Going to Las Vegas is like a rite of passage for many travelers. The glitz, the flashing lights, the casinos beckoning, and the glamorous performers are all part of the draw. Who wouldn't want to party it up in Vegas?

At the same time, not everything is as it seems on the strip. For example, tons of hotels look phenomenal but actually get awful reviews. And while visiting is tons of fun (if you can remember the trip afterward!), consider what it's like to actually live in Las Vegas full-time. Besides, have you ever considered that there's more to Vegas than just the strip?

It's true, there's a lot to see and do on the main drag in Las Vegas. But there are other things to see (and perks to experience) when you don't hunker down in a hotel under the flashing lights.

12 It's Way Cheaper To Stay Off-Strip

Wondering how much it costs to spend one night in Las Vegas? The short answer is that results may vary. But the truth is that staying on the strip can get expensive, fast. You'll be lucky if you can find a hotel for under $150 per night on the strip (and a lot more during the high season). But cheaper motels can be found off-strip for around $40 per night.

11 You Can Get Closer To Other (Non-Casino) Attractions

From golfing to museums (there's even a pinball museum), there's a lot more to see than the neon lights in Las Vegas. The Atomic Testing Museum, for example, may draw your interest, notes Canyon Tours, and checking out Fremont Street could take a whole day by itself. There are tons of other things to do off-strip in Las Vegas that are just as enticing.

10 There's *Gasp* Nature To Be Found Nearby

You might be super focused on seeing the city lights, but the truth is that Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert with a ton of naturally scenic spots nearby. First of all, the Grand Canyon is only a couple of hours away. And second, you can see things like Red Rock Canyon and Death Valley. Hello, perfectly posed Instagram snapshots!

9 The Strip Is Noisy And Polluted

For some people, the top perk of not staying in Vegas is not feeling like a total tourist. The pollution—noise and otherwise—can annoy your senses and even ruin your trip. If you're sensitive to cigarette smoke, for example, you'll soon feel itchy and allergenic while downtown. In fact, a report stated that Las Vegas has some of the worst air quality in America. And the noise goes without saying.

8 You Can Probably Sleep Better Beyond The Strip

It gets loud in the casinos on the strip (and outside, too). Unless you're staying in Vegas to party all night, the noise will probably start to get to you. Instead of letting the jingling of slot machines haunt your dreams, head off the main drag and find a quieter hotel or motel to stay at. It'll be cheaper, yes, and it'll also be more peaceful so you have enough energy to explore during your Vegas adventures.

7 The Amenities Improve Outside The City

Not every Vegas hotel is five-star, whether on or off the strip. But if you read reviews and choose carefully, you can find a hotel that's a bit farther off from the strip but offers more amenities. After all, the hotels and motels farther from the main attractions have to work harder to attract their clientele. Odds are, you'll find better service, rooms, and even discounts if you widen your search scope a bit.

6 Better Food Can Be Found Nearby

Forget buffets and high-priced room service that just tastes average. You can eat out at a ton of other places if you explore outside the strip. And as a bonus, the food will likely be cheaper (and fresher), too. Sure, a buffet at the casino isn't the worst vacation meal you can have, but it won't be the best either. Skip the lines and find another spot off the strip.

5 It's More Kid-Friendly

If you're traveling with tots, walking the strip may not be the best idea—especially after dusk. After all, lots of performers and other workers tend to wander the streets, handing out business cards, and offering to take photos with tourists for cash tips. If half-dressed entertainers of either gender are not your cup of tea, protect your kids' eyes by staying somewhere that isn't so highly populated as the strip.

4 You Can Uber In And Out For A Decent Price

Yeah, the strip is walkable, and that's part of the attraction. But since you'll be saving money staying off-strip, you can pour those savings into Ubering around the city. If you schedule carefully, you won't miss out on anything that's happening by day or night. For those on a budget, an off-site hotel and Uber trips can make all the difference.

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3 Celeb Sightings Are More Common

Most celebs don't exactly walk around the Las Vegas strip just hoping to run into fans. Nope, they tend to find other spots to visit that are less-traveled yet just as enticing as the lights and sounds of the casinos.

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Think about trying an off-strip spot and see if you can't find a star or two hanging around. It'll be worth the effort either way since you're seeing the sights while celeb hunting.

2 Centering Your Travels On The Strip Feels Too Touristy

Honestly, not everyone goes to Las Vegas to party. In fact, tons of conventions center around Vegas, from educator conferences to Anime events. So you're just as likely to see a ton of first-grade teachers hanging around as you are to see drunk bros leaving an all-night bachelor party. If you'd rather see more of Vegas and fewer people puking in the bushes, aim for off strip for a more authentic experience.

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1 Checking Out Vegas Doesn't Need To Be Drama-Filled

Day drinking and losing all your cash at the casino might sound like a fun break from reality. But for anyone who wants to travel and experience local sights and sounds, the hub of Las Vegas isn't the highlight. Instead, it's getting around the city, seeing the lesser-traveled spots, and enjoying some time away from the crowds and immersed in nature. So, skip the drama, and stay somewhere off the strip for an experience you won't forget.

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