If you're here, chances are you're well aware of Vancouver's epic food scene. There's no doubt that Vancouver, B.C. is an epicenter of quality dining experiences. But while most lists on this subject show off this Canadian city's most expensive and boujee establishments, we've chosen to create a healthy mix.

Each and every restaurant on this list has been rated extremely high on Tripadvisor and Yelp. In fact, we've scoured the reviews on Tripadvisor to find out why guests find these places so absurdly good. Additionally, we've thrown in a few public celebrity endorsements from stars like Seth Rogen and the cast of Riverdale. Quite simply, the Vancouver restaurants on this list you absolutely must try.

Without further ado, here are 20 can't miss Vancouver restaurants according to their Tripadvisor reviews.

20 Giardino's Italian Is An Old-School Vancouver Classic That's Worth Every Cent

If you like old-school Tuscan Italian, this is the place for you. One reviewer on Tripadvisor from Winnipeg claimed their dining experience exceeded their high expectations. And given that Umberto Menghi's restaurant has been in Vancouver for a looooong time and has established itself as one of the city's best high-end establishments, this is certainly high praise.

19 Absinthe Bistro On Commercial Drive Will Have You In Tears, It's So Good

Commercial Drive is a trendy, hipster area with deep roots in Italian culture. But it's also home to contemporary French restaurants such as Absinthe Bistro, which is one of Tripadvisor's highest-rated restaurants in Vancouver. One reviewer said, "The duck patê, scallops, lamb shank, steak, creme brulee, squid and the lava cake were all spectacular."

18 Vegetarians And Vegans Aren't The Only Ones Thrilled With Acorn On Main... It Even Converts Meat-Eaters

While Heirloom is Vancouver's more famous Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant, Acorn is more unique and has a higher rating on Tripadvisor. While most people go there for dinner, you shouldn't miss out on their weekend brunch... Their version of chicken and waffles is simply mouthwatering. But its popularity is growing and waits are inevitable, albeit worth it.

17 Miku Is Sushi With A View... And A Large Bill... But It's Superb

Make no mistake about it, Miku is expensive sushi. Almost every reviewer on Tripadvisor even makes a point of saying it. But they also say things like, "the set meals are amazing," "the hamachi has the wow factor," and "the salmon oshi sushi was the freshest." By going to this waterfront restaurant, you're shelling out the dough, but you're getting absolute quality.

16 Au Comptoir Is Basically Like Walking Into A Parisian Bistro... In Vancouver's Yoga-Beach Area

One reviewer says that "dining at Au Comptoir is like stepping into a bustling Parisian bistro." Other reviews go crazy for their wine selection, cocktails, and their buttery and creamy menu. Knock-outs seem to be their Vegetarian selection, their confit de canard, and their pan-roasted bavette steak with Pommes dauphine in a shallot red wine sauce.

15 Sai Woo Is A Chinatown Standout That You Just Can't Miss

Sai Woo is located right in the heart of Vancouver's Chinatown, which isn't the most desirable location. However, the area tends to have some of the city's best restaurants. And, according to Tripadvisor, Sai Woo is basically top of the list. Reviewers praised the Chinese and Korean fusion restaurant for their dumplings, and their "clean atmosphere."

14 Ramen Danbo Is Line-Ups Waiting For Authentic Japanese

If you're a Ramen fan, Ramen Danbo on Robson Street and 4th Avenue in Kitsilano is the place for you. Reviewers on Tripadvisor claim that it's the most authentic Ramen they've ever had. There's almost a line-up out the door waiting, but Ramen Danbo is the real deal and definitely worth the time spent in the rain. As one reviewer said, "the food here is so delicious, comforting and satisfying."

13 Most Reviews On Tripadvisor Claim That Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie Is The Best

Most reviews on Tripadvisor seem to say the same thing, that Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie is some of the best Chinese food they've ever had. Technically, it's Chinese fusion/tapas, but we're splitting hairs. The restaurant is a favorite amongst film industry folk, meaning that you're sure to spot a celebrity or two when visiting.

12 It's Not Quite A Restaurant, But Lee's Doughnuts Is A Can't-Miss Destination

Seth Rogen LOVES Lee's Doughnuts. He even featured it on his Netflix foodie-tour with David Chang, founder of the Momofuku restaurant group. The consensus on Tripadvisor completely agrees with Seth. Even though Lee's is located in the touristy Granville island and is technically not a restaurant, due to its reviews and reputation there's just no way we could leave it off this list.

11 Autostrada Osteria Is Worth Venturing Into The Neighboorhood For

Autostrada Osteria is a favorite amongst those who adore authentic Italian food. It's located in a fairly suburban area along the main street but still manages to steal a good crowd. While the pasta is what the restaurant is known for, one Tripadvisor reviewer praised the chicken liver pate which she said was a "MUST TRY dish. It's so good that you won't be able to stop."

10 Cafe Medina And Her Older Sister Chambar Are Always Favorites

Cafe Medina goes hand-in-hand with its lunch and dinner sister, Chambar. But we want to talk about Cafe Medina since it has a higher rating on Tripadvisor. While the wait for seats can be lengthy, the food and the ambiance of this breakfast, brunch, and lunch destination is more than worth it. The restaurant is also a magnet for celebrities including the cast of Riverdale.

9 Gastown's Pourhouse Is Known For More Than Just Amazing Drinks

First and foremost, The Pourhouse has an incredible cocktail list. Even better, you can order off the menu. Just tell the servers what base you like and they'll make you something cool. But reviewers on Tripadvisor also praise the cozy Gastown restaurants' menu, saying things like "the elk should be served in a private room" because eating it inspired more of a private moment.

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8 Hawksworth Will Make You Cry Because It's So Expensive, But It Also Happens To Be Genuinely Outstanding

You can't do a list of Vancouver restaurants without mention Chef David Hawksworth. While he owns fine establishments such as Bel Cafe and Nightingale, Hawksworth is is most famous and definitely his best. Not to mention, it's one of Vancouver's highest-rated restaurants on Tripadvisor. Reviews love the design of the place, how it's located in a gorgeous hotel, and the inventive and high-quality menu.

7 If You Know About Temaki Sushi, You Know

The mainstream doesn't know about Temaki Sushi on West Broadway at Arbutus, but the Japanese restaurant has a strong following. Why? Well, because it has some of the freshest sushi most Tripadvisor reviewers have ever had... anywhere. In a city that's full of fantastic sushi places, Temaki constantly stands out due to its dedication to tradition and quality.

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6 Everyone Loves Cheap, Yummy Tacos At Gringo

Located in a restaurant-filled alleyway in historic Gastown is a bright, vibrant hole-in-the-wall, Gringo. While it's literally across from an established chain, Tacofino, people adore waiting in line to get into the tiny Gringo. A Tripadvisor reviewer from Australia says they were the "best tacos" he's had since being in Mexico. But the restaurant is more than great food, it's downright fun!

5 Viji's Became A Fine Dining Indian Staple In Vancouver

Viji's Indian food is another Vancouver staple. It started as a small, family-owned restaurant and burst into an empire within the city. Sure, Viji's is expensive, but their Indian fusion dishes are beloved. Tripadvisor reviewers say they're "never disappointed" when eating at any of Viji's restaurants. The service at Viji's is also held in high regard by Tripadvisor users.

4 Ask For Luigi Makes You Wait For A Table But Gives You Such An Amazing Pasta Experience

We gotta love an Italian restaurant with tons of Vegetarian and Vegan options and so do the reviewers on Tripadvisor. Although it's located in the downtown eastside, Ask For Luigi provides a fine dining experience with authentic Italian vibes. According to her social media, it's also a favorite of AJ Michalka's, especially when she dated her Vancouver boyfriend.

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3 Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar Is Where You'll Find The Freshest Fish And Top-Notch Service

Much like Giardino, Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar is a staple of the Vancouver restaurant scene. It's known as one of the best high-end establishments in the city. Its location on restaurant row in Yaletown only props up this restaurant's reputation. Reviewers say things like, "great quality ingredients and top-notch service," and "great seafood and other non-seafood options."

2 Have a Little Coffee Break At Modus On Main

And now for a coffee break! While cafes like Revolver and Timbertrain are Vancouver classics, Modus Coffee is simply the one you can't miss. TripAdvisor and Yelp reviewers praise it for it's open and bright design, but most of all, "the best-roasted coffee in Vancouver." Why? Well, they specialize in roasting sweeter beans, which means more caffeine and a lack of bitterness that you'll find at more popular Vancouver cafes.

1 Dehli 6 Is A Hidden Gem Indian Restaurant On A Residential Street

Big groups, rejoice! While other Indian restaurants in Vancouver are tiny and overly expensive, Dehli 6 on West 7th Avenue is affordable and accommodates large groups. Reviewers on Tripadvisor praise the restaurant for it's open yet cozy decore as well as their "delicious" menu. There's also a large Vegetarian selection making it easy for each and every person to enjoy this Vancouver hidden gem.

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