Fall in Vermont is highlighted by the crisp, acrid dawn air that smells of the season, the rustle of leaves underfoot, the delicious tang of apple cider mixed with homemade donuts, and the dazzling palette of crimson, flaming orange, and bright yellow that surrounds people. This picturesque state's backdrops are erupting with dazzling colors as October approaches. Vermont should be included on every tourist's travel list, particularly in the fall, as it is teeming with breathtaking lush greenery, rich history, and excellent food culture.

However, given that Vermont is a sizable state, where should tourists go to see the fall foliage in Vermont? Let's check out the best town for the fall celebrations and plan a trip to Vermont to enjoy your vacation.

10 Grafton

Grafton is a little community that will transport tourists into the past with its stunning scenery, outstanding dairy products, extensive history, and outstanding artwork. This beautiful village in Vermont resembles the most idyllic film set, thanks to the autumn colors, foliage, and old mansions. The breathtaking natural surroundings, which include attractive lawns, hiking routes leading to majestic forests, and parks, provide a wealth of experiences. The Nature Museum also offers some of the most spectacular fall vistas in the area.

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9 Stowe

Stowe is an excellent place to visit in all seasons. However, the fall is the most stunning. Stowe is bursting with dazzling colors and gorgeous scenery during this period of the year. Tourists can make travel plans to take advantage of some great outdoor experiences while enjoying the town's vibrant landscapes.

Visitors will be greeted by breathtaking mountain vistas due to Stowe's location at the foothills of Mt Mansfield. One could go trekking to get to Vermont’s highest point, skateboarding, bicycling and running to see the blooming vegetation in the area up near.

8 Woodstock

Visitors will be captivated with Woodstock straight away due to its charming town vibe offering lots of exciting things for visitors to do. Often referred to as America's loveliest town, Woodstock always seems to be ablaze with color. There is absolutely no great option to see the beauty in Woodstock than to wander through the woodlands, traverse a shaded bridge, or go around Mount Tom to take in the beautiful views. History fans can also visit the Woodstock Historical Center or the famous Billings Farm & Museum for a fantastic fall trip packed with insight.

7 Manchester

Manchester, which is located in southern Vermont, is essentially mountainous autumn leaves fairy tale. This once industrial town is incredibly picturesque and the epitome of a modest American hamlet. Its picturesque undulating hills provide a stunning display of various colors. The town has lovely pathways that provide sights of the Taconic Hills, the Manchester Riverfront, and the Green Mountains. In addition, visitors may choose to go on mountain hikes around, explore the hip art museums, or tour the breweries in the area.

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6 Burlington

Burlington is a stunning waterfront town teeming with recreational activities, has a thriving urban culture, and is surrounded by some magnificent vegetation. There is plenty to explore, and going in the autumn is the best. Visitors can go from apple picking to checking out skating rinks, art exhibitions, and live performances. Visitors can indulge in food and entertainment in the Marketplace on Church Street or stroll in the Waterfront Park, which offers stunning views of the lake. Burlington is known for its craft beer, so tourists should try one during their stay.

5 Bennington

Bennington is one of Vermont's two county villages and a charming destination to pass a weekend, particularly in the fall. The town is bustling with energy and teeming with cultural events in addition to its gorgeous landmarks like the monument and the Old First Church. The Battle Monument of Bennington may also be visited by tourists after a little stroll. People can take the lift inside the pyramid to the summit of the landmark for a swiveling panorama of Vermont during the fall.

4 Peacham

Peacham, a quaint town, is well-known for its many cottage industries and a handful of shops. Visitors who have visited this modest Vermont hamlet in the autumn always seem to be eager to return. During October taking in Peacham's Beautiful Scenery is among the finest ways to discover the town's most spectacular fall excursions. People can also visit the Peacham Firehouse and look around the field behind it. Additionally, visitors can admire the breathtaking views of the hilltop's lush vegetation, open meadows, and stunning peaks.

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3 Brattleboro

Brattleboro is a lively tiny town with lots to do in the fall situated in the heart of extremely lush forests. Visitors can hike and stroll among the picturesque woodlands, winding hills, and lovely old farms that surround this town. Visitors will find a lot of breathtaking scenery and incredible wildlife along the paths. Some routes will let people explore a few of the most magnificent parks, such as Pisgah Regional Park, and majestic hills, like Mt Wantastiquet, from which they can see the village and the river basin from all sides.

2 Dorset

The season of Fall in Dorset is usually cheerful and gorgeous. Tourists can visit the historic Dorset Union Store and perhaps grab a bite from the Dorset Tavern on Church Street. Visitors can also discover the beautiful circle on the neighboring Dorset Hollow Route, which offers stunning homesteads and breathtaking sights of Netop Peak. Visitors could go to Mad Tom Orchard for fruit picking in Eastern Dorset and trekking in the stunning Owl's Head County Woods if they are hoping for more recreational activities. Visitors may not realize it, but there is to do in Dorset in the fall.

1 Lincoln

Another beautiful Vermont town worth visiting in the fall is Lincoln. Visitors can begin their autumnal experience at Western Hill Route to take in the stunning vistas of the Green Hills or travel to Mt Abraham for a captivating alpine radiance at twilight. Hikers and walkers could explore the majestic peaks while taking in the spectacular views of the surrounding vegetation. Visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities thanks to the beautiful weather. It is the ideal location in Vermont to go if visitors want to enjoy a great fall vacation.