Clubs aren’t for everyone. Although exploring a new city’s nightlife is one of the most exciting parts of travel for many people, some travelers just don’t enjoy the loud, sweaty, and crowded club scene. And that is totally okay!

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Just because you don’t enjoy going clubbing does not mean that you have to sit in your room and play with your phone all night. It doesn’t mean you have to go to bed early. There are plenty of night-time activities that don’t involve going to clubs, no matter what destination you’re in. Keep reading to find out what they are!

10 Go For A Walk Through A Safe Part Of The City

You’d be surprised how much prettier certain cities can be at night-time. But often, travelers miss out on seeing or appreciating that beauty because they spend their nights abroad going to clubs and bars. While some cities are much quieter at night, others have a magical atmosphere that really doesn’t come to life until after sunset.

If you’re staying in a city that is alive at night, take some time to walk through and enjoy the ambiance. Just be sure to stick to safe parts of the city!

9 Night Tours Of Famous Attractions

Some iconic attractions are amazing no matter what time of the day you visit them. But sometimes, the night tours are the best option. Not only do they typically have fewer people, but they might also focus on facts and areas that are missed during the average daytime tour.

Not all famous attractions and landmarks will offer night tours, but it’s worth doing some research to find out if you can visit at night. The Colosseum in Rome, for example, offers night tours that allow visitors to see the ancient arena as they’ve never seen it before.

8 See Landmarks Without All The Crowds

If the landmark that you want to see doesn’t provide night tours, you can still go to see it at night. Even if you aren’t allowed to enter the museum, church, or whatever it is, just witnessing it from the outside at night is normally spectacular. That’s mostly because a lot of landmarks are far less crowded at night.

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Of course, there are some monuments that are more crowded at night, but that’s because they offer lights and other special effects once the sun has set. For example, when you’re in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is really breathtaking when it’s all lit up after dark.

7 Food Tours That Take Place At Night

For those travelers who are foodies, you might like to take a culinary tour when you’re in a new city. While culinary tours also run during the day, you can also find those that take place at night. Is there a better way to get to know the cuisine of a city by taking a guided tour of the best places to eat throughout the night?

If you are a foodie, another night-time activity could be simply enjoying a long dinner. Rather than rushing dinner early and then heading off to a club, take your time. Arrive at the restaurant at 8 or 9 p.m. (this is actually considered an early dinner in some parts of Europe!), and leisurely enjoy each course.

6 Late-Night Shopping (In Some Places)

When you’re looking for something to do at night on your travels, you could always see whether there is any late-night shopping available. There’s something charming about shopping at night, and in some cases, this will mean that there will be fewer crowds in the shop.

The Greek Island of Santorini is famous for its idyllic town center and its various jewelry shops that sometimes stay open until past midnight. A perfect way to spend the night here, if you’re not into clubbing, is having a late dinner and then browsing through the shops until the early hours.

5 Relax In The Pool Or Spa If It’s Open

When your itinerary is packed with so many activities, sometimes it’s best to use the nights to relax and recharge your batteries. If you feel like laying low at night but don’t want to be confined to your room, see if your hotel pool or spa is open. While some close at sunset, others remain open until midnight and later, depending on where you are.

If the weather permits, relaxing by the pool as you look out at the stars could be just what you need. Rather than waking up hungover, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go!

4 See A Movie Or Go To The Theater

You might feel like leaving your hotel at night but can’t fathom the thought of going to a club. Remember then that there’s always the cinema! Seeing a movie while you’re on vacation might sound like a waste of time when you can go to the cinema at home, but seeing a movie in a foreign country is often very eye-opening.

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If there are no movies playing that you’re interested in seeing, why not go to see a live show? Ask around to find out what live events there are playing near you. You could also head to the theater or to see another kind of performance.

3 Go On A Ghost Tour

A ghost tour won’t be for everyone, but for those who aren’t afraid of a little scare, a ghost tour could be a really fun way to spend a night. Some will take you on tours of historical sites that are said to be haunted while others will just be walking tours that focus on the dark and sinister parts of a city’s history.

In London, there are lots of tours that are inspired by Jack the Ripper. There’s also a highly recommended ghost tour in Venice. No matter what city you’re in, there will more than likely be some kind of scary tour you can take at night.

2 In Scandinavia, Watch Out For The Northern Lights

This activity is specific to Scandinavia, but it is something that you should definitely consider doing at night, even for those who like clubs! Of course, we’re talking about the Northern Lights. The circumstances do have to be right as the light show that illuminates the sky only takes place at certain times of the year.

Typically, you have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights any time from late August to April. The sky has to be dark and clear. In countries such as Finland and Norway, there are special observing points you can go to in order to get the best view.

1 Try Spending Time In A Pub

It’s worth a shot. If you don’t like clubs, there’s still a chance that you might enjoy pubs! Although both feature drinking, busy crowds, and loud music, a pub is very different from a club. If you are from somewhere that doesn’t really boast any pubs, it’s a good idea to try going to a pub at least once on your travels!

A pub serves food as well as drinks. In lieu of a dancefloor, it will typically involve people standing or sitting around and chatting over drinks. It’s a very different feel from a dark club where the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think!

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