The art of travelling is just that in the eyes of many - it's an art. That isn't a universal feeling by any stretch of the imagination, and we can kind of understand why. There are a lot of variables behind it and because travelling is a necessity in many instances, it isn't really seen as something that you can excel in.

Of course, knowing what you're doing when travelling can be really helpful, especially if you're heading away with other people when they're a little bit more inexperienced than you. Alas, one thing that is true in every walk of life is that the internet is a dangerous place, and we're about to prove that to you by showcasing 25 pieces of travel advice that we think - for one reason or another - just aren't that great.

We understand that many of you will have no problem with this advice and we get that, because everyone has different tastes when they're travelling. It just feels like if you're considered to be an 'expert' in a certain field, then you should probably try your best to take that responsibility seriously.

For the record, we actually interviewed a 20-year veteran air stewardess for the purposes of this piece, and as you can see, her name is Samantha Rose. Whilst there are others that feature on this list as you're about to see, we felt the need to clarify that point as there are no links to her work. Rest assured, though, she's certainly good at her job, but she just isn't great with the advice.

25 “Avoid Budget Airlines, They’re Scammers” - Samantha Rose, Air Stewardess

Nope. This is wrong and you should feel wrong for saying it.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with budget airlines (okay that’s not quite true), but they certainly aren’t the worst kind of airlines out there. They’re brilliant when it comes to travelling abroad or around the country on a short budget, and in truth, it’s all that a lot of people can afford.

Why try and deter them from that just because you probably fly with the big boys in the expensive first class?

It’s just downright wrong, because there are many people out there reading this who don’t even have a choice in the matter.

24 “Pack Your Outfits In Separate Bags So If One Doesn’t Show You’re Still Ready To Go” - Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is great and all that, but come on now, this is just silly. What on earth would happen if you put your clothes in two or perhaps even three different bags, and then they all get lost?

It’s entirely possible, and regardless of that, it’s just an absolute waste of space. It causes more hassle for you when trying to pack, and everything takes a little bit longer because it’s two or three bags you’re carrying around instead of one.

The fact that we’ve seen Lionel arrive at the airport with just the one bag on multiple occasions kind of confirms that this theory is a hoax.

23 “I Must Have My Trusty Soft Faux Pillow When I Travel” - Eva Longoria

In uttering these words, Eva Longoria also helped to create a surge in purchases for these particular travel pillows. Some fans even went so far as to scout out the very same pillow or pillows that she uses, and not only is that expensive, but it’s also a giant waste of time.

95% of the time those pillows aren’t nearly as comfortable as they’re advertised to be. Sure, they improve your state a little bit, but no more than a hoodie or a blanket of some kind would’ve.

It’s a bit of a scam in our book, and we’d avoid going down this route if we were you.

22 “When You Land After A Long Flight, Go Hit The Gym & Do A 30-Minute Run” - Jennifer Aniston

Oh, Jen.

While we think she’s a fab actress and never seems to age, we just can’t give her the green light on this. First of all, most people are heading away on holiday when they travel and aren’t going to be all too interested in going to the gym. Second of all, running in a place you don’t know (especially if it’s a city) will almost always lead to issues.

Oh, and did we mention that not everyone is even capable of working out to the extent that she’s suggesting?

She’s probably just trying to be nice by suggesting some high energy activities and we understand that, but again, know your audience.

21 “Don’t Run In An Airport” - Samantha Rose, Air Stewardess

If we’re late for our flight, Samantha, then we’re sorry, but we’re going to be running for our lives.

Safety concerns are perfectly legitimate but if there are a lot of people, then they’re almost certainly going to understand the chaos involved in trying to catch a flight that you didn’t arrive early enough for.

The risk of injury is there but so is the risk of injury when you’re running down the street.

Wouldn’t you prefer that a late passenger is busting a gut to get there than the alternative of the airline losing lots of money?

Think about it.

20 “Work With A Travel Advisor” - Virtuoso Blog

You don’t need a travel advisor.

Or, if you do get a travel advisor, then you certainly don’t need to pay for one. You’ve got the experience of friends who might have travelled, family who might have travelled, endless TV shows and films, or the big world wide web which is full of (actually good) advice regarding travelling.

This is an added expenditure on your holiday that doesn’t need to exist, and you should cut this idea out of your mind almost immediately.

It’s not exactly surprising to see a website suggest this idea, either. For all we know they’re on commission!

19 “You Don’t Need THAT Much Sun Cream” - Samantha Rose, Air Stewardess

How on earth could you possibly know that?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally tanned skin. It’s the kind of commodity that allows for a great deal of leeway when you’re on holiday, and it often means you’re able to tan without worrying too much about sun exposure.

Some of us require factor 50 in order to just stay alive and function, and part of us wonders whether or not people who say this are just being cocky.

That must be what it is, because it’s the only excuse we can think of other than them being pure evil.

18 “Don’t Plan Too Much” - Jack Maxwell, Travel Channel

First of all, we don’t like how vague this sentence is. Sure, planning way too much can be a bit of a pain, but try and actually give us some specifics here. If we don’t know what is considered to be good or bad by the almighty travel overlords, then how are we even expected to listen to the advice in the first place?

Secondly, planning on a holiday takes the stress away from having to arrange certain things. You can leave spaces open in which you’re allowed to be a little bit spontaneous but if you plan out the core idea of what you’re going to be doing on a day to day basis, you’re then able to sit back and enjoy the festivities a lot more.

17 “Join Group Tours” - Brian Kelly, Writer & Airline Miles Expert

The argument here appears to be that joining a group tour allows you to not only meet new people, but also learn more about the area you’re visiting. Firstly that just isn’t true because most of the time you can’t even hear the person leading it, and secondly, what if people don’t want to meet new people?

After all, they’re nothing more than strangers, and it feels like a pretty forced environment to communicate with people in. If you were back at the hotel pool or karaoke night then that’d be a little bit more acceptable, but the whole point of a tour is to walk around silently and listen to what the person in charge is trying to say.

16 “Take A Breather” - Alexandra Backs, Travel Writer

Alexandra is implying, by saying take a breather, that you should have periods of time where you just don’t do anything during the day.

That’s utterly ridiculous, because if you’re already up and about, then why on earth would you waste time standing around doing diddly squat? It seems unbelievably counter productive, and it makes us question why you’d even be on holiday in the first place.

If you’re tired then just power through or stop for some lunch. Surely that’s better than standing around on your phone which you could be doing anywhere. You’re travelling for goodness sake, enjoy it!

15 “Get Off The Beaten Path” - Valerie Wilson, Travel Journalist

Getting off the beaten path plays into the idea that we should try out more legitimate local places as opposed to sticking to the tourist destinations. Even though, you know, the majority of folks want to go and see all of those tourist destinations in question when they get to their location.

You shouldn’t be telling anyone how to enjoy their holiday, and just because you want to seem a little bit more educated doesn’t mean others should have to sacrifice doing things they’ve planned months in advance.

That sounds a little bit over the top and we can understand why, but it’s just incredibly frustrating to see.

14 “Don’t Stand Out” - Zach Honig,

Here’s my question: why not?

Zach seems to think that standing out could lead to you being more vulnerable to things being stolen from you and incidents of that nature. While we understand the logic, all you need to do is be vigilant and prepared at all times.

It feels like this is more of a fashion-related topic, to be perfectly honest with you.

We could be wrong but if that’s the case, then please kindly ignore this advice and go be whoever you want to be on your trip. Dress in bright clothes, stand out above the crowd and sissy that walk.

13 “Keep Someone Updated All The Time” - Nicola Easterby, Photographer & Blogger

You should probably text a loved one or a friend to make sure they know you’re okay if you’re travelling alone. However, you shouldn’t do it on the hour of every hour, especially if you’re a grown adult. You can look after yourself, and it’s not like they need to be checking in on you 24 hours a day.

Take a more laid back approach to this and perhaps just check in every day or so, to remind your family that you’re alive and well. If it’s your partner then we can somewhat understand a little bit of leniency here, but the problem is that every situation is different.

12 “Take Full Advantage Of Your Layover” - Kiersten Rich, Travel Blogger

This entry seems to encourage travellers to either book extra legs on their journey, rush around the local area on a short layover, or book extra nights for the purpose of exploring new places.

We can’t stress how insane this advice is, mainly because the person in question has absolutely no idea how long these people have been planning their trip, and she also has no idea what their funds are like. We aren’t suggesting that someone would drop everything purely in order to follow this advice, but there’s a chance they’d consider it and we think that’s a mistake.

11 “Get A Better Seat” - Brooke Saward, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

First of all: why are you assuming we don’t have a great seat anyway? Second of all, it’s not quite as easy as ‘get a better seat’. This writer reveals that she often gets a better seat at check-in when she asks, but we’re absolutely convinced that’s a massive, massive lie.

Even if it’s not then she’s either lucky or there’s some kind of loyalty reward involved here. A lot of folks can’t even afford to get a ‘better seat’ whatever that means, even though the middle seat (despite being considered the worst) is still okay.

It’s just a ‘shake your head’ moment.

10 “Build Your Airline Miles” - Alexandra Baackes, Travel Writer

Building your airline miles means that you have to not only follow certain rules when flying with the same airline, but it also means that you get your hopes up that you’ll receive a free flight one day. Most of the time it requires a huge amount of flights registered in order to even get to that point, and most folks don’t fly that regularly.

Airline miles are something that most folks already know about anyway, and if they want to take advantage of them, then they’ll look it up themselves. There are way more important things that we could be focusing on.

9 “Be Nice” - Johnny Jet, Travel Writer


Do you think Johnny Jet is this in depth with all of his ‘words of wisdom’ for travellers? Because we’re going to go with ‘sounds about right’.

Of course, we’re going to be nice to people abroad. One of the reasons for travelling is to go and see a brand new culture and way of life, so why on earth would we go and insult people or be rude to them instead?

It’s a pretty odd thing to say, because you just know people aren’t exactly going to change their minds about being mean just by reading two words from this site. The website itself tends to leave a lot to be desired as people often aren’t sure where the advertisements end and the articles begin.

8 “Act Like A Confident Local” - Valerie Wilson, Travel Journalist

Act like yourself.

If you act like a confident local then the end result is going to be you looking like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother when they go to Italy. It’s just a misguided idea that is never going to work out how you think.

You could actually run the risk of upsetting the locals, too, because they may believe that you’re mocking them. Certain countries can be exceptionally sensitive with this stuff and rightly so, because it can be difficult to find the ‘line’ so to speak.

To be safe, we’d suggest avoiding this behaviour altogether.

7 “Wake Up Early” - Matthew Karsten, Travel Expert

Don’t tell us how to live our life, Matthew!

If you’re on holiday then you aren’t going to necessarily want to get up early. If you’re jet-lagged then this makes a lot more sense, but it was said in a more ‘general’ sense than that – or, at least, that’s the impression we got.

If you want to have a full day of activities then be our guest, but again, this person has absolutely no idea what kind of schedule you’ll be having on your holiday. It’s just far too broad of a statement to make when you think about it.

6 “Dress Well” - Virtuoso Blog

If I want to be comfortable and have a good time, then I’ll happily rock my trainers and baggy trousers thank you very much. The idea that you need to leave a fantastic impression on everyone you meet is silly, because all you can do is be yourself.

If your personality dictates that you wear comfy clothing as opposed to items that are seen as being ‘proper’, then go right ahead. Nobody is stopping you and nobody should ever stop you.

P.S: try and imagine what you’d look like dressed in a suit walking around a European city if you aren’t a businessman and don’t have a meeting or wedding to attend.