When thinking of vending machines, the majority of people are taken back to the good old days of scrounging for a few quarters during a class break to satisfy a sudden Cheeto craving. However, vending machines serve as more than just snack providers, both in the U.S. and in lots of other countries. Keep on reading for a list of the strangest vending machine items in the world. Who knows, you might want to add a few to your sight-seeing list next time you take a trip!

10 Cheese

Are you a cheese-lover? Head on over to Cham, Switzerland, where they’re known for their mouthwatering raclette dish. In fact, you can make the meal yourself with their new 24-hour cheese vending machine! Due to increased demand for their famous cheeses, the company Lustenberger & Dürst SA set up a vending machine so that customers can skip the wait in store and instead pick up fresh dairy themselves.

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Whether you had a simple cheese plate in mind or a fancy alfredo dinner, the cheese machine will meet your needs. With a plentiful selection of different cheeses, you’ll be sure to find the perfect block to satisfy your cravings.

9 Cupcakes

More than just a cool way to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Cupcake ATM is quite the picturesque spot for your social media posts as well! Located in major cities across the U.S., this pink vending machine is growing rapidly in popularity. Featuring a touchscreen navigator, the Cupcake ATM allows you to pick and choose from a plethora of different flavors, ingredients, as well as toppings.

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Not interested in cupcakes? They offer a multitude of cookie selections to suit your cravings. The ATMs are regularly restocked throughout the day to ensure freshness and quality. Be sure to stop by and treat yourself if you stumble upon one of these!

8 Lettuce

Now, a vending machine that just spits out heads of lettuce may not be so fascinating. But what about a vending machine that grows its own lettuce? You read that right! A Japanese engineer built a vending machine that can grow thousands of heads of lettuce a year without any sunlight! Instead, special light bulbs are used to allow the seeds to grow and bloom. The entire thing is conveniently sized and meant for restaurant use. While this vending machine may not be accessible to you personally, it is definitely neat to know that we’ll have options for food without sunlight!

7 Gold

Got a lot of loose change to spend? Check out the quick and easy Gold ToGo vending machine found in Abu Dhabi! From 24-carat gold bars to gold coins around the world, this machine holds endless treasures, provided that you can afford them. Of course, if you’re staying in the five-star hotel that the machine is found in, chances are, you can. Each item dispensed is wrapped in a beautiful gift box for your convenience, and the machine itself is wrapped in layers of defense mechanisms to prevent theft. The entire thing is also plated in gold, ensuring that your purchase will be made in style.

6 Champagne

Introduced in England a few years ago, this baby is rapidly rising in popularity, spreading its influence to plenty of other countries. The famous company Moët and Chandon stocks their machines with over three hundred pricey mini bottles of champagne, complete with tiny flutes.

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While the machines themselves do not require an ID to operate, they only accept special tokens bought from the management staff in order to prevent underage drinking. Of course, the hotels equipped with these elegant machines will have fully staffed bars, but you have to agree that there’s something very appealing about those tiny, adorable bottles.

5 Umbrellas

How many times have you trusted in the weather app that it was going to be sunny all day, only to be drenched with cold rain later on? Japan has this problem figured out with umbrella vending machines! In fact, they are completely free to use, relying only on Japanese citizens’ kindness and consideration to return them later for others. Although it’s hard to imagine that people would be so conscientious, the program has actually thrived all across Japan! There are now hundreds of these machines all across the country. For now, the program hasn’t expanded to other countries, but we definitely have high hopes for the future.

4 Certain Plants

It may be hard to believe, but some places in the world are selling doses of marijuana like candy bars! Located in certain areas of the United States as well as Canada, these machines provide quick and easy access to medical cannabis. Although plenty of people pursue the recreational use of marijuana, these machines are meant for medical users. Of course, identification will always be required, and the machines are never unattended. These machines have greatly increased the availability and accessibility of marijuana to the intended patients, and will be further developed to other areas of the world in the years to come!

3 Crabs

If you want a delectable plate of seafood, your ingredients need to be as fresh as possible. Often, this means careful choosing of your morsels at a supermarket. However, China has changed the game on fresh seafood with its crustacean vending machine, featuring crabs that could literally crawl off your plate! These rather unfortunate creatures are contained in secure plastic packaging and kept alive (but dormant) at a not-so-cozy temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t get fresher than that! The machines themselves are conveniently placed in subway stations, in case you get the craving for a seafood boil on your way home from work.

2 Underwear

Tired of shopping for underwear in department stores? Japanese companies have provided a much easier alternative. You can now use your loose change to purchase underwear at various locations all across the country. While the illegal and controversial “Used Panty Machines” have mostly been busted and taken out of commission, Japan still offers safe, clean underwear vending machines to customers who are interested in expanding their wardrobe. There are machines featuring both men’s boxers as well as women’s underwear in order to include a wider range of potential buyers. With affordable price tags and plentiful styles and colors, these machines may be a great idea to try on your next visit!

1 Tattoos (Yes, Permanent Ones!)

In recent decades, temporary tattoos have risen in popularity, especially among children. As a result, these peel-and-sticks have become a common novelty found in bubble-gum style vending machines. However, a Dallas tattoo shop owner put a strange twist on his merchandise. For a set price of about $100, customers can get one random tattoo design from a vending machine. The design is then permanently inked onto a body part of your choosing. With the designs widely ranging from phrases to animals, the game is a tattoo lottery of sorts. Of course, you can always elect to decline the tattoo, but there are no refunds once you play, so you must choose carefully!

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