Further cementing the Great White North's green reputation, Vancouver has gradually risen to become one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. Known for its endless display of cultural art and wilderness, this scenic city offers countless adventures set against a breathtaking backdrop. Whether the intention of this trip is for adrenaline enthusiasts or those in need of relaxation, listed below are a few activities to consider when visiting this coastal region.


Grab a Beer at Brassneck Brewery

Admittedly, there are stereotypes about Canadians that are undeniably true - they’re unapologetically nice, consumed by hockey, and they know how to make fantastic beer. Move over Molson, because the last part rings exceptionally accurate with Brassneck Brewery. Located in Mount Pleasant, a district crawling with gastropubs, Brassneck Brewery is regarded as one of downtown’s best craft distillations. From citrus-flavoured Ambiguation to cinnamon-hinted Umlaut, this hot spot offers customers a wide variety of crafts that range from A to Zed. Since Brassneck rarely packages its beers or sells to outside restaurants and bars, the brewery has also opened a small tasting room inside the location. The maximum capacity allows up to 50 people to sit down and enjoy one of their drinks, while also encouraging them to bring in some snacks from the nearby food trucks outside.

Spend a Day at Grouse Mountain

Among Vancouver's many wilderness areas, Grouse Mountain stands tall. Thousands of feet tall, and surrounded by trees and wildlife, Grouse Mountain is a landmark of both the city's tourist destinations and distinguished beauty. The price to spend a day at the mountain is $56 CAD for adults, though it’s suggested that visitors also use that opportunity to add another attraction to their plans. Grouse Mountain is packed with countless activities, but perhaps the most sought out is their ziplining tour. Flying at 80km per hour, this multiple-line circuit offers an adrenaline-pumping journey across the peaks of Grouse and Dam Mountains. During the summer season, Grouse Mountain operates on a 5-line tour at $89 CAD, and a 3-line tour at $45 CAD during the winter season. The tour lasts about two hours and can be booked separately or as a group through their official website.

Go Whale Watching Along the Salish Sea

Surrounding various other cities like Victoria and Seattle, the Salish Sea is a popular destination amongst visitors - especially for whale watching. While there are multiple boat tours that operate outside of British Columbia, the Prince of Whales Whale Watching is both the largest and safest eco-adventure company along the Vancouver coastline. It consists of multiple different tours: The Southbound Adventure Crossing, Whales & Fly, and a whale-watching tour passaging from Vancouver to Seattle. Their half-day ocean adventure is the expedition’s cheapest tour for whale watching. It includes a three to five-hour fully-guided wildlife viewing adventure and departs from Downtown Vancouver on a custom-built 62-foot, 74-person semi-covered vessel. Running from April to November, the half-day tour costs $170 CAD and guarantees a day of witnessing close-up interactions with whales and other sea life. Sounds like quite the experience, eh?

Dine at The Teahouse in Stanley Park

The Teahouse in Stanley Park is just as classy as you would imagine it to be. Notable for its being surrounded by nature, this local restaurant has been regarded as one of Vancouver's most authentic fine dining experience. From wedding celebrations to individual dining, The Teahouse is a grand retreat far from the noise of the city and offers a menu that highlights the freshest local produce within the city. The gardens that circle the modern location can be viewed by the large windows indoors or from the location’s patio. Averaging around $30 CAD per meal, the menu varies from brunch to dinner and lamb riblets to homemade burgers. This comfortable atmosphere also serves as an ideal location to view Vancouver’s best and longest sunsets. These sunset times are available on The Teahouse’s official website, which has published a guide to when these certain nightfalls occur.

Embedded with Canada’s most remarkable scenery, Vancouver has steadily become a destination to include on any traveler's bucket list. Set between mountains and oceans, the landscape of this remarkable city makes for an undeniable adventure. Whether a vacation here is spent scaling Cypress Mountain or bar hopping through trend-setting Gastown, the area is filled with endless opportunities to experience its west coast charm. So pack some hiking shoes, casual clothing, and a pen and pad in case encountering a famous working actor - because a weekend in Vancouver is guaranteed to be a magical one.