelers can test their palates and winemaking IQ throughout The Winemaker workshop. In addition to any chosen wine tour, this workshop allows wine fans to take part in the winemaking process from start to finish—including the chance to make their own vintage! Workshop starts at approximately $156/person
  • Every oenophile knows the value of a good pairing, creating the perfect harmony between food and wine. And in The Sommelier workshop, travelers will have the chance to do just that by becoming a sommelier for an afternoon during their chosen wine tour. Workshop starts at approximately $174/person

A refreshingly unique way to experience the world-renowned Bordeaux wine country awaits travelers who hop a London cab and explore the fantastic tastes, sights, and attractions offered by Wine Cab. Vast vineyards, historic haunts, and wondrous wines are just some of the perks found on these unforgettable tours that offer a distinctively delectable way to experience one of the world’s most beautiful wine regions—a ride defined by taste and comfort, a mini-tasting room on wheels, an unforgettable adventure through the best of Bordeaux, a London cab ride through the heart of wonderful wine country.