Annapolis is a charming town on the Chesapeake Bay with magnificent historical landmarks and spectacular scenery of the water. Annapolis, Maryland's state capital, is also host to some of the state's top museums and historic buildings. The maritime history of Annapolis, paired with its global flair, makes it a vacation unlike any other.

The city also features a thriving theater culture, beautiful parks, and a dynamic arts sector that holds summer events and festivals such as the lovely Meal Under the Stars. Many people refer to Annapolis as "America's Sailing Capital," and with good cause. Let’s take a history tour around the city.


It's History Time

Annapolis is among the oldest cities in the United States, having served as the nation's capital before being relocated to the District of Columbia. As a result, it is densely packed with significant historical structures and landmarks. The William Paca House, St. Anne's Church, and the Maryland State House are among the prominent historic sites in Annapolis, which was one of the first places to be named a National Historic Landmark District.

There are many organized and self-guided trips available that focus on different parts of the district, such as architecture, the nation's foundation, and African-American heritage.

US Naval Academy Museum

The United States Naval Academy Museum was founded in 1845 to honor the Navy and Marine Corps' lengthy traditions. Its goal is to conserve artifacts and memorabilia relating to engagements, notable achievements, Academy training, and naval personalities.

The museum's most spectacular collection is its room full of model ships. These models are unusual for various reasons, the most notable of which is that they were created concurrently with their full-scale counterparts. The models, which date back to 1650 and are each an incredibly precise copy, represent the only documentation of the ship's building in numerous cases.

Historical background of naval activities, personal artifacts, decorations, and uniforms of various ranks of sailors, and an excellent display of ship instruments are among the other exhibits.

Maryland State House

The Maryland State House, which served time as the capital of the emerging United States of America, is steeped in history. It is the oldest legislative building remaining in continual use by the parliament, and its wooden cupola was finished in 1794, marking it the country's largest and oldest wood dome of its sort.

From November 1783 to August 1784, this structure was the meeting venue of the Continental Congress, during which period the Treaty of Paris was ratified, and George Washington quit as Commander of the Continental Army, thereby concluding the Revolutionary War.

Annapolis Maritime Museum

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is housed in the last oyster packing mill in Annapolis, on the banks of Back Creek. It features a collection of antiques and documents that show the legacy of shipbuilding and the regional oyster industry, as well as an 850-gallon aquarium that educates tourists about the environment of an oyster reef.

Additional exhibitions focus on the region's maritime heritage and how it has shaped its culture and economy. Actual oyster boats, such as the Miss Lonesome, which has cutaway portions to explain its building, and the 1940 Wilma Lee, which can be visited with a guide, are also available for viewing.

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William Paca House

William Paca was a governor of Maryland in the 1780s and was one of Maryland's four signatories of the Emancipation proclamation. His estate, which was constructed from 1763 to 1765, is today one of the most important historical sites in Annapolis.

The Paca House was built during the city's "golden age" and has been lovingly restored with antique artwork and artifacts. The mansion, summer home, and two acres of beautiful gardens are all worth seeing and walking through, especially on a good day.

A Trolly Tour

Although a walk down Main Street provides a good introduction to Annapolis, the metropolitan city is much more. Take a trolley tour to get a better sense of everything this adorable town has to offer. Annapolis has the most picturesque streets on the planet making this trolley tour filled with knowledge and spectacular views.

The guide will take visitors on a brief tour of 350 years of heritage while riding through some of the most beautiful structures in the area in about an hour. Victorian residences, colonial palaces, the Naval Academy, and overlooks of the Severn River are among the top Annapolis highlights. One of the top things to do in Annapolis is to take a trolley tour since visitors can see a lot in a short amount of time and it's gentle on their feet.

Places To Eat Worth Checking Out

Chick And Ruth's

Chick & Ruth's has been an Annapolis tradition for almost 50 years and is the go-to regional experience for terrific cuisine and the finest service in town.

The restaurant has it all, from creamy chipped beef on bread to custom pizzas and giant lump crab cakes. Trust us when we say that Maryland has the best crab cakes and visitors can try them at this restaurant. Every day, all desserts and bread are baked fresh in the house.

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Great Frogs Winery

The Great Frogs Winery is among the best locations to visit in Annapolis. The Winery, which opened in 1999 on a former tobacco farm, uses Annapolis' naturally sandy terrain to cultivate French Bordeaux varieties. More than a dozen wines, including white, rose, and red varietals and mixes, are made from the grapes. Visitors should book a weekend wine tasting or a complete wine, cheese, and charcuterie tasting event to see the most of what the Winery has to provide.

Annapolis Ice Cream Company

One of the most popular destinations in the city is Annapolis Ice Cream Company. The ice cream here is some of the finest visitors will find anywhere, and it is made fresh practically every day at the store.

Annapolis Ice Cream Company offers 36 seasonal flavors made with high-end ingredients. It's fantastic stuff as it takes an eternity to melt, even in the summer heat.

Annapolis is undeniably a city steeped in history and learning. Visitors will definitely enjoy a trip as there are many things worth seeing, doing, and eating in Maryland.