When we think of cruises, we think of luxury and royal treatment. Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the most popular providers of cruises that take thousands of passengers all over the world. It is best to get informed well before booking a cruise since you cannot really escape the cruise ship once you realize it is not what you had expected. Ocean views get old fast, so it is important to keep yourself busy and happy while cruising to the next stop.

Is it really something everyone would enjoy? If you are curious to see what is true and what isn’t, it is best to see photos taken by passengers on board and not marketing material that will make everything seem perfect.

20 May The Cruising Begin!

You booked your ticket and you are ready to sail. Now what? Cruise ships provide all kinds of entertainment options, beauty salons, spas, and bars. Everyone should find something they can enjoy while the ship slowly moves to the next destination passengers are eager to see.

19 Heading Over To The Bar Can Be Fancy, But Also Crowded

A popular spot on a cruise ship is, of course, a bar – just like on mainland. There are several bars to choose from that vary in themes: there’s a Caribbean bar, an English pub, a martini bar, etc. Passengers don’t pay up straight away, it all goes on their cruising account.

18 Catch The Best Sunset Every Day

Cruise ships offer so many water views and the best ones are the sunsets. Watching a sunset from a ship is amazing as not a single object is obstructing your view and you get a full panorama of the sky changing colors and the sun slowly sinking behind the horizon.

17 Traveling With Kids Might Be Hard, But Not On A Cruise

Cruise lines are surprisingly popular with families with small children. On a cruise ship, a child cannot wander too far and parents know they are safe wherever they go. The kids have their own pools and there are family areas, so it works out perfectly for everyone aboard.

16 Catch Some Tan By The Swimming Pool

What a view: a pool in the middle of the vast blue ocean. Pools are usually located in the top deck together with hot tubs. The pool might get crowded though, so passengers need to time their arrival to the lounge chairs if they want to get a good spot.

15 What Do Passengers Do After The Sun Sets?

Once the sun sets and the pool empties, the upper deck turns into one of the entertainment spots for the evening. It depends on the ship, but there are often live bands playing that bring out the dancers in passengers. The deck is not the only place where people have fun.

14 Norwegian Has Let Some People Down In The Past

When you don’t like the cruise, you cannot stage a walkout. Since people pay good money for the experience, it is only logical they demand a refund when things do not go as they were promised. In the past, Norwegian has let people down in various ways.

13 Is Nightlife On A Cruise Ship Any Different?

Nightlife on the cruise ship is so versatile you will forget you are in the middle of the sea. There are enough people abroad to see new faces every night, so it is hard to get bored. Besides bars, you can play pool and foosball, bowl or dance.

12 Many Couples Spend Anniversaries Cruising

It is no wonder anniversaries on cruises are a thing since there are many couple activities lovebirds can engage in. For example, they can renew their vows, treat themselves to a romantic dinner or ask the staff if you can get a decorated room, like the one on the photo.

11 Norwegian Cruise Line Promise Luxury - Do They Deliver?

It is not all fun and games aboard. Staff has to follow many rules for security reasons and that might interfere with your personal ideas of what cruising is supposed to be like. Some picky passengers have complained about the rules and some don’t mind it at all.

10 Norwegian Is One Of The Biggest Cruise Lines In The World

Norwegian made quite a name of themselves. It is the third biggest cruise line in the world and it has been operating since 1966. It owns 17 cruise ships. The biggest vessels can host up to approximately 4,000 passengers, while the regular ones host around 2,000.

9 The Restaurant Experience: Some Love It, Some Don't

There are so many restaurants to choose from aboard that even if you don’t like one, you can just try another one the next day. Sometimes, passengers get sick, which ruins the whole cruise for them. It could be that sometimes, the food is not as fresh as they think.

8 Leave All Your Worries On Mainland And Unwind

Once you board a cruise ship, you enter a new world. It’s like you escaped your everyday life and you are forced to do some self-care. It is hard not to feel fabulous when you are sitting on top of a huge ship, watching the cities disappear behind.

7 Some Follow A Healthy Lifestyle Even During Vacations

Are you one of those people who like to maintain their lifestyle routine even while vacationing? No problem: Norwegian has a whole fitness center where you can let off some steam. No need to drop your healthy habits while you’re cruising.

6 Norwegian Will Take You To Some Stunning Places

You can visit pretty much all destinations where cruises can be done with Norwegian: Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean in Europe, USA (including Hawaii) and the Panama Canal. There’s even a transatlantic cruise, going from England to NYC – just like Titanic.

5 Consider Skipping On Cruises If You Like Alone Time

It is hard to avoid crowds on cruises. Happy people are generally loud and there’s a significant number of children. Looking for some peace and quiet may be difficult, especially if you don’t want to spend money on a spa or a massage. Hiding in a room does not sound fun.

4 The Interior Design: Luxurious Or Over-The-Top?

Some guests aboard are thrilled to temporarily live somewhere with big chandeliers, soft carpets, and glittery ceilings. You have to decide for yourself if the interior design on cruises is something that would bring you joy. Sometimes, looks can be deceiving and it is all just a façade.

3 Those Who Like Spacious Rooms Might Want To Reconsider Booking A Cruise

If you like to hibernate in your room, booking a cruise could turn out to be a waste of money. Cruises are for those who thoroughly enjoy the experiences on the ship: the dining, sunbathing, swimming and mingling. If you are a socially awkward bookworm, you should reconsider.

2 Some Ships Have A Casino Onboard

Just look at the size of that casino! You’d sooner think you’re in Las Vegas than onboard Norwegian. Passengers can enjoy a game of blackjack, roulette, poker and play the slot machines. Those who like to gamble will surely enjoy a cruising vacation.

1 Cruises Are Amazing, But Not For Everyone

If there is anything the photos above show us is that cruise life is not for everyone. It is a lifestyle some people prefer over all other types of vacation, while others would rather stay at home than step a foot on a giant ship.