Few destinations around the world present such a stark juxtaposition of budget-friendly accommodation with all-out splurging quite like Nevada's infamous Las Vegas. While you might be able to nab a room that 'does the job' at Circus Circus for $40, the opportunity is there to just as easily spend $40,000 for a presidential suite with all the bells and whistles, if you felt so inclined.

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Nobody's saying that you need to boast a bank balance equal to that of Jay-Z in order to have a great time in Sin City - but if 24-hour personal chefs, sky-high jacuzzis and 10,000-square-foot rooms is your idea of bliss, then it certainly helps.

10 Empathy Suite: The Palms Casino Resort

Let’s start things off with a bang, shall we? At an extraordinary, excruciating price tag of $100,000 a night, the Empathy Suite at The Palms Casino Resort sets the bar for the most expensive suits not only in Las Vegas but across the entire USA. So, what exactly does such a tear-jerking fee get for us?

Aside from the highest quality suite interior, loaded guests can soak it up in the infinity-style Jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas Strip while requesting any conceivable menu item from the 24-hour butler service - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

9 Three-Bedroom Villas: The Mirage Resort & Casino

Compared to the Empathy Suite, the Three-Bedroom Villas at The Mirage Resort & Casino present themselves as wildly affordable - coming in at a ’mere’ $3,000 nightly price tag. In reality, that’s still WAY more than 99% of us would ever be willing to pay. Dotted with low-hanging chandeliers, the suites’ interiors scream luxury, merging all of the essential, over-the-top amenities with an elegant design.

Even though Sin City might be home to a variety of the world’s best restaurants, you’ll still have your own 24-hour personal chef if you decide against leaving the hotel (which, in this room, is understandable).

8 Presidential Strip-View Suite: Four Seasons Hotel

Some Vegas hotels make their selling points all about sublime service, unique themes, or superb amenities, but not the Four Seasons. The center of attention at the Presidential Strip-View Suite is its stunning, floor-to-ceiling, panoramic views of the infamous Las Vegas strip down below.

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Immaculate views aside, at 2,225 square foot, the suite comes jam-packed with more space than anyone could need - comprising of a dining room, living room, pantry, home office, and master bedroom. All of this comes in at a cool starting price tag of $3,000 per night.

7 Mandarin Suite: Mandarin Oriental

If you bypassed the $3,000 per night at the Mirage or the Four Seasons, unfortunately, it only gets more expensive from hereon. Over at Las Vegas’ Mandarin Oriental hotel, upper-class guests can splurge their hard-earned cash on the Mandarin Suite - which has a starting rate of $5,000 per night.

All of the essential (and excessive) amenities are included on this 22nd-story suite - and at that whopping price tag, they better be. But the kicker isn’t the fitness room, private cocktail bars or Art Deco bedrooms - it’s the enormous bathtub that looks over the illustrious Strip below.

6 Chairman Suite: The Bellagio

Taking it up another notch to a starting price of $7,000 per night, the Chairman Suite at the infamous Bellagio is our next envy-inducing Vegas hotel room on this wildly expensive city tour. If you thought that the 2,225 square feet at the Four Seasons was impressive, the Chairman Suite almost doubles that.

Sitting at the top of the hotel’s Spa Tower, the high-roller room offers two exquisite bedrooms, a whirlpool tub with unmatched views of the peasants down below, plus a fireplace, solarium, and an indoor garden complete with its water feature to compliment the hotel’s infamous dancing fountains.

5 Hardwood Suite: Palms Casino Resort

What do you get when you combine a love for basketball with unbeatable Las Vegas luxury? The Hardwood Suite at the Palms Casino Resort, of course! The highlight of the gobsmacking 10,000-square-foot, two-floor suite is undoubtedly the private indoor basketball court, complete with its own locker room and scoreboard.

After shooting some hoops, the suite’s wealthy guests can kick back in the refreshing Jacuzzi with a cocktail (or two, or five) of choice in hand while dishing out absurd meal or service requests for the 24-hour butler to complete. All of this for a nightly $25,000.

4 Bentel & Bentel Penthouse Suites: The Cosmopolitan

If basketball isn’t your cup of tea, then we’re pretty confident that the similarly-priced 70th-floor Bentel & Bentel Penthouse Suites at the highly-regarded Cosmopolitan hotel ought to do the trick. Each of the four suites offers a unique theme unlike anything else across the city, so you’re bound to find one that lines up with your interests (providing that you can afford it, that is).

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The Foxglove suite, for example, draws inspiration from classic black-and-white films and includes a projector in the bathroom, while the Hemlock gives off desert vibes with Palm Springs-esque surroundings and high-quality, specialized hammocks. If that sounds like its right up your alley, say goodbye to $25,000 per night.

3 Sky Villa: Palms Casino Resort

If you’ve got a spare $35,000 of change floating around in between the sofa cushions, then the Palms Casino Resort would be content to take it off your hands in exchange for a solitary night at its illustrious Sky Villa.

With room for a dozen party-goers, the Sky Villa is exactly what you’d imagine the venue of a celebrity bachelor(ette) to look like - its pool extends over the edge of the building, it boasts massage rooms and a sauna to sweat out that morning-after feeling, and of course, comes with more VIP nightclub passes than you’ll ever need.

2 The Nobu Villa: Nobu Hotel

With a star-studded track record of guests including Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, to name just a couple, the Nobu Villa at the Nobu Hotel is not for commoners by any means.

Comprising of 10,500 square feet of overflowing luxury featuring a sauna and massage room, a Zen garden, a sushi bar complete with personal chef, a personal butler, an outdoor kitchen, plus three of the most lavish bedrooms you’ll ever cast your eyes on, it makes sense how this extraordinary accommodation can set guests back $35,000 a night. Any takers?

1 Marcus Aurelius Villa: Caesars Palace

For the final leg on our extravagant, opulent, rather excessive spending spree in Sin City’s most expensive rooms, say hello to the infamous Caesars Palace, home to the 9,500-square-foot Marcus Aurelius Villa. With a giant, exotic fish tank, a double-sided fireplace, a billiard room, and a grand piano for the icing on the cake, calling its amenities over-the-top would be an understatement.

A lazy night in at the Marcus Aurelius Villa might come jam-packed with luxury features and a flawless reputation for service and style, however, it will set you back around $25,000.

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