'Viva Las Vegas' is the trademark statement for any and all people who venture to Nevada in order to have the time of their lives. Some people succeed in this goal and others don't, but one way or another, they all say the same thing - it changes you. Whether it's because of the endless partying or simply due to what they see while they're there, it's something that follows the city around like a bad smell.

Alas, while there are certain things that you can avoid over there in order to have a better time, we can kind of see what they're talking about. The biggest problem with Vegas is that it already has such a bad reputation, so you're always going to be subconsciously looking for the bad rather than the good. On the other end of the spectrum, everyone who 'bigs it up' winds up being disappointed on some level.

There are obviously some good points to Vegas, with the parade of high quality combat sports events being a big one, but we still believe that there are many better cities out there that you could visit. So then, as you've guessed by now, we felt like the best way to illustrate our point would be through a list. Aren't you lucky?

We've decided to pick a handful of US cities alongside many other cities from around the world, in order to get a real sense of variety. Some of these places are known for being 'party' cities, whereas others have been selected purely because of how much they've got to offer.

20 New York City, United States - The Big Apple

More often than not it doesn't really take that much explaining to convince people to visit New York City. Alas, as the years have gone on and technology has developed even further, more and more 'hipsters' have tried to detract fellow travellers from heading to The Big Apple.

In theory, this doesn't make much sense at all, especially when you consider just how incredible and diverse NYC really is. From the food and the theatre to the skyline and the culture, there aren't many other places in the world that will give you that 'wow' feeling than New York City.

19 Toronto, Canada - A Whole Lot Of Fun

Toronto is one of those cities that certainly comes with risks, but once you're there, you forget all about them.

Canada as a nation is a pretty special country, and Toronto represents that in every way possible. From the friendly people to the great food and beyond, it's just a great place to visit regardless of whether or not you're there for a day, two weeks or the rest of your life.

People are drawn to the city based on ticking it off their bucket list more often than not, but they stay because, most of the time, they genuinely fall in love.

18 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - A Whole New Experience

We don't need to sit here and sell you on Amsterdam, because the place does that itself. All of the different elements that make up the city have helped to create this monster within the world of tourism, and it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down any time soon.

You could argue back and forth with anyone you want about the things that make Amsterdam great, but in reality, we're confident in saying that you'd probably be missing the point nine times out of ten.

Amsterdam isn't great because of the party side of things - it's great because it embraces that while also giving people of all ages a place that they can safely call home.

17 San Francisco, United States - The Pride Of The States

While we were very, very tempted to put New Orleans on this list, we feel like there isn't all that much to do in the city once you get past the 'party' side of things. With San Francisco, though, there are a whole host of adventures to be had.

It has the somewhat unfortunate distinction of sharing a state with Los Angeles, which is often viewed as a more appealing tourist destination. In truth, though, San Fran is cleaner, it's friendlier, and there's a wider variety of things to do and enjoy.

Seriously, Alcatraz alone is probably worth the trip.

16 Edinburgh, Scotland - The Scots Got It Right

The Scots are known for being pretty rowdy, edgy and generally quite lively in all aspects of life. There are cities such as Glasgow that help with that reputation, courtesy of being quite prominent for nights out and two of the biggest football clubs in Europe.

Alas, there's so much more to this beautiful country than that, with Edinburgh being a prime example. If you're ever looking for a peaceful and enjoyable weekend away in the United Kingdom, then we'd thoroughly recommend that you check out all that Edinburgh has to offer. You won't be disappointed, and that's a virtual guarantee.

15 Chicago, United States - The Windy City

Chicago-style pizzas.

Do we really need to say anymore? The cuisine in The Windy City is to die for, and yet, it's only one small part of what makes this place so charming.

Everyone who grew up here has a dozen stories about what it was like to grow up on the tough Illinois streets, as well as stories about how remarkable the city of Chicago itself really is. It almost feels like the 'hipster' alternative to places like Vegas and NYC, and that's probably why most of us find it to be so charming.

The biggest compliment that we can pay to Chicago is that wherever you go, you'll always find yourself thinking 'huh, I didn't realise they had *this, this & this*'.

14 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Worth The Journey

Dubai is often looked upon in two ways - as a pretentious, overrated city for those who live on the luxurious side of life, and on the other side of things, as a young and prospering place full of potential. We tend to think that, while there are elements of the first statement we agree with, the second is much more accurate.

From the weather to the fantastic advancements in shopping and architecture there's so much to love about Dubai, and in the next five to ten years, there's going to be even more to shout about. That isn't always the case with major cities, but Dubai isn't like the rest in more ways than one.

13 Tokyo, Japan - A Whole New World

If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as Asian culture, then boy oh boy do we have a city for you. Not only is Tokyo one of the best destinations around the globe for technology, but it's also so lively that we can pretty much promise you'll never be short of things to do.

It's always exciting to travel to the other side of the planet because things are so different that it allows you to expand your horizons in ways that many of us could never even dream of. Vegas is good, but it doesn't even compare to the Japanese capital in that way.

12 Budapest, Hungary - Cheap And Cheerful

There's one very important reason why so many people like to visit Budapest: it's fantastic. Oh, and if you want more than that - it's cheaper than most European cities while maintaining a high quality on all fronts, the people are great, and there are a million different things to do.

Hungary as a nation is pretty inconsequential in the realms of the continent, at least, that's how the majority of non-Europeans view things. In reality, though, their capital makes up for all of that, which is why it accounts for the majority of their success when it comes to tourism.

11 Copenhagen, Denmark - Simply Wonderful

Copenhagen appears in a lot of our lists, and if you're a regular here, then you'll be well aware of that. The thing is that there are so many great cities, towns and villages across Scandinavia that it does feel like we aren't giving them enough respect, but that's only because the Danish capital fits so well into so many different categories.

While it isn't exactly known for having a huge nightlife there are many great bars and clubs that you can visit and on top of that, we're pretty confident in saying that you could sit and stare at the skyline all day long and you wouldn't get bored.

Oh, and if you enjoy bike riding, then we're pretty sure this is the place for you.

10 Seoul, South Korea - Ignore The Stereotypes

The South Koreans are often viewed in a less than positive light based solely on who they have to share their last name with. But it's not fair of us as outsiders to simply throw those stereotypes at them without appreciating what they've got to offer as a country.

An example of this is the city of Seoul, which is on the rise as a really popular party city in Asia. That may not be what everyone is looking for, so simply heading over there to explore and experience their culture should be a sufficient enough reason to warrant the plane fare.

9 Marrakech, Morocco - A Culture Shock

We aren't going to pretend like Marrakech is perfect because it's not. However, it does serve as the most accessible route into the continent of Africa for a lot of travellers - especially those who are heading over from Europe.

From the legendary markets to the breathtaking hotels there are plenty of reasons as to why it should be somewhere that you want to visit, although you do need to be cautious of both the crime and weather in the area.

Of course, the latter of those two reasons probably won't impact you as long as you pack accordingly, and for most people, it's one of the major bonuses of going there.

8 Paris, France - The Romance Capital

When to comes to travelling, it honestly feels as if hating on Paris and all it has to offer is the 'cool' thing to do. We have no idea why, because the French capital is quite literally one of our favourite places on Earth - and we aren't just saying that because of the cheese and wine, even though that certainly helps.

The thing about Paris is that it has this 'aura' of a larger than life city, which is something that it shares with NYC. The landmarks are great, the transport system is usually pretty efficient, and the food is to die for.

Oh, and you won't find many better views throughout the world than at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

7 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Party Central

They say the party never stops in Rio, and there's certainly evidence to support that. The Brazilians know how to light up their city to the point where you feel nothing but joy and adrenaline, which seems like what they're always aiming for.

It's almost as if you never get a second to stop and take it all in, but if you do, then you'll notice that the city is as beautiful as it is entertaining. It's definitely been on a gradual decline from an economic standpoint, though, and that's something that we should all join together to try and change.

6 Dubrovnik, Croatia - Something Different

Dubrovnik proves once and for all that it doesn't matter how big the city is, because what really matters is how you utilise your size. Croatia, as a nation, is fairly breathtaking from top to bottom, but Dubrovnik combines that 'business' like feel of most major cities with the 'holiday resort' kind of atmosphere that is hard to master.

Don't let its size fool you, either, because there are a whole bunch of activities for all of the family to try. Sure, it may be more ideal for those who like to do a lot of walking, but we're of the belief that registering ten miles a day on this kind of holiday is better than sitting by the pool for hours on end.

5 Beijing, China - The Great Wall Beckons

Shanghai is busy, it's big and it's bold, but it just doesn't have that same cultural edge in comparison to Beijing.

The city allows you to experience the Chinese culture in its entirety, without falling into any kind of stereotypes that will ruin your time there. It's as diverse as they come and the fact that they were selected to host both a Winter and Summer Olympics should tell you all that you need to know about how great their seasons are.

Of course, the pinnacle of it all is the Great Wall of China, which is a monument that will likely never be topped when it comes to having that 'wow' factor.

4 Berlin, Germany - Big And Brave

There's an odd sensation that you get when you depart the plane upon arriving in Berlin. Part of you is excited to explore everything that it has to offer, and the other part of you feels a series of oncoming emotions courtesy of the history associated with this city.

Everywhere you turn here will allow you to read a new chapter in the story of Berlin, and that can be both daunting and thrilling in equal measure. It's so big that you'll never be able to explore it all in one trip, and that mystery will always leave you coming back for more.

3 Cape Town, South Africa - It Never Stops

You could make the argument that Cape Town is the NYC of Africa, and we'd probably agree with that aside from one thing - it's a little bit more beautiful.

Cape Town is one of those places that can be entirely silent and tranquil at one moment, then after a few seconds, utter chaos ensues. That kind of unpredictability isn't for everyone and we can understand why, but that feeling of living on the edge is what keeps many of us going.

Everything is just so 'go go go' that if you ever get a chance to stop and take a breath, then you should consider yourself lucky.

2 London, England - The Pride Of A Nation

If you ask anyone what their top three ideal destinations are around the globe to visit, we're pretty confident in saying that at least 75% of them would include London. Why? Because it's a city unlike any other, and it represents the pride and culture of England perfectly.

The power that this nation has possessed throughout the course of history, despite its size, is pretty remarkable. We're pretty sure that has translated into high tourism figures for the city, too, with every single landmark representing something different about how this country came to be in the position that it's in today.

1 Zurich, Switzerland - Worth The Money

You aren't going to find many cities that are as beautiful as Zurich, and it's mainly down to Lake Zurich. The divide in the middle of the city that runs down from the top to the bottom helps to make for a great visual, as you approach the edge of the city and look out into the vast distance where the rest of Switzerland awaits.

Zurich feels so enclosed by the forests and mountains surrounding it, which is one of the primary reasons as to why it's been so safe over the years. People come and go every single day, but for the most part, it serves as a great place to escape your troubles and just relax.