Life can get rough at times, so taking a calming vacation might do the trick to get you back to feeling like your usual self again. When it comes to relaxing holidays, the world is full of gorgeous spots that can help rejuvenate, cleanse and renew your mind and body, all while you take in some breathtaking views.

While you might not always have the time to travel to some of these exotic places, we've made sure to include some of the United States' most prestigious wellness resorts and vacation spots that ought to do the trick.

So, pack your bags and get ready because here are 20 of the most gorgeous vacation spots to choose from if all you want to do is rest and relax.

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, December 9th, 2021: Many people love to spend their vacation relaxing and enjoying the best times with family and friends. Countless vacation spots are offering such features. This is why this list was updated to include additional places where people can enjoy the most chill time, such as the Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu and Banff National Park in Canada.

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22 Lake Placid Lodge - Check In To Check Out

Lake Placid is a stunning destination in and of itself. However, it also has a gorgeous wellness resort known as the Lake Place Lodge that offers some of the most relaxing experiences in New York. Hand over all of your electronics upon arrival so that you can be entirely in tune with nothing but your inner thoughts and feelings.

21 Sedona, Arizona - Healing Energy Vortex

While Sedona, Arizona, is mainly known for its beautiful red rocky cliffs, it is also home to some of the most gorgeous vacation resorts known to have a "healing vortex." According to Sedona Rock Tours, these "vortexes" are powerful energy centers located within specific sites in Sedona that promote one's growth.

20 Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica - Best Retreat Center In North America

Costa Rica is not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife, but the country is home to the most relaxing wellness vacation spots in North America. You can enjoy yoga with a beach view and endless spa treatment that ought to have you feeling completely stress-free.

19 The Ranch, Malibu - Relax As The Celebs Do

The Ranch is a health and fitness retreat center that allows all its guests to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. Loads of celebs frequent the Malibu-based center, so if you have ever wanted to relax as the celebrities do, then this is the perfect destination for you.

18 Provence, France - Rolling Hills & Lavender Fields

France is easily one of the most beautiful European countries out there. It is full of life, culture, and delicious foods. However, it is also full of stunning lavender fields in none other than Provence. This is the perfect spot to enjoy France's culture without the hustle and bustle of big cities like Paris and Lyon!

17 Ananda, Himalayas - Balance Of Wellness & Total Relaxation

The Ananda is located in the beautiful Himalayas and is most known for its balancing and total relaxation features. If you are looking to travel here, you can enjoy lots of yoga, spa services, and fine food that will have you feeling like you're paying a brief visit to heaven itself.

16 Tuscany, Italy - Charming Small Towns

Much like France, Italy also offers similar relaxing features that Provenca does. Italy is rich in culture and has some of the most delicious food and wine globally. If you're looking for the perfect spot, then Tuscany is where it's at. You can enjoy charming small towns that house some of the most quaint villas right in the country's stunning countryside.

15 Amanemu Resort, Japan - Natural Surrounding With Sleek Architecture

Japan is yet another country that offers travelers a relaxing escape, particularly at the Amanemu Resort. This beautiful resort offers services from massages, yoga, and spiritual meditation, and the natural surroundings combined with their sleek architecture make it the perfect peaceful vacation.

14 Palm Springs, SoCal - The Perfect Desert Escape

The state of California can offer up some of the best vacation spots. However, if you are looking for total relaxation, Palm Springs is the place to be. This destination offers the perfect desert escape in Southern California, especially if a dessert lover wants that ideal peaceful getaway.

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13 Six Senses, Portugal - You Won't Ever Want To Leave

The Six Senses resort is located in the Douro Valley, Portugal. The beautiful vacation spot is located in a restored 19th-century manor house amongst the gorgeous rolling hills of Portugal. It is quite a popular spot, and once you get a taste of it, you won't ever want to leave.

12 Bar Habor, Maine - Breathtaking Natural Beauty With A Small Town Flair

Maine is one state that has some of the most beautiful nature-filled views, and you'll find some of the best in Bar Habor. This charming small town is the best of both worlds regarding natural beauty and small-town flair. It will have you wanting to buy a home and live there forever.

11 Kamalaya Koh Sumai, Thailand - Perfect Place To Find Emotional Balance

Thailand seems to be the place to be right now, and rightfully so. The country itself offers views that you won't be able to see anywhere else, and a trip over to Kamalaya Koh Sumai is the perfect relaxing vacation destination. The resort offers up programs related to yoga, destressing, and, better yet, finding "emotional balance."

10 Haramara Retreat, Mexico - A Resort Dedicated To Wellness & Relaxation

The Haramara Retreat is located in Sayulita, Mexico, right on the foot of the stunning Playa Escondida. The Mexican resort is most known for its dedication to wellness and relaxation, so you are set to leave there feeling destressed. In addition, their beautiful cabanas have gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, so it's hard to do anything other than relaxing!

9 Whitefish, Montana - Say Goodbye To Technology & Hello To The Outdoors

If yoga and wellness resorts aren't your things, an adventure over to Whitefish Mountain in Montana might do the trick. Whitefish is the perfect nature getaway with mountains that offer endless activities in both the summer and winter months. With skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing, Whitefish has everything for you to escape your hectic lifestyle and relax.

8 Granada, Spain - Incorporate A Siesta Into Your Daily Routine

Europe is, without a doubt, the best spot to venture off to if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. Not only will you find a plethora of different cultures, foods, and views to take in, but you can also do all that in a gorgeous city like Grenada, Spain! The city is known for its mid-day siestas and relaxing vibe, the perfect mix of stress-free European traits.

7 Lake Louise, Canada - Bask In The Amazing Scenery & Crystalline Lake

Canada is also home to some of the most stunning views in the world! Lake Louise, located in Alberta, offers views unlike anywhere else. The crystal clear lake will have you feeling zen from just looking at it, whether you're into hiking, fishing, camping, or simply taking a boat ride on the stunning lake itself.

6 Seven Sisters, England - Be One Amongst The Sheep

Next up is the stunning English town of Seven Sisters. The relaxing destination can be found on the hills of England facing the ocean and ought to pull the stress right out of you. The views themselves are relaxing as is. However, if that doesn't sound good enough, you are bound to bump into a herd of sheep or two during your visit.

5 Blue Lagoon, Iceland - Geothermal Spa That'll Wash Your Worries Away

Iceland is one country that should be on just about everyone's travel bucket lists. Not only will you find stunning waterfalls and a peek at the Northern Lights, but Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa is entirely natural and will have you feeling a sense of relaxation, unlike anything you've felt before.

4 Perissa, Greece - Serene Beaches For All To Enjoy

Greece is easily a relaxing spot to visit. However, if you are looking for complete quiet, Perissa is the place to go. Located on the island of Santorini, Perissa offers stunning beach views, delicious foods, and the most friendly people you'll encounter. While the island can be pretty touristy, the tip of Perissa is far from the chaos and is the best place to relax.

3 Sanur Bali, Indonesia - A Sunrise Worth Waking Up For

Sanur is a seaside town located in the southeast of the beautiful island of Bali. The long stretch of stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets are reason enough to pack your bags and venture there as soon as possible. Whether you're doing it solo or as a couple, you are bound to have the most relaxing time surrounded by the most beautiful views.