The Villa Borghese Gardens is one of the most famous gardens in the heart of Rome. It is also a very popular spot to visit because of how gorgeous it is and because of the gallery that is on-site. The Villa Borghese is a day well spent just relaxing and strolling around.

What To Expect When Touring Rome's Villa Borghese

When visitors walk up to the park, they can expect to see beautiful greenery greeting them, along with buildings dating back to 1580 still standing magnificently. The 80 hectares offer sights of fountains, sculptures, villas, and pavilions. Some of the more famous attractions in the park include:

  • Villa Medici
  • Tempio di Esculapio
  • Bioparco di Roma Zoo
  • Victorian Water Clock
  • Pincian Hill

These attractions are all inside of the park, but some of them may have an extra fee or guided tours to the buildings. The attractions listed above are also only a portion of the beautiful places visitors will see in the gardens. Luckily, there are maps in the gardens that will also help visitors figure out where to go.

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The Borghese Gallery is the private collection of Cardinal Scipione Borghese. It is one of the largest in the world, covering twenty rooms filled with everything from antiques to paintings. Several of the works are from the Renaissance era, including the famous ‘Apollo and Daphne’ statues by Bernini. The paintings in the collection include many famous names, such as:

  • Caravaggio
  • Rubens
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Sanzio Raphael

A tour of the gallery will take around two hours, especially for visitors who love the artwork. With so many sculptures, antiques, and paintings to see, it may take others even longer. The good news is that there are places that will give guided tours to those who want to know more about the pieces and history.

How To Visit Villa Borghese

There are several entrances to the park, which all lead to different spots and can help visitors get to where they want to be faster. Some of these entrances include:

  • Parco dei Daini - leads to the Borghese Gallery and zoo
  • Piazzale Belle Arti - entrance serviced by trams, leads to Borghese pond and temple
  • Pincio Entrance - leads to the Pincio Terrace
  • Porta Pinciana - leads to Casa del Cinema and a playground for children

There are several ways to get to Villa Borghese. One of the main ones is by bus, which has multiple routes that go to the park. There are also two trams that stop nearby, so visitors can have easy access. Since there are also roads nearby, taxis are another excellent option. Visitors could also stay at nearby hotels and choose to walk to the park to enjoy the views of the city.

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Time And Cost Of Visiting Villa Borghese

The park is easy to access for any and all visitors and is considered one of the top places to visit in Rome. While the gardens are free to any visitors, the gallery does have an admission fee.

  • Time: 9 am to 7 pm
  • Cost: $6.86 for children, $30.86 for adults

The Villa Borghese Gardens are open from dawn to dusk, and its scenery is available for all visitors to enjoy. Strolling the grounds is completely free, but there are several attractions located inside the park. Visitors need to research which buildings require extra fees rather than be surprised when they arrive at the park.

History Of The Villa Borghese Gardens

The gardens have a rich history, having started as a vineyard in the year 1580. The former vineyards were developed into gardens in 1606 by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V. The Borghese family wanted to create the most extensive gardens in Rome, so they started buying up all of the land nearby to expand their estate

In 1770, Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese started working on radical renewal to parts of the park, such as adding new statues and renewing the stuccos inside the building. In the years following, more buildings were added, including temples and fountains. Then shows started to be added to the park, including riding in an air balloon, songs, and dances. After reconstruction expenses kept piling up, public admission was allowed. In 1901 the Villa Borghese was bought by the state and opened as a public park in 1903.

Things To Do In The Park

While taking a stroll through the park is always fun, there are several other things in the park that visitors can do. Some of the attractions in the park include:

  • Galleria Borghese
  • Rowing across one of the ponds
  • Visit the Museum Carlo Bilotti
  • Eat at Casina Valadier
  • Watch a movie at Casa del Cinema

These are all interesting things to do in the park to pass the time and enjoy as much of the gorgeous park as possible. A lot of these attractions do have a separate cost, so visitors should be sure to check how much things cost so they bring enough money to enjoy everything.

The Villa Borghese Garden and Gallery is an unmissable stop while in Rome. This stop is full of lush nature, beautiful artwork, and rich history. For any visitors that are looking for a day to just stroll around, enjoy sights, and learn more about art, the Villa Borghese is a day well spent.

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