Logging onto the website for Floyd's Pelican Bar, located off Treasure Beach in Jamaica, there's not much to go off. Minor details about its location, a link to a Facebook page, and some funky-cool photos of patrons, the bar, and the food - and that's about it. However, one would never guess just by looking at this basic website that this tropical island bar has become an absolute staple in Jamaica.

Those visiting might be even more surprised to see that the bar itself looks like nothing more than a hut, barely standing in the water just off Treasure Beach. The catch? This unique, outlandish little bar is home to some of the best dining views, the most fun, and some of the best cocktails one can find in the area.


Don't believe us? Here's how Floyd's Pelican Bar became a tourist hotspot in Jamaica.

The Brief History Of Floyd's Pelican Bar & Its Jamaican Fame

Back in 2021, Floyd's Pelican Bar was named one of the 'Coolest Bars in the World.' Those unfamiliar with this title would be hard-pressed to see why just one first looks alone until they've had the experience of dining or drinking there. Anyone staying in Negril, Ochos Rios, or Montego Bay should invest the effort in visiting this one-of-a-kind locale, if only for its island reputation.

Floyd Forbes, the owner of the bar, opened its doors for the first time in 2001. The name of the bar came from simple origins: the location was also home to a group of pelicans who had claimed the sandbar on which the bar sits. Thus, it became the Pelican Bar. When it first opened, Floyd's Pelican Bar was home to local fishermen who would stop in to grab a drink or just relax. With incredible views not only of the water, but on the water, word quickly spread of its unique location along with its casual, fun-loving atmosphere.

Despite hurricane damage threatening to tear down Floyd's Pelican Bar in its entirety, the community came together to save this bar. To this day, it has an incredible following and is still considered one of the best bars in Jamaica, and one of the most unique in the world.

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Visiting Floyd's Pelican Bar

Visiting this bar is almost as unique an experience as learning about its history. Upon walking in, it's obvious that this establishment is very personal not only to the owner but to the patrons who have supported it for over two decades. The nostalgic memorabilia on the walls is a testament to the history of its central-ocean location, while the friendly faces who gather around the bar and on the dock outside have clearly found a second home there.

For those looking to dine at Floyd's Pelican Bar, they can thank the local fishermen who supply the food cooked by the staff - from fresh lobster to locally-sourced fish. As far as drinks go, visitors have a choice of soft drinks, cold beer, or rum and coke, which are about as traditional as it gets. With no waitstaff, it's a very casual dining atmosphere and patrons are invited to take their drinks and meals out onto one of the bar's main docks. All it takes is a sit-down on one of these piers to watch the ocean, maybe the sunset, the beach, and the wildlife surrounding to remind one that life shouldn't be taken so seriously.

Taking all of this into consideration, it's incredibly easy to see how Floyd's Pelican Bar has become an absolute staple for those visiting Jamaica. For the locals, it's become a place of community and stress-free relaxation, where they can enjoy the island life that Floyd's so willingly embraces.

  • Tip: Bring cash - no electricity supplies Floyd's for credit card readers.

Getting To Floyd's Pelican Bar

Reaching this bar is a bit of a different story and takes some effort on the part of visitors. Since Floyd's is located about one mile off the shoreline, a boat is necessary in order to get there. Black River is the nearest town to Floyd's, which is a seven-mile distance, and Treasure Beach is about 12 miles away. Boats leave from the mainland and can reach Floyd's from the following locations:

  • Treasure Beach, $35 for a 25-minute ride
  • Black River, $15 for a 25-minute ride
  • Parottee Point, $10 for a 10-minute ride
  • Nearby resorts (check with hotel staff)

The closest resort location to Floyd's is Negril, so those staying at a hotel there might be able to charter or book a water taxi to the bar. Additionally, some resorts offer tours that include Floyd's Pelican Bar or will charter luxury boat accommodations to transport visitors to and from the bar.

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