Sharks aren't known for flashing the ability to swim efficiently on their backs like other creatures such as beavers and sea otters.

But tourists in Lincoln, South Australia were treated to something that many shark experts and scientists never get to witness in their lifetime: A great white shark swimming with its belly up.

The video was shot by Wendy Bower-Leech, a tourist from the United Kingdom, per Josh K. Elliott of Global News. You can watch a video of the rare and jaw-dropping encounter below:


The tourists are notably taken away by this occurrence. A guide on the boat tour even admitted that they had "never seen a shark do that before." Well, there's a first time for everything.

The shark didn't appear to be chasing any form of prey, so it's open for interpretation as to why it was swimming in a form that you never see from such creatures. Whether it was the shark's attention or not, it simply stole the show and left the lucky tourists with the experience of a lifetime.

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It's too bad that Discovery Channel's 2019 Shark Week ended in August, because this would have been the perfect segment to air. How often do travelers ever get to see a shark mimic a sea otter? Perhaps it'll be shown on Shark Week next year.

Port Lincoln is known for its extremely large presence of sharks. The legendary rock band, Kiss, is scheduled to play a show in the Port Lincoln area. Eight lucky fans will get to witness the show in shark-infested wasters.

Kiss will be performing on top of a boat, while the fans will be in a viewing sub, and they'll get to hear the show through underwater speakers. Perhaps the lucky fans will also be able to witness a great white shark swimming on its back like the tourists did here in Port Lincoln.

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