The beauty of wanderlust is being able to see new and exciting places that are so different from our day-to-day lives. Seeing once-in-a-lifetime monuments like the Eifel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Sphinx of Giza are things we plan years in advance to be able to enjoy. There's nothing like experiencing a new culture to make us realize how big the world really is.

However, with the warmer months being the most popular time to travel, this brings an excess of tourists, traffic, and higher prices. And that's not just for the tourists, that's for the locals, too. There are thousands of people who call the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and the alike home but it's not what it seems...


The Red Light District Can Be Seedy At Night

Amsterdam is home to over 820,000 (and just as many bikes). It's the city that houses Van Gough's greatest works of art, Dutch pancakes, and over 100 canals. And let's not forget about the Red Light District; a neighborhood that's known for its nightlight and dark activity.


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Roaming the Red Light District may seem like an out-of-body experience but what most tourists forget is that there are people that call the Red Light District home. The downfalls to living in the District are the number of people it brings at night. Thanks to various legal activities found in Amsterdam, the District can get loud, busy, and trashed by the time the sun comes up. Getting around during the day is no problem but once the sun goes down, most locals stay in.

Disney Lovers Don't Live In Orlando

Orlando is home to the first Disney park created by Walt Disney: Disney World. The park brings in millions of tourists every year no matter the season. Thanks to Florida's beautiful year-round weather, there's never a bad time to explore the many areas of Disney World.

Upon entering the area around Disney World, locals can find horrible traffic and nosey tourists. And while locals do get a discount to the park, not too many find the long lines, hot sun, and rude tourists worth it.

Venice Is Too Small For The Number Of Tourists That Come

Venice is the iconic City of Water. Found in the Northern region of Itlay, Venice is home to over 200,000 people and is only about 30 miles long. With the Adriatic Sea separating parts of the island and various lagoons, Venice has thousands of steep alleyways to discover and bridges to cross.

Due to how small Venice is, the summer months can be overwhelming for both tourists and locals. Hotels and BnBs become expensive, restaurants are packed, people are over-worked, and locals find it hard to do normal, every day things. There are a few schools in Venice who also have a hard time getting their children to and from school every day thanks to the crowds.

Barcelona Is Trying To Limit Tourism To Keep Locals Happy

Barcelona, Spain is known for its epic art scene, architecture, and thanks to the Sagrada Família, tourists flock to soak up Barcelona (and let's not forget about the food). With the Balearic Sea and the stunning design of the buildings, this Spanish city is home to over five million people.

Multiple universities perform study abroad programs in Barcelona, which bring various ages to explore the city streets. However, in 2017 the city of Barcelona recognized how over-populated the city was getting with tourists and created a law to minimize how many tourists were allowed to be in the area at a time.

Times Square May Be Energizing But It's A Zoo

Part of New York's charm is that its locals moved there for the energy that the city brings. With its multi-cultured neighborhoods, art, Central Park, and easy access around the city, New York City is an adult's playground.

However, no matter how much locals adore their city, Times Square is a place often avoided. It's often a place filled with so many tourists and people looking for answers that it can become chaotic. Times Square is fun to visit on a whim but isn't a place travelers find too many locals hanging out.


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