These days, it's pretty easy to find good vegan food, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you're vegan seven days a week or you just want to try something different and expand your culinary horizons, vegan food is everywhere. It's on store shelves, it's being added to fast food menus, and it's even in restaurants completely dedicated to being vegan.

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There are restaurants around the country and around the world dedicated to vegan food. Philadelphia is definitely not a city to let any trend pass it by, so naturally there are a selection of amazing vegan restaurants that can be found there, too. There are vegan bars, diners, and even bakeries all over Philadelphia. Because the city is so big, it can be pretty difficult to try to decide where to eat - even after you narrow your choices down to vegan restaurants. Whether you're moving to Philadelphia or just visiting, it's important to know all the best places to eat.

To see 7 vegan restaurants everyone in Philly needs to try, keep reading!

7 Bar Bombón

Bar Bombón is a bar and restaurant located in Philadelphia that serves a blend of Mexican, Latin, and Caribbean foods - with a vegan (or at least vegetarian in some cases) twist. Along with being a restaurant, Bar Bombón is a bar that serves up some great drinks. Bar Bombón's combination of food and drinks makes it a great place to head for dinner with friends. The Latin-inspired food is really unique and perfect for taking people that might be skeptical about vegan food.

Bar Bombón is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and is perfect for anyone that wants to put a little spice into their vegan diet. Some of the favorites on the menu include their nachos - complete with vegan queso cheese, buffalo cauliflower tacos, and carrots asada.

6 LUHV Vegan Deli

LUHV Vegan Deli is the first fully vegan deli to be part of Reading Terminal Market. This family-run deli is a favorite among Philadelphia locals and visitors because of its unique vegan food. LUHV Vegan Deli is the first fully vegan deli on the east coast, making it a particularly special one. But it's safe to say that LUHV Vegan Deli isn't just popular because of the fact that it's getting recognition for these things. The food at this deli is also totally tasty.

LUHV features foods for every meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From their sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel to their black bean burgers and pasta salad, there's something for everyone at LUHV Vegan Deli.

5 Goldie

Goldie is a new vegan restaurant in Philadelphia but it's definitely one that has already started to garner some attention - both from people who live in Philly and from people that are just passing through. Goldie is totally different from other vegan spots in Philadelphia because their specialty is falafel. Yum!

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Falafel is typically made with ground chickpeas, so making a vegan version isn't all that out-there in the food world. Still, the falafel that Goldie serves up has made it a favorite in Philadelphia. Goldie opened in 2017 and had lines out the door during the first weekend that they were open. Goldie is best known for their falafel and their tehina shakes, but they also have other offerings like fries and salads.

4 V Street

V Street is a unique restaurant in Philadelphia that offers a huge variety of unique international foods. This restaurant has a few staples that are always available, but they're also known to change up the menu based on what's in season. Because of this Philadelphia locals love to visit V Street regularly so they can taste all the new things on the menu.

Some of the favorites on the menu include items like KFT tacos, a vegan Philly cheesesteak called the Wizkid Philly, and jerk-grilled tofu. Whether you want to try something totally unique or have a vegan version of a Philadelphia favorite, V Street has something for everyone.

3 The Tasty

The Tasty is a Vegan diner that brings all the favorites of classic diner food to Philadelphia with a really unique vegan twist. The decor of the restaurant looks just like a classic diner and really brings visitors back in time a little bit. But the food that The Tasty serves up is anything but outdated!

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The Tasty has food for every meal of the day from breakfast to lunch and dinner. For breakfast, The Tasty has a tofu scramble and a variety of breakfast sandwiches. At lunch and dinner, there's a variety of sandwiches and vegan burgers. This restaurant even has a large gluten free menu.

2 20th Street Pizza

When most people think about pizza, they're probably not going to think about great vegan food. Most people think about the gooey cheese and crispy pepperonis that top their slices of pizza. While that pizza is great for them, there's no reason that there can't be a delicious vegan pizza place.

20th Street Pizza is a vegan restaurant in Philadelphia that is known for their vegan pizza. They're definitely here to prove that vegan food and pizza do go together. Along with their vegan pizza offerings, 20th Street Pizza has a lot of other delicious vegan foods on their menu. From specialty pizzas to cookies and garlic knots, 20th Street Pizza has everything a vegan needs for a good pizza night.

1 HipCityVeg

Along with their vegan food, HipCityVeg is totally focused on being good for the Earth. Their food is definitely good for our bodies, but we also love that HipCityVeg is dedicated to taking care of the planet by using fully compostable materials for their packaging. From the cups to the containers and the utensils, everything that HipCityVeg uses is completely compostable, meaning that none of it will be sitting in landfills for years to come.

But HipCityVeg's eco-friendly practices wouldn't mean anything if their food wasn't delicious. Their menu features a huge variety of different vegan burgers, all made with the highest quality produce. HipCityVeg is a Philadelphia favorite that goes to show that our fast food favorites can be made into vegan versions that are healthy and delicious.

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