Regularly served within a roll of rice and additional savoury ingredients, sushi is a trendy cuisine that continues to grow in Western culture. With Vancouver’s location right near the water, it shouldn’t be shocking to hear that their seafood is freshly produced and served in most occurrences. After the chaos of World War II, Vancouver has seen a surge in Japanese immigrants - who came to this vibrant port city with heavy influence. These influences included their culture, traditions, and more importantly - their cuisine. From the bayside of Miku Vancouver to the compacted Toshi Sushi, here are a few suggestions on where to eat the best sushi in Vancouver, Canada:


Kishimoto Vancouver

Where: 2054 Commercial Drive

Price: $2.65 USD - $22.00 USD

Why: Proudly serving local food from places like Two Rivers Meat and fresh fish from the Tsukiji Market in Japan, Kishimoto is a bustling sushi restaurant tucked away in the artistic community of Commercial Drive. Their food is considered one of the most authentic venues in the city, with Chef Akira Kishimoto and his cooks focusing on quality and producing an elegant freshness. Kishimoto draws crowds of tourists and locals who are hungry for a taste of their various sushi rolls, which range from an albacore spicy tuna roll to a smoked-salmon triple salmon roll. Their house-made, gluten-free soy sauce is also a rich flavour to discover, where you can dip your homemade pickle or casual avocado roll.

Sushi Itoga

Where: 1668 Robson Street

Price: $1.50 USD - $32.00 USD

Why: An elegant, overstuffed sushi restaurant served in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Sushi Itoga is a venue that can’t be missed. Quality and quantity collide in this small Robson Street location, where people can either order individual servings of cream cheese filled Philadelphia rolls to a set tray of various assorted pieces of sushi. Their chopped scallop roll is a crunchy delight filled with bay scallops, mayo, and cucumber; while their flavourful futomaki is filled with omelet bits and tofu powder. The restaurant has also been a member of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program since 2009 and is actively devoted to serving sustainable seafood.

New York City has pizza. Los Angeles has their vegan-friendly food scene. Vancouver, amongst all of its other treasures, has sushi - and with the surrounding water and heavy Japanese influence, expect their sushi scene to be fresh, authentic, and met with incredible views. An influence that has grown in popularity following the destruction of World War II, Vancouver has become something of a twin location to Japan, with its own Japantown residence located in the eastside. From stuffed crab to an endless amount of avocado, Japanese culture is both devoured and appreciated in this port city, so always be prepared for a spectacular sushi experience when visiting.