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Cadillac Ranch looks like something out of Mad Max. Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation in Amarillo, Texas, and is arguably one of the strangest and most unique artistic attractions in the country. Texas is a state with a lot to see and do, but seeing half-buried Cadillacs on the side of the highway is not one that most people would normally think about.

Cadillac Ranch is one of the most unusual attractions along the historical Route 66. Another very odd attraction remote in Texas is the small and forgotten town of Earth, Texas. There is really nothing to see or do in Earth - other than take an Instagram pic to show everyone that one has visited a place called Earth.


The Story Behind Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch is made up of ten Cadillacs buried in the ground nose-first. It was first created in 1974 and spans successive generations of Cadillacs with the intention of displaying the evolution of their tailfins. The cars are from the years 1949 to 1963, and they were older running, used, or otherwise junk cars at the time of their installation.

  • Number Of Cadillacs: Ten Cadillacs
  • Location: Amarillo, Texas
  • Built: In 1974
  • Creators: Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, Doug Michels

The art exhibit was the project of three men - Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels. Chip Lord and Doug Michels were architects while Marquez was an art student.

Since then, Cadillac Ranch has attracted a lot of graffiti and other artists.

When they were first buried, they were largely intact cars. Over the years visitors have taken so many parts from the cars as souvenirs that only the frames of the Caddies are left. They now spot decades of spray paint as numerous people have sought to leave their marks.

The creators have encouraged graffiti as a way of expressing art. If one would like to add to the mix, then there are likely to be leftover discarded paint cans lying around. But (depending on the day) one can expect one's artwork to only last hours or even minutes before someone else comes along and covers it with their own.

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Why Cadillac Ranch Is So Famous

"Ant Farm was founded as an alternative architectural practice, kind of an experiment in an attempt to subvert normal corporate ways of doing architecture"

Chip Lord

Cadillac Ranch is famous because it is so eye-catching and the world's only such installation. Another unique feature of the Cadillacs is that they are angled at the same angle as the Pyramids of Giza. If one is interested in the history of America's iconic Cadillacs or has an interest in original art, then pop in for a look.

Some great things about Cadillac Ranch are that it's completely free and there is no admission fee.

  • Open: 24/7/365
  • Admission Fee To Cadillac Ranch: Free

It is easy to visit Cadillac Ranch, it is located on the south access of I-40 just east of the Arnot Road exit. Just note the stop on the map and take the exit to see the ranch of Cadillacs.

  • Dumpsters: There Are Dumpsters At The Site to Reduce Litter

When there, put any trash in the dumpsters at the site - there are complaints about the amount of trash visitors have left at the site (including discarded paint cans).

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Is Cadillac Ranch Worth Visiting?

Whether Cadillac Ranch is worth visiting or not is a matter of personal judgment. There is not much else to see than ten semi-buried and now very graffitied old Cadillacs. The ranch is far from any of Texas' main population centers being located in the northern part of the state sandwiched between Oklahoma and New Mexico.

It is unlikely to be worth one's while to drive out especially to see Cadillac Ranch. But if one is passing through, it is one of the fun attractions of the area. Interstate 40 is one of the major roads running across the United States from Los Angeles to the eastern seaboard in North Carolina. So if one is driving across the United States from LA then be sure to note the location for a peak.

  • When To See: When Driving Across The USA On I-40
  • Rating: 4.4/5.0 Stars On Google Maps

So is Cadillac Ranch worth visiting? Yes, for a pit stop or as part of a larger road trip in Texas.

Clearly, it is an attraction many people enjoy seeing - it has attracted a rating of 4.4/5.0 stars on Google Maps with over 8,700 reviews.