Travel, as it was somewhat predicted, is slowly beginning to come back again. With the CDC's new mandated for vaccinated people as well as countries opening up to those of the same, the world is beginning to look like a much brighter place. That's not to say that everyone is on board with hopping a plane and jetting off just yet, but it does mean that slowly, people are warming up to the idea.

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While many are remaining local, there are some who are taking full advantage of their vaccinations and negative tests. Among the travel trends for 2021, there's a hybrid theme going on that many didn't expect - and it looks like these are the vacations that will rule the upcoming year.

Anything Outdoors From National Parks To Glamping

During the height of the pandemic, everyone seemed to be taking a liking to the Great Outdoors. Whether it was exploring a local park while maintaining a six-foot distance or getting lost (metaphorically, of course) in a national park.

When cases began decreasing in some areas with all of the increased outdoor activity, many people took to cabin rentals and cozy cottages to enjoy nature while being fully immersed in it, rather than planning day trips. Now that the option is there for an extra layer of protection, no one is holding off on vacation rentals and hotel bookings - so much so, that many tourist destinations and areas around national parks are seeing sold-out calendars.

Vaxication Vacations

The world was certain that vaccines were coming, everyone was just uncertain as to when it would happen. As it turns out, 2021 is now the year for the 'vaxication,' which is basically a term that references those taking a vacation as soon as they've been vaccinated. With continuously low risks as long as guidelines are consistently followed, many are crossing destinations off their lists or planning a getaway wherever they can just to go somewhere. For many of us, this also includes visiting family and friends who we haven't seen in over a year - which also happens to be the happiest, and most fulfilling, type of vaxication.

Cruising Is Picking Up Speed

Slowly but surely, the cruise lines are recovering from the last year and a half of no travel. While the progress is very slow right now, the promise of cruising will, once again, be part of the future.

Some are eager to be seabound again and have already purchased tickets for fully-vaccinated cruises or country-specific cruises, while others are patiently waiting for the larger cruise lines to open their 2022 dates. Either way, it appears that cruising is rallying to once again become a top vacation.

Road Trips

Not surprisingly, road trips are also trending upward. There was a peak in the number of road trips that were taken last summer as people sought out remote getaways but now, they're off the charts. This also explains the recent surge in car rental prices, which has steadily gone up with some companies charging outrageous amounts to rent a vehicle. Road tripping is still a popular option because many are hesitant about getting on planes and other forms of public transportation, and road trips allow for natural social distancing. They're also trending because an abundance of people are now visiting their families who live in other parts of the country, and this will likely continue through the rest of the year.

Bucket List Destinations And Extended Stays

If you thought that this would be a year for frugality then you would be sorely mistaken. With all the time travelers have had to save up money specifically for vacations, it seems that not many are holding back when it comes to luxury accommodations. Staying at five-star hotels and splurging on the top-rated amenities seems to be trending, as well.

Additionally, extended stays are also trending upward, likely due to all of the vacation and sick time that wasn't used in the year prior or at the beginning of 2021. People are slowly realizing what it means to have a better quality of life and, as such, they're opting for longer vacations that actually feel like vacations, rather than short stays that feel like a momentary pause.

Planning Mode And Extra Insurance

Even with all of that, some still are not fully confident in traveling - yet. However, that doesn't mean that planning hasn't been going on behind the scenes, which is still being considered a travel 'trend' according to Travel PulseAs expected, the interest in travel insurance has also gone up, with many people adding this to their vacations as a precaution post-pandemic.

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