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These days, many travelers young and old are hitting the open road in a decked-out van! From mini-fridges and showers to full-on living situations, you can have everything you need no matter where you are on the journey. With Instagrams and Youtubers glorifying and normalizing the lifestyle, it has become more and more popular. While Covid changed so many lives and flipped the world upside down, it also created many remote working opportunities where professionals can do their job from anywhere. With this, even more people have shifted to full-on #VanLife.


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Van nomads enjoy routes all over the United States, going east coast to the west coast and anywhere in between. Here is a guide for a fun trip in the van life all the way from Dallas, Texas to Seattle, Washington!

Head From Dallas To The Underrated OKC

Once you have your van packed and an idea of your trip mapped out, get on the road from Dallas and head North for breakfast and coffee in the lovely Oklahoma City. This scenic drive over Red River takes only about three hours! Here are some good places you might stop for a bite in OKC:

If you have not already prepped the van, grab some snacks and get back on the road for a bit longer of a stretch from Oklahoma City to Denver!

OKC To Denver

Head north for a long stretch of road on your way to Denver! This drive is nearly ten hours through Kansas and Colorado! Kill some time by playing road trip games along the way or get off the beaten path to see even more of Colorado! Once you get to Denver, this might be a good spot to stop in for the night.

If you have any trouble with your van or need any parts before the mountain passes to come, be sure to meet Irish Mike at Denver Big Van & Sprinter Repair. He is well-known and highly recommended in the Denver area van community for his skill and customer service!

Denver To Idaho Falls

One of the best parts of van life is, of course, being able to stop for rest wherever you want along the way. If you're needing a day to stretch your legs and see a cool city, stay in Denver! If you are wanting to stay on the road, we recommend continuing on north to the most glorious Wyoming. There are plenty of rest stops and scenic pull-offs to stop and camp. There is almost nothing more beautiful than waking up to a rural Wyoming sunrise.

Idaho Falls North, Through Stunning Couer d'Alene

Once you pass through Wyoming, head over to the lovely Idaho Falls. This charming city has plenty to offer along the Snake River. Grab a bite to eat, take a hike, or just enjoy a little break from the road! After you stop somewhere to get some rest, continue on! This roadtrip only gets more and more beautiful from here. We swear, one of the most beautiful places you'll see is the pass coming through the gorgeous mountain lake town Couer d'Alene. Listen to this song as you drive through it. Trust us.

Couer D'Alene is known as the "Playground of the Northwest". It has a rich Native American history and absolutely stunning views. It is one of the last areas you will see before crossing over the Washington border, and sure to leave you in awe!

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Welcome To Washington

You're almost there! Now that you have passed through some of the most beautiful states, spend some time in Spokane, or enjoy the scenic mountain passes as you continue your journey to Seattle. Once you've arrived, enjoy all the culture and adventure that Seattle has to offer.

From here, you can enjoy the Pacific Northwest in all its glory! Head west and spend some time on the coast at the Olympic National Forest. This glorious coast cannot be missed! Or head south down the California coast. Wherever you go next, this 35-hour trip was 2,274 miles of pure beauty. Here's the perfect playlist for you to enjoy along the way.